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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there Need some advice please. We bought 2 Sofas of BAYV 2 years ago and their is currently 11months payment left, during the last 2 years we have had them repaired 3 times and unfortunately it needs repairing again when the repair man came out he advised us that it was a manufacturers fault and it would continue to be needing repaired. On his advice we refused the repair and he sent a report to BAYV to state this fact, they have been back to us saying that we are entitled to a like for like replacement which in fairness we don't want this as we don't know what we
  2. I've been a customer for a year with BrightHouse and pay around £70 a week which I could afford at time since my daughter has now decided not to carry on with college I'm not getting tax credits so my money has gone down to £110 per week which now means I can't pay what I was paying before to them . I'm not prepared to hand my stuff over as I've paid a lot on them and want to pay what I owe at a cheaper payment until paid off. I don't have thelr insurance or dlc just this 5 star thing which seems to cost you more for the product and takes longer to pay. Do you think if I
  3. Hi all I bought 2 sofas just over a year ago when I was absolutely desperate. Now I'm suck paying a silly amount for sofas I don't actually like and have another 2 years to pay! I want to return them but don't know if that is possible! the interest of these items are making me sick! I know its my own fault and I knew what I was getting in for when I signed up Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Very unhappy. I cannot reach your complaints team so I'm tweeting you and using Facebook too Monday morning I will be contacting the FCA and possibly the ombudsman. We had the optica 7042c, primarily for the screen response time (8ms 100hz) as I'm a gamer, cash price on this is £897.99 (£1558 total with interest). With this we had the all sorted (cash £270 total £470) and EPS insurance premiums (£280) both of these covers we never asked for. when our TV broke we were shocked that we had cover. The TV was found to be not fixable - you told us you're re
  5. From todays rulings from the ASA http://tinyurl.com/q2cwmk7 Shucks
  6. Hi, hopefully someone will be able to help me. I currently have 4 items with bayv (first one I got just over 3 years ago), and I'm starting to really struggle paying my bill each week. It is currently £43 a week and as a mum to 2 children on benefits and having a lot of health problems I just can't afford it anymore, I am currently about 4/5 weeks in arrears and they are due to empty the meter tomorrow. I am terrified to open the door and explain there won't be enough money in the box and that I can no longer afford them and I can't return the goods as
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice with this please. I bought a laptop from BAYV this time last year because I needed it for uni and had no other means of getting one. I pay by direct debit and have never missed a payment. Back in June I spilt wine on my laptop and completely fried it, took it to repair shop and after they looked at it they told me it was no good and there was no way of fixing it. since then my financial circumstances have changed and I'm really struggling to make ends meet the BAYV payment i
  8. Hi I ordered some sofas from buy as you view. When it came to them being delivered I arranged it for a day when I was off work as I had to - the agreement due it being in my name. They never turned up! They turned up the next day surprising the missus. They brought the sofas into the house and asked where I was as I needed to sign the credit agreement, the missus told them I was at work (which I can prove I was) and explained that they were supposed to arrive the day before as arranged. Instead of rearranging the bayv guy told the missus to sig
  9. Hi wonder if anyone can help, Ive been a BAYV customer for nearly 2 years with one agreement for a bed am now in a situation that I cant afford to keep up the repayments of £76 a month, I want to cancel the agreement but am unsure of what to do, I have been paying continuously for the entire period but due to some financial problems recently the DD didn't get paid this month, what can this company do is the question I need answering, do they have a legal right to enter my property and take the item away also I have noticed n the payments I hav
  10. Hi, I stupidly got a laptop from Buy As You View. First mistake there! I got it 12.3.14 my circumstances have now changed and im unable to afford it now. I moved house rang them and told them. They came banging on my door saying id absconded which isnt true since i told them. He threatened me with police and gave me 24 hours to pay £81 or he'd come take the laptop. Now after complaining and having a different man come round i payed. Now im unable to make the next payment what is the best course of action? I have read through the contract there is only my s
  11. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking hi
  12. hi all wonder if can advise, i had a television delivered friday and was asked what days would like to pay direct debit, so said a tuesday. when was delivered on the friday i asked if put £15 in meter on friday would that last till next friday and was told yes by delivery drivers and representative, well yesterday they came to empty meter (3 days after) and he informed me that will need to put another £15 in today ,tuesday, so within 4 days they want me to put £30 in the meter, yet 2 people have said if put £15 on friday, should be FREE RUNNING t
