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Found 21 results

  1. Hi there Need some advice please. We bought 2 Sofas of BAYV 2 years ago and their is currently 11months payment left, during the last 2 years we have had them repaired 3 times and unfortunately it needs repairing again when the repair man came out he advised us that it was a manufacturers fault and it would continue to be needing repaired. On his advice we refused the repair and he sent a report to BAYV to state this fact, they have been back to us saying that we are entitled to a like for like replacement which in fairness we don't want this as we don't know what we are getting, and we don't know where it has been. I've asked them if we could keep the settees and not pay anymore and terminate the agreement in which I am waiting for a reply as yet. Advice needed on if I stop payments can they legally repossess or have I paid enough on the agreement to stop this.... Thanks in advance
  2. I've been a customer for a year with BrightHouse and pay around £70 a week which I could afford at time since my daughter has now decided not to carry on with college I'm not getting tax credits so my money has gone down to £110 per week which now means I can't pay what I was paying before to them . I'm not prepared to hand my stuff over as I've paid a lot on them and want to pay what I owe at a cheaper payment until paid off. I don't have thelr insurance or dlc just this 5 star thing which seems to cost you more for the product and takes longer to pay. Do you think if I went into store and offered to pay £40 per week Until My circumstances change this will be accepted. I just want some arrangement in place to what I can afford to pay . I'm absolutely dreading the harassment from them as others seem to get. I suffer seriously high blood pressure which I'm on medication for and just couldn't cope with it. Appreciate all the advice I can get before I go into store tomorrow, many thanks.
  3. Hi all I bought 2 sofas just over a year ago when I was absolutely desperate. Now I'm suck paying a silly amount for sofas I don't actually like and have another 2 years to pay! I want to return them but don't know if that is possible! the interest of these items are making me sick! I know its my own fault and I knew what I was getting in for when I signed up Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Very unhappy. I cannot reach your complaints team so I'm tweeting you and using Facebook too Monday morning I will be contacting the FCA and possibly the ombudsman. We had the optica 7042c, primarily for the screen response time (8ms 100hz) as I'm a gamer, cash price on this is £897.99 (£1558 total with interest). With this we had the all sorted (cash £270 total £470) and EPS insurance premiums (£280) both of these covers we never asked for. when our TV broke we were shocked that we had cover. The TV was found to be not fixable - you told us you're replacing it. The TV we have received is second hand and unacceptable I would Value it between £50-£100 the screen refresh rate is no good and I get serious motion blur now. I feel like I'm being ripped off I do not expect to pay an extra £750 for cover, especially cover i did not ask for, to get a second hand piece of junk. Your t&c's state that a TV of similar age and specifications would be provided if my TV was from the valueline range, it was not, not at £900 before interest. P.s I will be posting this to my wall and keep re-posting to various pages and sites periodically until I feel this has been resolved. I very annoyed that you would try to take me for a fool. Anybody have any idea about buy as you view insurance and warranty policy? We were given extended warranties and insurance without permission from ourselves, TV broke down with nine days left so feeling OK about that. The problem is they have replaced our £900 TV with a second hand refurbished set that I would not pay £100 for. They say they replace with similar spec but I picked the old set for the screen response time and this replacement doesn't come close.
  5. From todays rulings from the ASA http://tinyurl.com/q2cwmk7 Shucks
  6. Hi, hopefully someone will be able to help me. I currently have 4 items with bayv (first one I got just over 3 years ago), and I'm starting to really struggle paying my bill each week. It is currently £43 a week and as a mum to 2 children on benefits and having a lot of health problems I just can't afford it anymore, I am currently about 4/5 weeks in arrears and they are due to empty the meter tomorrow. I am terrified to open the door and explain there won't be enough money in the box and that I can no longer afford them and I can't return the goods as I genuinely need them (fridge freezer, sofa etc) Is anyone able to give me some advice on how I can tackle this situation? I am 23 years old with physical and mental health problems and this really isn't helping me :'(
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice with this please. I bought a laptop from BAYV this time last year because I needed it for uni and had no other means of getting one. I pay by direct debit and have never missed a payment. Back in June I spilt wine on my laptop and completely fried it, took it to repair shop and after they looked at it they told me it was no good and there was no way of fixing it. since then my financial circumstances have changed and I'm really struggling to make ends meet the BAYV payment is the only thing I could really do without ( that is my only non priority debt).. I would have just given them the laptop back but that isn't an option now with it being broken. I haven't contacted them yet as I thought I'd see what people advised first. am I gonna get hassled when I no longer have the laptop ..what is likely to happen as I know I obviously have an agreement with them.
