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Found 19 results

  1. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I had a DMP which I cancelled after advice on here (thanks guys). Three debts, all with Yorkshire Bank. Cabot says that they now own all the accounts. I wrote to Cabot with a CCA request and they wrote back saying that they didn't have it but they would try to get it from the OC. Much later, they wrote to me again saying that as they couldn't provide the information I requested, that the debt was unenforceable but they would appreciate my payment as I still owe the money. Since then, I am being contacted several times a week by Cabot and so I wrote to Cabot twice, asking that they contact me by letter only as I do not have the facility to record phone calls. They are still contacting me by phone and letter. The letter offers me a payment plan. They have still not sent me the information I asked for. Is there anything I can do to stop them contacting me? And the debt is still unenforceable, right? Many Thanks
  2. I have received a letter from Robinsonway asking for me to contact them about a debt, which would be over 20 years old. They have been texting me and sent me a letter and also called me wanting me to clear security with them before they would discuss the issue with them. Which it didn't as I advised that they could be anyone and asked them to clear security with me before I confirmed anything to them. They wouldn't, and just said the letters would just keep coming. I wanted to check if im right I believe there was a letter that you could send asking them to provide a signed copy of the credit agreement but I wanted to see if this is still valid and how to get it. Many Thanks in advance kev123456
  3. The facts are as follows: 1) I owe MBNA some £10k that has not been paid since November 2016 (so recent) and I imagine is about to default. Its a combination of balance transfers from cards that were used to fund my foreign studies. 2) Until now my parents have been transferring money to my bank account which I then forward to them as minimum payment. This is not sustainable for any of us and I am just barely paying the 28% interest. 3) I have lived abroad for a long time, but kept my UK accounts as they were useful but the situation has become critical. I did not inform any institution that I was abroad, and in any case, students are a special category in terms of continuing NHS care when studying abroad. I am currently in Eastern Europe but about to move to Hong Kong for work. 4) I have no assets of any kind, not even a TV in my parents bedroom, some old toys, about it. 5) I don't intend to return to the UK for a long time but I may live in the EU with my Italian girlfriend. I want to know what steps MBNA will take to recover this debt. The most important for me is that my parents are not harassed for my own decisions because I do not live at home or in the UK. I intend to deregister myself from the electoral roll/council tax list, I just have not had a chance to do so but I'll head home before departing to HK to take care of such procedural matters. I would be happy to close any other accounts and in any case they are not in use and will not be in use. I intend to inform them of my HK forwarding address, I believe that would be my legal obligation in any case, I presume this might also limit the visits that could potentially disturb my parents. Regardless of the moral implications of giving up on paying this debt and starting a new life, I am only interested in the legal ones, and especially to mitigate any stress that my parents could be subject to in terms of home visits from a bailiff if/were a CCJ issued. I am not even sure if they can get one and how it could be enforced in another country. According to my research, it would be statute barred from the last payment or the date of a CCJ. During those six (or more) years I want to ensure my parents are not subject to home visits, phone calls etc. Presently they are being called twice a day, but they won't speak to my parents, asking for me. To be clear, I won't be hiding in the backroom, or down the road or in another UK town. What steps should I take to ringfence any potential earnings in HK? There is a PhD on the cards which would probably take place in Italy, and again the question would be the feasibility of pursuing this debt etc (ignoring the post-Brexit scenario).
