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  1. If you are discharged you can get an account with a proper bank, as already said. It might just be a cash account, but at least you can get one and it won't be costing you £14 a month. Think Money are notorious for taking your money and not putting where you can get it. You don't need them. They've done you a favour.
  2. I wasn't suggesting the OP ignore the debt completely, but he/she seemed to be worried that the house would be broken into by these people while they were out. I have written to the council with an offer for repayments, but trying to discuss anything with the ignoramus who hammered on the door was not possible. He was like a parrot who had learned one phrase: you've got till Friday. It is better to know your rights so that you can move forward on that basis.
  3. According to the CAB's website and the new rules which came in April 2014, they cannot take your vehicle if there is no public transport, or if it is on finance, unless it is worth more than a certain amount. You should have a look. I had a very aggressive and rude man turn up on Wednesday who answered every suggestion I made with you've got till Friday. I told him I didn't have the money and wouldn't have it Friday either, but still that is all he would say. Don't be intimidated. I also learned that they cannot take your vehicle if it is displaying a disabled badge, which mine is. Hide your c
  4. Thank you. I will send an email and see what happens.
  5. I could only find one on their website. Trouble is it is not the letting agent, it is their referencing company who are being awkward. I can usually chat up a letting agent for all sorts, but when it comes to an anonymous third party it won't work. They are of the jobsworth variety and have no flexibility.
  6. It's Northampton County Court. I am going to lose the bungalow I want if they don't hurry up! I don't know why they want it when it is already marked on my credit file as paid anyway. Thanks anyway, but what should I do if it doesn't start moving in another week?
  7. A letting agent says I must have a certificate of satisfaction even though the CCJ is marked as satisfied on my file. I wrote to the court with a cheque two weeks ago but I have heard nothing and they haven't even cashed the cheque. I tried phoning, but all I got were recorded message options telling to write in with a cheque! Is two weeks a long time to wait or is it normal? I really want to get on.
  8. I know this is a really old thread, but I am in a similar position to Nick. My ccj was actually issued by Northampton County Court and it is marked on my credit file as "satisfied". However, the letting agents' referencing firm are insisting I get a certificate as well. I have written with details and £15 and looking at the dates am wondering if it has gone up now, and the letter went off last Monday. Does anyone know how long it is likely to take?
  9. and do I need one? The CCJ is showing as satisfied CCJ on my credit file, so do I need a certificate of satisfaction as well? It is for a tenancy for a rented house and they are saying I need one even though it is showing as satisfied. Can I apply for a certificate online, or do I have to write in? Thanks for replies.
  10. Very useful information and I wish I had had it a year ago. I think I will be better off renting privately and using the money, though that isn't nearly as much as it should be now. It has got to the stage where when anything goes wrong with the house, I get peed off because I can't afford to fix it. If renting the landlord will have to fix it.
  11. Champix tablets worked for me, though I have known people who have become ill taking them and had to stop. They are available on prescription. You take them for three months and during that time you carry on smoking, but after a couple of weeks I no longer wanted a cigarette. Had my last one on Jubilee Day, after smoking for nearly 50 years.
  12. Thank you so much. I just feel now that at my age I don't need the hassle. I have to move at least an hour away in order to rent, because I have two giant breed dogs and you can't rent a tent with a dog round here! So I feel that it is a fresh start and I just want to get on. Everyone is working hard to get the contracts exchanged this week so that I won't have to go to court. I feel drained and exhausted and the doctor says I have high blood pressure when I have always had low. Trying to keep all this from my son before he moved out was a strain in itsel
  13. I do now yes. I feel that at my age I should not be scrimping along on a state pension while I am sitting on a lot of money, and I no longer like the area where I am living. I just feel that if I had not been given so much bs from incompetents, I would not have had to drop such a lot off the price.
  14. I notice this thread was started about three years ago but I still want to say that everybody threatens to send round their doorstep collection agent, but they never ever turn up. I had endless emails from someone telling me this was my "final warning" (at least two final warnings a week) and they would send someone round but they never have. They think everyone is embarrassed about the neighbours and will do anything to prevent someone coming round. Perhaps it usually works and that is why they keep doing it.
  15. This is a long story, but I wanted to tell it in case anyone else finds themselves relying on so-called experts. I got behind with the mortgage owing to health problems and back in May, having arrears of some £1,500, my lender, GE Money, wrote suggesting that I apply for the mortgage rescue scheme. I had never heard of it, but I rang the lender and asked them to notify the council as a fast track. The next day a letter arrived from the council giving an appointment. This was the sole bit that was fast track. I visited the housing officer person at the council offices and the
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