  8. Hi I ordered some sofas from buy as you view. When it came to them being delivered I arranged it for a day when I was off work as I had to - the agreement due it being in my name. They never turned up! They turned up the next day surprising the missus. They brought the sofas into the house and asked where I was as I needed to sign the credit agreement, the missus told them I was at work (which I can prove I was) and explained that they were supposed to arrive the day before as arranged. Instead of rearranging the bayv guy told the missus to sign the agreement, so she went sign her name. The guy stopped her and said 'No sign your partners name, as long as it looks as though he has signed it that's good enough!' So she naively did. There was three blokes in the room so I suppose she felt a bit wary when it happened the way it did! Surely this is wrong?
  9. Hi wonder if anyone can help, Ive been a BAYV customer for nearly 2 years with one agreement for a bed am now in a situation that I cant afford to keep up the repayments of £76 a month, I want to cancel the agreement but am unsure of what to do, I have been paying continuously for the entire period but due to some financial problems recently the DD didn't get paid this month, what can this company do is the question I need answering, do they have a legal right to enter my property and take the item away also I have noticed n the payments I have been paying Service cover and EPS cover for which I don't know what that is, would it be better just to return the items without any aggravation or try and fight for some of the money back, in total I have paid just over £1500 for the bed, would really appreciate some advice before these guys coming knocking at my door. thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I stupidly got a laptop from Buy As You View. First mistake there! I got it 12.3.14 my circumstances have now changed and im unable to afford it now. I moved house rang them and told them. They came banging on my door saying id absconded which isnt true since i told them. He threatened me with police and gave me 24 hours to pay £81 or he'd come take the laptop. Now after complaining and having a different man come round i payed. Now im unable to make the next payment what is the best course of action? I have read through the contract there is only my signature on it. Also they are charging me £1354.06 for a £250 laptop as i now find out. Now there is someone due round today to take payment. do i just hand the laptop back and a notice to end agreement i got from CAB or what? i cant do with the stress when they come round threatening and trying to push thier way into my house. I have a 3 year old to think about. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, This week a BAYV rep called at my home to speak with friends who are visiting me for a short time. The BAYV rep spoke with my friend and then spoke with myself. The BAYV rep said he would get the police to let him in the house if I did not let him in. The BAYV rep freely discussed my friends personal business with myself as well as letting other people outside hear. There was even slander - the slander was that I am a criminal and that I had just assaulted the BAYV rep! I just laughed at the BAYV rep when he said this and again said to him that I am asking him to leave and adding that everything is on CCTV, so, if he would like to make a complaint of assault then I would have the CCTV to show that this was just a lie, made up by himself. When the BAYV rep finally decided to leave, I called one of my German Shepherds outside to underline the fact in bold that the BAYV rep would not enter my house. BAYV will not confirm that they will stop their visits. What is the next step I can take? I do not mind taking this to Court etc, injunction? Any help appreciated, thanks! Since reading this site today, I have learnt that other people have been accused of assault by BAYV! I have sent emails to BAYV requesting that they stop their visits. They have replied to my emails saying that they can not confirm that they will stop the visits to my house as they need to speak to their customer. They have also stated that this is their final response.