  4. Hi all, Although I'm not a UK citizen (I'm Dutch) I have done a lot of business through Ebay UK over the past years, mainly offering classic car parts for sale for which the market is better at your end. All went well, 100% positive feedback, until a few months ago when a buyer claimed no to have received the item I sent off to him. As I had no reason to doubt his honesty I trried to work out a solution, eventually sending a replacement item. During the time the matter was pending, I contacted Ebay Holland (a bit easier for me language wise) to discuss who was to foot the bill for the loss. Like Ebay UK they claim rather loudly on their site that they 'guarantee that the buyer gets him item or his money back'. The people I mailed at Ebay Holland kept on denying any responsibilty, saying the matter should be solved by reasoning between buyer and seller. Eventually I gave up as I got the same reply every time, although in different words. What I want to do now is to contact Ebay UK, preferably someone a bit higher up the tree, and ask what is to be done. After all, they give guarantees to the buyer, not me, I'm just trying to be helpful to the buyer. I have tried to contact Ebay through the website, but couldn't find a proper link, I'm just been shoved about between topics that I don't think are relevant. So, if anyone can help me with an address, email, street or what have you, I will follow this up. I intent to start of politely, as the matter is new to them, but as said, don't know how to get in touch. Thanks, Marcel
  5. I'm not sure if this is on the right board, but just before Xmas the recruitment agency advised me that because the firm I was working for had 'invoicing problems' (the firm weren't paying the agency for me being there, although I got paid) and as a result my temporary assignment was ended with immediate effect. However, I checked my social media and emails and one of the bosses who I used to do work for has emailed me today asking me to contact them. If the firm wanted me back surely they must have to go through the agency first etc. I was there for 6 months and in the process of completing a new claim online. Any advice about what to do would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hello all I have several debts that I am currently repaying, under a self managed repayment plan, to which all debt collection companies agree to every-time. This thread relates to one company, BPO last year they offered me a reduced rate of 12 payments of £? and the rest will be cleared, I paid the 12 payments and wrote to BPO stating that the account should now be closed and that all credit reference agencies notified that the account has been settled as per the agreement, I got a letter back, stating the remaining balance is still payable due to the fact they had nothing on their files that shows I agreed to the reduced payment options, I duly sent them a photo copied copy of the letter that I had received from them back in 2013 offering this method, and a copy of a letter of my agreeing to they offer which I posted back in 2013 to which I made 12 following payments. This followed by another letter from BPO now stating the remaining balance is due, due to not keeping up with payments, yet I have bank records of all 12 payments which were made every month for 12 months... .I do not want to continue correspondence with this company, as far as I am concerned I repaid 75% of the debt to which the account should now be closed and marked as settled. I will be sending one final letter tomorrow, asking for the above to now be closed, as I will send them the banking records, is they something I can put in the letter, that will stop further contact from them, or shall I now just ignore they letters ? When these companies offer reduced settlements, are they really worth it. I have no problems with my other 5 collection companies, they seem happy for me to make the monthly payments without any hassles from them. sometimes my debts get passed from one company to another, but they always agree to my repayment options. Just BPO side tracking on what was agreed.
  7. Hello there I'm a 20 year old student who was lucky enough to be caught out by a revenues inspector before we'd even left the first stop (penzance).. i got the whole 'you dont have to say anything' etc followed by a set of questions. I chose to comply, i have a railcard, im not a train hopper, i wasn't hiding in the toilet, i was short for time as i was relying on a lift to the station and so i ran onto the train at the last minute. after the set of questions and after i spent time arguing my point, he told me i would receive a letter which would be a caution along with the cost of the ticket, no more, no less. I double checked this with him and he told me the fine would be no more than the ticket; £12. (12 quid max without railcard) i thought that was fair enough. ive just received the letter and its charging me 90 odd pounds after the cost of the ticket which he refused to sell to me on the spot. i will be ringing up tomorrow to contest this as i think its extremely unfair to treat a user of the trains this way, especially after a first offence. i buy tickets every time and i own a railcard and to be treated this way is a little upsetting, especially as i was told it wouldn't cost more than the ticket. I didn't even know i was committing an offence, i thought well if you havent left the station you havent stolen anything, right? its like arresting a person in a shop for stealing an item before theyve even tried to leave the shop! Another thing to point out is i ALWAYS get on the train from a station which doesn't have facilities to buy a ticket, which is fine with the workers, so of course i am a little out of habit Id appreciate any advice or buzzwords i can mention to them on the phone that will help my case, i'd also like to hear your opinions. am i in the wrong here? i think a railcard is proof alone that i pay for the service. Thanks
  8. Hello, My ex hubby and I took out a loan in 2003 with Citi financial, it was never paid off due to running into difficulties. It is now been paid through the courts. After reading the paperwork from Reston solicitors we noticed we had paid ppi on the loan of £2373.53. I want to claim it back if possible but I have to much going on in my life to do it myself so want someone to recommend a company who don't charge the earth to claim it back for me. Thanks in advance, Debbie
  9. Hi I am self-employed and have just began receiving letters from Fredrickson Internatinional re overdue NI contributions for £500. They have said their next point of action is for an HMRC officer to visit me or for court proceedings. Does anyone have experience of this? Should I make contact with this company or contact HMRC? I don't want to make contact with Fredrickson as I know they have a very dodgy reputation. Thanks
  10. We took out a tv from Dial a TV in May and made a few monthly payments. My DD got cancelled due to some financial problems we had at the time, they wrote me 3 letters up until August and then I heard nothing. Around 10 days ago there was a knock on my door. It was Dial a TV coming to take the TV away. I advised them that he couldn't take it there and then and that I wanted him to provide me with a court order etc. He said that he would have to go back to the office and report it as stolen to the police and that he would return with the police to take the TV. The next week he returned but I wasn't in (my neighbour told me) and he just said he would put a card through the door. There was nothing there. I then went to my mother in laws and she passed me a letter which had been sent to her. It basically states that I have left the premises with a TV and they need to trace me!!!!! It also mentions that they will be contacting the police and that I will receive a criminal conviction under the 1968 theft act!!! I am annoyed as I have not moved and they know that - I just asked them to come back with court documents! Surely they cannot send letters to relatives like that????? What should I say to them???
