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  1. Yes, thats what Im starting to think. Many thanks for your help. Regards
  2. Hi Andy..we were expecting a few grand + This is for £390. Im not sure if its something to do with the timeframe as it was way back 1992, pre-reg. Surely if it was for PPI, there would have been mention of it somewhere/covering letter. Ill get him to get them a ring but it would have been interesting to know if anyone else had come around this before. regards
  3. No,nothing Andy.. Just a cheque with the words "compensation" written at the top. They have had their 8 weeks to respond re my husbands ppi. We expected an offer (or refusal), not a cheque. I always thought they send an offer 1st? Maybe i am wrong. Have you came across this before? Kind regards
  4. Hi there..Sorry for being thick, im not sure what you mean. Do you think this ISNT regarding his ppi claim? But something else hes not aware of/cant remember? Thank you
  5. Hi there. My husband has just received a check from Shop Direct... it just says "compensation".. no mention of PPI or how they got to that figure. Can anyone shed light on this? Many thanks
  6. OK, will check the SAR thing out. Dont you find it strange that they sent the form to fill in, when they clearly know the start date of the ppi? I would have thought that they would say immediately that the werent regulated at that time... hmmmm.. Regards
  7. Thanks for that. My husband does not have any paperwork for that time. He requested on-line to begin with... they then asked for proof of his current address... then this form to complete. The covering letter stated his account number..that it was a cover plus account.. and the start date. Regards
  8. Thank you. I was concerned they were passing it to FOS because of the date as way out of trying to get out of paying up.
  9. Hi there. My husband is trying to claim ppi from Littlewoods/shop direct. He has received a letter from then saying he did have ppi with cover plus. Start date was in 1994. It was fully paid. The thing is, they have enclosed a claim form from the FOS. Why would they do this? Many thanks
  10. Hiya.. One of the on-line questions is "how long have you been at this address"? My car/previous cars are registered to the address ive been living at for 10years, so I cant just say a few months. Thanks
  11. Having just got married at the weekend, I went on-line to change my name. To my horror it doesnt look like I changed my address on my driving licence when I moved here over 10 years ago! Ive hunted for my driving licence and cant find it. It looks like they can fine me £1000 for it.. Help!
  12. Thanks Dx... I understand they were regulated Feb 2003. I have been reading many MANY posts over the last 24hrs..lol. I think im more confused than ever. Would it be a good idea to go straight to FOS? Or try and do it myself? Kind regards x
  13. Ive just looked on FSCS website and its says to contact/claim with welcome if before january 2005.. mine was 2004 Do you know if this is correct? im pretty sure they will deflect to "dial 4 a loan" hmmmm warmest regards x
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