  12. hi all wonder if can advise, i had a television delivered friday and was asked what days would like to pay direct debit, so said a tuesday. when was delivered on the friday i asked if put £15 in meter on friday would that last till next friday and was told yes by delivery drivers and representative, well yesterday they came to empty meter (3 days after) and he informed me that will need to put another £15 in today ,tuesday, so within 4 days they want me to put £30 in the meter, yet 2 people have said if put £15 on friday, should be FREE RUNNING till friday. can you give an opinion please. thanks
  13. Hi I'm currently on maternity leave and has to hand my phone into the office - this has meant someone else having my usual mobile phone for the last month! Today as recorded a text looking for me and threatening to report the goods stolen to police if I didn't call him by tomorrow morning. I have actually missed my direct debit this month which I know is my responsibility - payment comes out on 1st every month and this is the first month I have missed it (my last payment is July 2014 so I'm a fair way into my contract). I will probably not be in a position now to bring the payments up to date now until 20th (next Friday) and I have never been behind or missed a dd before with BAYV. I am disturbed however that they can contact the police to say I have stolen goods?!?! Another thing - I moved house a year ago. Was I supposed to inform Them as he mentioned this to my colleague too. Thanks for your help. Just want to get it resolved now but it's also got the added embarrassment of my work now being aware that I am in potential financial difficulties and have people chasing for money.
  14. Buy as You View rejects television allegations ONE of Wales' best-known companies has defended itself in advance of a TV programme going out tonight that makes serious allegations about its sales practices. The Consumers' Association has launched an investigation into Llantrisant-based Buy as You View after the HTV current affairs series Wales This Week passed over a dossier of material it gathered for tonight's programme. One of the firm's former salesmen appears describing techniques he claims the company expects its sales staff to use, and which some customers complain about. The programme also questions the firm's practice of "rolling together" a number of purchases bought at different times into one debt. Buy as You View, founded in the 1970s, last night hit back at the allegations made in Wales This Week. The firm, which has more than 40,000 customers across South Wales buying household goods by feeding a meter attached to their TVs, is one of the major supporters of charitable causes in the area. The children's charity Valleys Kids is supported by the firm, as are many health and education projects. This year the company gave more than £400,000 to good causes, making it one of the most generous in Wales. Buy as You View is also backed by some big names. Former Rhondda MP Allan Rogers is a director of the company and the firm has long supported some of the biggest stars in Welsh rugby, including Neil Jenkins. Rupert Moon, the former Wales and Llanelli star, is a part-time community affairs consultant for the company. He's also a presenter of the popular BBC Wales consumer programme X-Ray. Wales This Week says it followed up complaints from customers who contacted HTV's The Ferret programme. It claims the company's salesmen don't explain their high prices and interest charges properly. They also say they are pressured into buying goods they don't want. The team has also talked to former salesmen who allege they left the company because they couldn't stand the pressure they were under to achieve financial targets. The programme also examines the company's accounts. It is one of the most profitable in Wales, making founders Bernard Jones and Gerald Coleman multi-millionaires. This year the prestigious Sunday Times Rich List estimated the two men were each worth £35m, making them the joint 19th richest men in Wales. A spokesman for the Consumers' Association confirmed that an investigation had been launched into the company's sales techniques. Buy as You View spokesman Terry Bunnett said, "As a company which has been in business for over 30 years, we are surprised and disappointed by the fact that Wales This Week is seeing fit to run a programme on the basis of allegations from a very small number of customers who have not previously raised these issues with our customer service department and upon quite incredible and sickening allegations on the part of an ex-employee who has not been identified to us. "We are appalled by the suggestion made by the ex-employee regarding the treatment of our customers. We are extremely proud of our customers, many of whom have been with us for almost 30 years. "Customers who view the programme will be equally appalled and angered by the false accusation being made by this ex-sales employee, as these customers will know that we operate only the very highest standards of customer service for which we as a company are known in our industry. "You may be interested to know that 70% of our business comes in via the telephone from existing customers and customer referrals. "Clearly, we make no excuse for the fact that we are a retail sales organisation, where a healthy atmosphere of competition exists within our sales force, which currently comprises some 350 personnel within a total staff of some 700." The programme goes out at 11pm tonight on ITV1 Wales ========================================= Article source: walesonline.co.uk Dated: Exactly ten years ago today. Since reading this forum section I see BAYV has more serious allegations than 10 years ago.