  13. Hi I'm currently on maternity leave and has to hand my phone into the office - this has meant someone else having my usual mobile phone for the last month! Today as recorded a text looking for me and threatening to report the goods stolen to police if I didn't call him by tomorrow morning. I have actually missed my direct debit this month which I know is my responsibility - payment comes out on 1st every month and this is the first month I have missed it (my last payment is July 2014 so I'm a fair way into my contract). I will probably not be in a position now to
  14. Buy as You View rejects television allegations ONE of Wales' best-known companies has defended itself in advance of a TV programme going out tonight that makes serious allegations about its sales practices. The Consumers' Association has launched an investigation into Llantrisant-based Buy as You View after the HTV current affairs series Wales This Week passed over a dossier of material it gathered for tonight's programme. One of the firm's former salesmen appears describing techniques he claims the company expects its sales staff to use, and which some customers c
  15. Hi guys, not been on here for a while but have a juicy one for you. my fiance today had her tv taken by the bayv rep. She had this tv for well over 2 yrs and had all but paid for it. Now i know thats not right but in addition to this, about a couple of months ago when we had that double bank holiday, the tv went faulty, well more the box than the tv, the rep sent her a text message giving instructions on how to by pass the meter by cutting the wire and fitting a plug straight to the tv lead. This was only a couple of weeks after he had text her askin if she was interested in going on
  16. Hi All On the 18 March 2013 I got a Smart TV from BAYV. Because of the type of TV it is, it is unable to have a coin meter attached to it. So I had to set up a Direct Debit. This was all done and i recieved a letter confirming first payment would be taken out on 4.4.13. Because I recieve Job Seekers, I cancelled my DD just in case my JSA isnt paid in i will not aacure bank charges ect and requested a paypoint card. This was all done for me. Because it took 10 days for them to cancell my DD they first payment was taken from my bank on 5.4.13 and i saved the second payment to pay this
  17. hi guys, need some advice if you can , last year my partner took out a tv from bayv as it was a small tv we took it over 52 weeks and decided to pay a little extra each week to pay it of quicker , when we though it was just about paid off we checked with bayv and according to them we still owe 91 pounds , when we queried this it seems we were not paying the extra off the tv but there insurance all sorted , on our contract it clearly states that this is 0.67 pence each week but bayv are saying its 1.44 per week ( not much i know but over 10/11 months it adds up) , on the agreement it
  18. Hi all, Really hoping someone can give me some advice, in relation to a long standing issue i have been having with BAYV. a little background information first took out an agreement in 2009 with a new tv, paid regularly and added a Wii to the account in late 2009 - they refinanced our account because of something called a parallel agreement (something like that) unbeknownst to us, they started the agreement over another 3 years, so looked like we had not paid anything off account. In 2011 we ordered a sofa from them, and this is where the trouble starts... The s
  19. After previous disputes on this page regarding samsung r730 (which is working now).i got behind with payments and agreed to have a prepaid meter installed back in april/may no-one has been to empty it for weeks,and then this morning i get a threatening letter saying they are taking me to court over non payment,i contacted bayv over this this morning and they said letters had been sent out to me,which i have not recieved over this,bayv have had enough out of me after ordering a toshiba satellite back in june 2010 that was not repairable after having it long enough to nearly have paid for it,i w
  20. Trading Standards Bridgend Trading standards aims to ensure that fair-trading is carried out in Bridgend County Borough so that consumers can purchase goods and services with confidence in the knowledge that they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described Bridgend Trading Standards Service offers a comprehensive consumer advice service that has been awarded the Community Legal Services (CLS) Qua
  21. Hi looking for a little advice My mother has been a customer with BAYV for some years now she has several products from them to a walue of £180 every 6 week she is 65 years old and is disabled about 2-3 month ago she found it really hard to keep payments and took the advice of a family friend to just stop paying which she did after a while she offered a reduced payment which she pays every week a few days ago some snotty manager phoned and told her they wanted the goods back - which my brother has sold most of she tried to say she would pay £20 a week but th
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