  11. Hi all, Huggys Boss here I have received a call from my work this morning to say that they have been receiving calls from a guy call Mo asking for me. He left a contact number and ref number and told them he was from Fredriksons!!!! I have rang them this morning and blasted them. They told me they were entitled to contact my employer, are they correct????? I asked them how they got my employers number (I have only been in the job 5 weeks and have certainly not given them the contact details for work) he told me they did not have the number on file, only an old telephone number from my previous address. When I asked him why I had not had any letters he said they had been sent to my updated address - they have managed to update my address from my current address to my previous address bloody idiots. I am not disputing the debt, it is a vodafone account which I left early and I know I owe them the money but if I am honest I forgot about it because I have had no letters. My questions are - are they allowed to contact my employer especially when I know for a fact I have never given them or voda the number? and how the hell do they know where I am working? should I be reporting this to anyone? Huggy thinks that they are not allowed to contact employers anymore because of the embarrassment it may cause. I have only been in the job 5 weeks and still in my probationary period, I hope my boss is understanding.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm hoping one of you wonderful people can give me some advice please My husband has been awarded contribution based JSA & today my employer has received a letter asking for my income details, stating that I have given them permission to contact them. This is my husband's claim, I am not claiming JSA as I work 16 hours per week & I have never signed anything giving them permission to contact my employer. Can they do this without my written permission & does my employer have to provide this information for a contribution based claim? Any advice gratefully received
  13. Hi All, Hoping someone can help me. I am in the process of doing a DMP/IVA or a DRO and was wondering if I can get help on a few issues. I am only being badgered by a couple of my creditors but understandbly want to clear everything so effectively I can start again. I am in the process of contacting all my creditors for balances etc a nd was wondering if anyone had a draft letter to help me (maybe requesting I&C are frozen request) and what info I would need to ensure I get recent balances and not duplicate creditors. I have checked my credit report with Noddle and there are some of my creditors on there but not all, so is it worth emailing every creditor to get a balance/account number or just to deal with whats on that report as I know I have more. Also, some of my creditors are payday loans from several years ago and have mounted in interest, do I now have to pay the full balance etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the sooner this is sorted the better. Thanks All.
  14. Hi this is probably very minor in comparison to many folks problems, here's my issue. Had a new mobile and number last Dec apparently it was previously owned by someone with debt who was being hunted by debt collection companies. Three of the companies accepted the fact from me that I am not the person they seek, MacKenzie Hall however don't. Despite sending me an email in June assuring me my details would be removed they are back at it this week. I have written another waspy email which I will send to MacKenzie Hall although only have two email addresses and would love to get the directors emails, however I may post hard copies as well for max impact. Does anyone else have this problem. I'm getting fed up paying to retrieve their voice mails as well as the slightly niggling feeling if they can mess this up what impact can they have on my digital finances? All too big Bro for me. From what I read on the net they are bullies riding close to the letter of the law, I guess they figure vulnerable people don't have cash to fight back? Just because you have debt doesn't mean you lose your human rights!
