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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, hoping someone can help me. I took out a secured personal loan in 2004 from Welcome Finance and I paid £2600 ppi. I still have the paperwork. I called them today and they said I need to speak to Dial 4 a Loan who were the brokers! Im finding it difficult to even find a number, in, fact, it looks like Welcome/Dial4aloan are in the same building. Can any kind person help me on this. . thank you in advance:)
  2. hi all furious with dial direct, missed a car insurance payment of £30 on 19th, they charged me £25 late fee on Monday, So went online to pay DD for car with other card, now my bank tells me that the payment that pending actually includes another £25, I have a email to confirm this....But the girl in call centre insists that it hasn't be charged twice.... I want now to request refund of all fees applied, is there a template letter I can use so angry
  3. We took out a tv from Dial a TV in May and made a few monthly payments. My DD got cancelled due to some financial problems we had at the time, they wrote me 3 letters up until August and then I heard nothing. Around 10 days ago there was a knock on my door. It was Dial a TV coming to take the TV away. I advised them that he couldn't take it there and then and that I wanted him to provide me with a court order etc. He said that he would have to go back to the office and report it as stolen to the police and that he would return with the police to take the TV. The next week he returned but I wasn't in (my neighbour told me) and he just said he would put a card through the door. There was nothing there. I then went to my mother in laws and she passed me a letter which had been sent to her. It basically states that I have left the premises with a TV and they need to trace me!!!!! It also mentions that they will be contacting the police and that I will receive a criminal conviction under the 1968 theft act!!! I am annoyed as I have not moved and they know that - I just asked them to come back with court documents! Surely they cannot send letters to relatives like that????? What should I say to them???
  4. Hi I havent posted for a few years now on this forum, but recently I have been unfortunate enough to have experienced some of the worst customer service ever by me. I have had vehicle business insurance with an insurance company named DIAL DIRECT for a number of years now. I use them to provide insurance for my van, and I have 1 family member and my self on the policy insured to drive. Now neither of us have ever been involved in an accident or made a claim on this policy, which is all fine and DIAL DIRECT confirm this over the phone according to their record that they log and keep. The problem for me arose approx 3 weeks ago, when this particular family member asked me if I can request a letter for him from DIAL DIRECT confirming that he is, and has been on the policy for so long, and has never been in any accidents or made any claims. He requires this information as he has just took out his own insurance policy for his own car with Swinton Insurance, and the new insurance company would like a letter confirming he has not been in any accidents or claims whilst being a driver on my DIAL DIRECT policy. Now, when taking out his new policy he was asked to disclose whether he is insured on any other vehicle at present, to which he replied yes as he is insured on my van, so hence the need for this letter. His new insurance provider who is requesting this letter is Swinton Insurance. So, after 3 weeks, 4 phone calls and 4 promises of " the letter will arrive in 7 days, we still dont have this letter and to top it all of the rude and bullyish attitude of the costomer service advisors is making me feel like digging a hole and burying myself in it to save me the pain of having to call them again. To top it off that little bit further they only have a 0844 number which costs an arm and a leg to call, after which you have to hold for at least 15 to 20 minutes listening to their pathetic music getting charged a ridiculas amount per minute, and when and if I finally do recieve this letter there will be a £30.00 courtesy of DIAL DIRECT the rotters. I had my final conversation with them this morning in which, after having spoken to his team leader the advisor quiet brillantly advised me that the request was sent to the relevant department and all we can do is send it again and you will recieve the letter within 7 days??? for a fourth time, I was tottaly gobsmacked at this and explains to him as this is not good enough being the 4th time of them saying exactly the same thing, to which I got the reply that technically its not his fault so there is nothing else he can do, and I will just have to be patient and wait. Now this family member of mine has had his new insurance company on his back constantly demanding this letter the new company being Swinton insurance, Now DIAL DIRECT did say they are happy to confirm the details directly to Swinton insurance, however Swinton insurance say this is not possibibke as they are just the brokers and the actual insurers demand the letter or else they will cancel his policy. This has left me with a big problem, and I would like to know what sort of action can I take A, in order to speed up the letter. And secondly I would like to make a complaint about DIAL DIRECT for not providing the letter in the time they said they would. I think there must be some sought of law which requires them to provide this info within some sort of time frame. I mean if Swinton Insurane are requesting this info and so do all the other companies then surley Dial Direct is obliged to provide this info. If for example Swinton Insurance cancel the policy would this person be able to pursue a claim in a court from DIAL DIRECT . I mean its only fair they should pay the money he lost due to DIAL DIRECTS admin faliure or COLLAPSE would be a more appropriate word in my personal opinion. Also which governing and regulatory bodies can I forward a letter of complaint to which I shall be forwarding to all the managment email addresses as well as mail addresses I can find for DIAL DIRECT. If you can also please suggest what I should put in this letter it would be very helpful and I will be very greatful to you. I hope I get some good replies so I can nail these people because they have really annoyed me, :mad2:apart from wasting my time I have spent over a hundred pounds on phone calls to them. I read in some other thread about Dial Direct that somebody sent them a SAR once their policy expired and they got a full refund, what is this and how does it work? Much Love Thanks again Speak Soon.
  5. If you ARE...... you might consider you WERE a customer........ There has been a lot of complaints online from customers about this company ranging from: No policy documents, engineers not arriving, no servicing. Well lets be honest it was very cheap.... Well if you are a customer you might want to ring them...... whoops all their lines are dead. You might want to go to their website..... whoops its disappeared. You might want to visit the parent companies website..... whoops it says test. Seemingly this outfit has disappeared into thin air with no explanation.
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