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  1. Cheers to both of you on this. dx100uk..if you had heard the phone call you would laugh..i told him I don't wear a red nose so don't treat me like a clown.Also told them they wouldn't get a penny as they can't show or explain to me where this debt has appeared from...dates. So I'm guessing what you are saying is place them letters in the bin Again thanks for the replies london1971 & dx100uk
  2. Not yet as lowell said they would send for all breakdowns and forward on..ill send this week. The bit that confuses me the most is saying there is a default registered.surely I would see it if there was on one the CRASH I mentioned above.Somid there is no default surely it isn't even enforceable...or am I wrong there?? Apart from the fact I have no knowledge of any debt until this letter last month
  3. OK quick up date on this and more advice needed. So I sent a letter to as advised by dx100uk to lovell and they have replied,I did also call them and recorded the call as advised. I'll breakdown what they have said and then what I think. So they claim a default was issued in August 2016. They say the debt is enforceable for 6 years from then I check equifax,experian and also clearscore...I have no defaults at all They claim the prepayment meter was last used January 2014 Again impossible as this would mean we never used the gas fire for 15 mo
  4. Brilliant, thanks for all the replies really did think it was a strange one I'll just send a letter of to them Appreciated
  5. Thanks bankfodder, Should contact npowwr or just go straight to lowell. I'm guessing this debt they are trying to charge for,although well above what it would be is for the period of may-september but as I said we had moved away in May. The gas was prepayment meter so impossible to be outstanding while we were living there.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. The debt is just shy of £300 Should I at least call them to change the contact address and tell them I will asking for proof via register post They have my parents address as when we moved overseas I used this for UK bank contact as I had payments going in there and needed to still have UK contact address Thanks
  7. Hi, Not sure where to start and need some advice if anybody can help. Recently received a letter from lowell about an outstanding debt gas from an old address. We last lived there in 2015 and moved abroad . we returned this year in February and this letter was sent to my parents address, not heard anything of this since we left the country this is the 1st letter. they say there is an outstanding debt owed for gas supply from 1998-2015. small amount but I'm confused as we were on a gas meter paid by top card when we lived there.
  8. Just another quick question on this.if we are evicted and we are not capable of moving everything from the property before this date will the mortgage company allow us to leave items for around 7 days. If not what happens??
  9. Thank you sirbob, It' is exactly like you say,I think I have kind of realised over the last few months that things just can't continue the way they are.time with family is more important and to work every hr and not be able to take time out spend some quality time together because of constant worry is wrong.this why I am not going to court to ask for more pressure and stress,to start the cycle over again.once the house is gone they have nothing take and I will make an offer to pay the short fall when it comes,but I do remember how difficult they made it for me the last time around when I nee
  10. Thank you again Ell-enn, This pretty much sums up the situation and how We feel.although though no and understand that repossession should be last resort I just feel it is getting very stressful and causing family problems as we live to a tight budget trying to clear debts and have no family time due to pressure from this. Although still a little worried it does feel like a weight is slowly being lifted. Thanks again
  11. Hi ell-enn, Thanks for the reply and also the help you gave me last time. I am totally at a loss to be honest on what to put.all I want to ask for is an extra 7-14 days allowing us to get organised and remove everything from the property.
  12. Can anybody advise on getting maybe an extra 14 days before we have to move out.i am posting the n244 form later today. Thanks
  13. Sorry,yes.. We had suspended order just over 12 months ago which we kept to up till March and missed one payment so I set it up again but struggled and missed the payment date.so they went back to court and the next thing we got a letter with the date for eviction. Thing is the only thing they will agree to is to up the payments and in all honesty I am tired of living like this.working and stressing to make payments and pay bills every month.with the amount of arrears it will be a good couple of years at least of this and we've decided to walk away. Let them have the property and go f
  14. Hi, I am just after advice on trying to suspend the eviction date allowing us an extra couple of weeks to sort something out. The date they have given is 6th may but we just need a little longer. Do I file the n244 form to ask for this at the court?. Thanks
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