  15. Hi, I have a few payday loans which have got out of control and with my current financial situation I am unable to make a repayment anytime soon. I have a couple of questions. 1) How can I stop these DCA from contacting my employer? as I am getting multiple calls each day? 2) How can I find out what DCA my debts are with? 3) At what point is it deemed to be harassment and who do I contact in regards to this? 4) I sent a denial of access letter to one of them and they continue to leave me voicemails and letters saying they are going to arrive unannounced, what can I do? Thank You in advance
  16. Hi all, I have recently had several weeks of sick leave, that were backed by a 'fit note' from my GP. Upon return to work, my employer requested a GP report, which I approved. After signing the relevant forms, I thought no more of it and awaited a follow-up with my employer after they had the info they needed from the GP. Fast forward a few weeks and my boss and an external HR consultant (I work in a small company, so we have no HR team/person) called me into a meeting, in which they said that they had spoken with my GP (or the surgery) several times, to check if they had received the request to provide the info needed and whether I had been to the surgery to give the final authorisation to my GP (which I did not know I had to do). They then said that upon doing this, they were informed that I had ignored numerous calls and requests to visit my GP and therefore appeared to be blocking the release of the form. My employer did not believe me when I explained that I had no knowledge of this and had received no contact from the GP (which was true). I did go to see my GP last night to give the authorisation and he categorically stated that under no circumstances would he, or the surgery speak with my employer about the form or tell them about any contact or attempted contact with me, as this is confidential information and therefore illegal. This has obviously led me to believe that my employer is lying/exaggerating the truth in an attempt to try and pin a lie/falsehood on me (they were not happy about my sick leave, but as it is backed up by my GP, cannot do anything about it - other than put me on SSP, which they have). I guess my main questions are: 1) What should I do about this apparent lie/exaggeration by my employer? 2) If they have contacted the GP attempting to find out confidential information, are they in the wrong/is this illegal? 3) After being backed by my GP and the forthcoming information etc. can my employer do anything along the lines of giving me warnings/sacking me etc? Thanks so much to anyone that takes the time to read/reply and sorry for the essay!!
  17. Whilst going through a period of ill-health, I recovered to find my finances had taken a severe knock. I had a £500 Overdraft with Smile that had a charge added on which pushed me into an un-arranged overdraft, they then decided to reduce my overdraft and it all went bad. The account was suspended. I rang them up and agreed to pay £100 per month off and be done with it, 3 months later due to an issue with the ESA which I was receiving, I stopped paying. This was around 7 months ago, December 2012. Now the truth be told I've been kind of hoping for contact so I could ring them up, attempt to agree to a suitable payment plan, or failing that - open dialogue via mail and clear this off. (I've just finished paying for something at £200 p/month, so it's perfect timing) However, I'm not sure who has the debt now - if the co-op still have it or if they've passed it on to someone else.. I also want to ensure that the balance on my Credit Report will be updated if I do pay this off. I've removed references to another outstanding issue for a new thread on it.
  18. Hi guys, MMF just called my work phone number (Security Department in an MOD building) with a pre-recorded message saying "We are looking to speak to a Mr. Yukiko regarding an outstanding account; please contact us back to prevent a home or workplace visit". Is this legal? My manager has just rang them and given it to them hammer and tongs, and he's backing me all the way. There's no way they should have this number as when it's called from, it is witheld. Cheeky much!?
  19. Hello, MotorMile now "own" a debt from WagedayAdvance have been contacting my work every single day 5-10 times a day leaving messages, threatening bailiffs to visit. Doesn't scare/bother me in the slightest but Ive just contacted them and got into a huge argument with one of the staff members asking them to stop calling my work and harassing me while trying to force me to pay a non priority debt. I booked 2 weeks holiday off from work to enjoy with my family and received them while i was away. Now hes basically saying if i can afford a "holiday" i can afford to pay my debts and a doorstep bailiff will be visiting anytime soon. Leading to more arguments, saying i don't allow a bailiff round etc etc and then just told me to grow up and stop being a loser and pay my debts. Then hung up the phone. Is there any reason i should pay the debt if i'm getting continuous harassment and told to grow up? then hung up on. What would you suggest i do? ill be honest Ive ignored the debt as its not priority and i have more worrying matters on my hand but just getting back to work today and being took aside by my manager about all these voice mails being left on the company phone has left me feeling crappy and embarrassed to be honest.
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