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  1. Hello CAG Readers I was looking for friendly advice on what I can do or how to go about my situation. on march 21st 2017 my mum changed provider to TalkTalk, who guaranteed a strong and stable Broadband and phone line Since day 1 we have had a broken package. We were members for 6 months and since having it we had issues with everything. For starters the internet would constantly disconnect for no reason, turning itself off when the phones rang or when it rained (living in the uk meant practically everyday) , not reconnecting for potentially hours. The home phones would cut out mid call, one of the 4 phones never worked since Day 1 and we kept getting phone overuse charges despite having 24/7 international on our packages. The Biggest pain was the inability (Or hatred towards the consumer) of the staff, They lied to us several times, promising engineers, call backs and a new phone set but none ever showed up, I even had to take time off work because engineers were to arrive but the following day when I phoned to complain about the lack of engineers, they stated no engineers were ever planned, the women on the phone didn't know what to do so she went to see a manager, said they were busy and id get one of their infamous call-backs that id come to experience all too much . we must have called every week asking for help but they never even tried to remedy our situation. It reached boiling point after we went 6 out of 12 months without a working package and no support from staff, despite paying them for these services every month , we demanded to speak to a manager After explaining our situation, She said that we were allowed to leave without fear of a exit fee even thought we were only 6/12 months into the contract. Finally some progress... Since then We have moved to virgin (really good so far) and all was well until yesterday TalkTalk Sent us a exit bill for £300+ plus Late fees and extra Bills for House phone calls. I'm under the impression this is fraudulent as my mother agreed to void the contract with no exit fees which was consented by a TalkTalk agent, however the company have went back on this agreement. if possible any advice would be appreciated and if anyone had any similar situation I would not recommend TalkTalk Based on the service I have received however I hope we were an anomaly and not the norm for TalkTalk customers
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