  15. Hi guys, not been on here for a while but have a juicy one for you. my fiance today had her tv taken by the bayv rep. She had this tv for well over 2 yrs and had all but paid for it. Now i know thats not right but in addition to this, about a couple of months ago when we had that double bank holiday, the tv went faulty, well more the box than the tv, the rep sent her a text message giving instructions on how to by pass the meter by cutting the wire and fitting a plug straight to the tv lead. This was only a couple of weeks after he had text her askin if she was interested in going on a date!!! Rub your eyes coz thats exactly what youve just read!! I have the text messagea to prove that he sent them coz they are from his mobile phone. anyway that aside, she has paid way more than a third of the total amount although as yet i do not have the exact figures. now the plan so far is to e-mail Elaine Mockler and follow this up with an SAR which will be done tomorrow, then if theres no satisfaction a letter before action and finally an N1. Will keep you all posted, hope the rep squirms when he sees whats in store for him and his shoddy company now that i've got the bit between my teeth. As you may guess i'm slightly annoyed as i only found out most of this today becoz hes taken the tv. hope southernjessy sees this too, i may need your expertise
  16. Hi All On the 18 March 2013 I got a Smart TV from BAYV. Because of the type of TV it is, it is unable to have a coin meter attached to it. So I had to set up a Direct Debit. This was all done and i recieved a letter confirming first payment would be taken out on 4.4.13. Because I recieve Job Seekers, I cancelled my DD just in case my JSA isnt paid in i will not aacure bank charges ect and requested a paypoint card. This was all done for me. Because it took 10 days for them to cancell my DD they first payment was taken from my bank on 5.4.13 and i saved the second payment to pay this coming Friday 12.4.13 with my paypoint card. Today the account Manager Shane Woollas came to take my TV away. All because my DD had been cancelled. And I was out when he came my partner was told to forge my signature on my behalf!! The main manger has phoned me today to say because i had cancelled my DD they thought i wasnt going to pay for the goods, but i requested a paypoint card. This is beyond me and has left me with no TV and im extremly angry to say the leest. Any help is appreciated Thanks in Advance
  17. hi guys, need some advice if you can , last year my partner took out a tv from bayv as it was a small tv we took it over 52 weeks and decided to pay a little extra each week to pay it of quicker , when we though it was just about paid off we checked with bayv and according to them we still owe 91 pounds , when we queried this it seems we were not paying the extra off the tv but there insurance all sorted , on our contract it clearly states that this is 0.67 pence each week but bayv are saying its 1.44 per week ( not much i know but over 10/11 months it adds up) , on the agreement it states total wkly payment including esp/as 7.31 but bayv insist it is 8 pounds + around 8.05 p , having spoke to them its clear they think there right even though the person i spoke to didnt have a copy of the agreement with him as he asked me to send a copy of mine , at the time we took the tv out it was made clear by myself my partner the agent and the area manager who was here as it was a new account that we would pay extra to clear it quicker then after 10/11 months when we think its paid or nearly paid we find that its not and the amount left would actually take us over the agreed 52 weeks and into January/feb .. We have also taken another tv out 4 months ago at that time there was no problem , i have emailed elaine.mockler and basically told her the situation and told her that ive removed bayv right of assumed access ( not sure if thats right or not) and told her they can pick up the newer tv and meter on friday between certain times and that im keeping the tv i believe ive paid for if any thing is owed which i think there was 8 quid outstanding its in the meter along with 9/10 weeks money , i was thinking would this be miss sold hp or something along those lines , im trying to get an appointment with trading standards but its looking like next week now , thanks in advance so what i,d like to know is am i looking in the right direction ie miss sold finance or if i SAR them and the figures are different on there part of the agreement would that be fraud ,
  18. Hi all, Really hoping someone can give me some advice, in relation to a long standing issue i have been having with BAYV. a little background information first took out an agreement in 2009 with a new tv, paid regularly and added a Wii to the account in late 2009 - they refinanced our account because of something called a parallel agreement (something like that) unbeknownst to us, they started the agreement over another 3 years, so looked like we had not paid anything off account. In 2011 we ordered a sofa from them, and this is where the trouble starts... The sofa was damaged on delivery, but as they give us a discount off the purchase price we decided to accept, after less than 3 months, the stitching went in the one corner of the sofa, and they had to come out and do a repair on it, as it was under Warranty. The repair company (homeserve) called around 3 times (with 4 week breaks) as BAYV and the manufacturer sent out the wrong parts to repair the sofa, as this was 3 months further on that when it should have been, more wear and