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  1. Hello, MotorMile now "own" a debt from WagedayAdvance have been contacting my work every single day 5-10 times a day leaving messages, threatening bailiffs to visit. Doesn't scare/bother me in the slightest but Ive just contacted them and got into a huge argument with one of the staff members asking them to stop calling my work and harassing me while trying to force me to pay a non priority debt. I booked 2 weeks holiday off from work to enjoy with my family and received them while i was away. Now hes basically saying if i can afford a "holiday" i can afford to pay my debts and a d
  2. Just like to confirm ive come off of the phone with my bank and have all the money now refunded from this company's little raid last week and a dispute form has been sent my way. I also emailed OFT and other like companies last week and hopefully something will finally happen to this and all loan sharks alike!!
  3. https://www.paydrs.co.uk/default.aspx There you go, number is there. Well i havnt paid the repayment plan which they forced down my throat over the phone becuase i couldnt as i have many others to pay, ive said if a debt collector steps on my door that im reporting it immediately and can pay small amounts each month as £250 straight up with others in impossible.
  4. Hi, thanks for the replies.. Im not really sure what this all means? Care to explain..
  5. Defualted with this company on the 23rd as i have done others and constantly tried to contact over repayment plans, per usual no reply from these companies but they email me with there default letters. Anyway just recieved a text today saying "WARNING - in 3 days a extra £350 in solicitor fees and recovery fees will be added to your account and recovery agents instructed, go online and pay now!" Any suggest how to handle this company? The loan has already gone up to £350 from £200 Obviously not going to pay £700...
  6. You wont be able to unless the company is nice enough to, some companies do like Wonga who froze the account others will not. Just pay the loan and one months interest.. They shouldnt try to take you to court on the charges alone and if they did as far as im aware they lose everytime. So if the loan and the interest when he took out the loan was say£300 then just pay that nothing else. Someone else will come along who knows more than me.
  7. Well Natwest put the money back in my account within 2-3 hours (the ones that were clear on my bankstatement) and have sent me a letter of dispute which should arrive in a few days which they will look into immediately. Not sure how 4 weeks is standard?!
  8. Yes i will do, the only company ive met who take money at will are CFO and 24/7 Moneybox but 24/7 have it in there T&C's that if the payment defaults they will try to take small payments regularly to get the loan money while CFO say nothing and just wipe you out when they like :@
  9. Ive also just emailed the OFT about this as its just a joke how a company can get away with this, yes i owe them money but i never gave them permission to take it form me when they like from what ever means they like especially when ive contacted them on multiple occasions about a repayment planand they just blank me :\
  10. Wow thats horrible, £960... But well done on getting it back. Quick question how do you get the bank to blacklist the company? As i obviously dont want them trying to get payments every day of the week.
  11. The problem is its going to take a few days to get my money back and i have other PDL companies hounding at me for there payments aswell :\ I had everything sorted and was looking to pay a few companies towards the repayment plans and now im basically broke and have bills to pay.. First thing is to get the money back otherwise changing accounts and finding bank details means nothing as i have nothing to go into the bank account or pay the other companies.
  12. It comes up as Capital Finance One Essex GB. Thanks, im going to only transfer the money myself from now on instead of giving these sharks access to my account when they like.
  13. That was a few weeks ago, as the letter stated if i havnt paid in full by the 14th of december the account will be transfered over to debt collectors and CFO will no longer contact me. Ive heard nothing from debt collectors and nothing from CFO since then, i obviously didnt pay in full as i couldnt and instead they just took the money out the past few days. Ive phoned the bank on Chargeback and im getting the first amount put back into my account and now have to wait till the ones from this morning are updated on my statement.
  14. On my Parachute account it was Wonga as i have a repayment plan with them but looks like i wont be able to pay it now as a payment is required next week So unless Wonga gave details... Well this will be my 3rd bank account opened up if i get another one and i dont know, last time i had a email and letter the amount was £303 with the charges, so how on earth they have worked out they can take that much i do not know!
  15. Ive got two bank accounts, i opened up a parachute account and someone that has been emptied out.. Totally different bank so not sure how they got the details, if they have done it before whats to say they wont do it again with a new account?
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