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  1. My friend is currently in the WRAG and he asked me what group do short assessments usually mean the claimant will be placed in?
  2. Random question but is a short ESA WCA a good or bad sign? My friend recently had one and it only lasted 15-20 mins
  3. Random question but is a short ESA work capability assessment a good or bad sign? My friends one lasted only 15-20 mins
  4. My friend is on ESA WRAG group and next week he has an interview at the jobcentre, because he suffers from bad anxiety and depression he's very worried about it. Anyone know what happens at these interviews and has he got anything to worry about? He's been in the WRAG group since mid last year and had one appointment at JCP but they never contacted fim again until last week when he got a letter regarding this interview.
  5. Thank you i will tell him to contact the DWP to clarify things, he has brought a few presents for family members online recently but i doubt that would affect his claim.
  6. I said he needs to look at his bank statement when it comes to find out who payed it in, but if they have stopped his ESA wouldn't they have told him by letter? He hasn't received an ESA50 or anything through the post since he was placed in Support Group about a year and a half ago.
  7. No he has no idea where it came from, could it be he's had the ESA money stopped and that was the payment up to the day it was stopped?
  8. Do you keep getting paid as normal until you have another assessment and how would you know if they have stopped your ESA? Also would you receive another ESA50 questionnaire through the post before you have another assessment? My friend isn't due to get his fortnightly ESA until Thursday yet today when he checked his account he had around £50 more in there since he last checked, what could the mystery payment be?
  9. i suggested that to my friend but he didn't seem keen on that as he gets very nervous, he has put in a request an his GP surgery for another certificate but it won't be ready until next week. its no hassle but the confusion as to whats going on has made him on edge, he likes to know whats going on so his mind is at rest. so the GP mite say when we go to pick up the new certificate that it isn't required?
  10. thanks i've told him and he has already submitted a request for another certificate, the woman he spoke to the other day said there was nothing on the system to say he should stop sending certificates and he should send another one asap. was she wrong to tell him that as he can prove he is in support group with the letter?
  11. he has already had it backdated and received his first ESA payment in support group, he only got another certificate just after Christmas because he the one he send before his WCA expired, so the one that has expired now was basically to tide him over till he got his results. he didn't realise he's hear back from the DWP quite so quickly. he's been in support group since just after Christmas when he received the letter and he send his current medical certificate off a day or so before he found out about it so technically he didn't really need send the last certificate or does it take time
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