tear was incurred, which was repaired eventually. During this time, we stated to BAYV that the problems were unacceptable and that we wanted to be compensated, (sofa was a corner suite, but was unable to use damaged area, as it was in between the seat foam and the springs) They agreed after another 3-4 month argument to change our sofa, as they agreed that there were factors that should be have been avoided on their part. Our new sofa was delivered in December, (a black leather recliner 3 & 2) as they did not have any corner sofas left, as they were due to update the catalog, by the end of December, less than 2 weeks, park of the leather had peeled back, where the recliner came out. although this wasn't a major nuisience at the time, the damage has spread now to the entire 3 seater (2 of which recline, and the 2 seater (although not as badly), of which 2 recline) Again, as the product was sub-standard, we complained in febuary, as it did make the sofa look tatty, no-one came back to us until in March when the manufacturer recalled the product, (so we have been told by BAYV) We had to get a solicitor involved last year, due to major problems with our credt agreement, (lack of dates) unreadable prices, and interest rates, e.t.c. Because of the problems we have had with them, we have not paid anything since December, as a full complaint was suppose to be being investigated by them, and with advice taken from our solicitor. BAYV now want us to sign another 3 year agreement with them, fit a meter back to the tv, but they cannot deliver us a replacement sofa, we have to choose something from the catalog, (no recliners, and no corner suites that would fit) hence , why we brought the one that we have currently. BAYV have now stated that they dont have to offer us a replacement, of equal or greater value, just offer a replacement of any type. they are refusing to give us the manufacturers details so we can go direct, and are now going to be sending our case over to a third party debt collector. Can anyone give me a bit of advice, i don't particularly want to get my solicitor involved again, (due to cost) but am not going to back down on this as we have had many,many problems with them. Sorry its so long, Cheers
  19. After previous disputes on this page regarding samsung r730 (which is working now).i got behind with payments and agreed to have a prepaid meter installed back in april/may no-one has been to empty it for weeks,and then this morning i get a threatening letter saying they are taking me to court over non payment,i contacted bayv over this this morning and they said letters had been sent out to me,which i have not recieved over this,bayv have had enough out of me after ordering a toshiba satellite back in june 2010 that was not repairable after having it long enough to nearly have paid for it,i was given the above said reconditioned one to replace it but had to take out another account for it,which i have since found out should not have happened, well bayv only want your money,money,money and dont give a s**t about there customers at all. And know i wont be recommending bayv to anyone i know. i have since contacted my solicitor regarding this harrassment from bayv and i am with in my rights to complain about bayv,its in my solicitors hands now.
  20. Trading Standards Bridgend Trading standards aims to ensure that fair-trading is carried out in Bridgend County Borough so that consumers can purchase goods and services with confidence in the knowledge that they are safe, correctly priced and accurately described Bridgend Trading Standards Service offers a comprehensive consumer advice service that has been awarded the Community Legal Services (CLS) Quality Mark. The service is provided free to any person who is resident in the county borough or person who has purchased goods or services from a business in the county borough and will give advice on a wide range of issues relating to the purchase of goods or services. The service is available: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm. Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. The service can be contacted by telephone (01656) 643278, in person at the council offices, in writing or by e-mail: [email protected] Initially, anyone contacting the service will be advised of their rights and the trader's responsibility to attempt to resolve the problem. If this initial attempt fails, the adviser will intervene to try and mediate/conciliate between the parties. Should this fail to achieve a successful result and it is thought appropriate, advice and assistance will be given to seek redress in the County Court. The service also provides a supply of leaflets to assist consumers with their problems and explain their civil rights.
  21. Hi looking for a little advice My mother has been a customer with BAYV for some years now she has several products from them to a walue of £180 every 6 week she is 65 years old and is disabled about 2-3 month ago she found it really hard to keep payments and took the advice of a family friend to just stop paying which she did after a while she offered a reduced payment which she pays every week a few days ago some snotty manager phoned and told her they wanted the goods back - which my brother has sold most of she tried to say she would pay £20 a week but they refused and said they were phoeing the Police now she does not know what to do Can/Will these companys BAYV/Perfect Home get the police involved and if so what will happen with my mother Thanks in Advance.
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