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  1. you make it sound deliberate, i did point out that i am used to getting on platforms where you cant purchase tickets so i was a little out of habit, as well as i am new to trains and have never got on the train from this station before. thanks for your input though
  2. Hello there I'm a 20 year old student who was lucky enough to be caught out by a revenues inspector before we'd even left the first stop (penzance).. i got the whole 'you dont have to say anything' etc followed by a set of questions. I chose to comply, i have a railcard, im not a train hopper, i wasn't hiding in the toilet, i was short for time as i was relying on a lift to the station and so i ran onto the train at the last minute. after the set of questions and after i spent time arguing my point, he told me i would receive a letter which would be a cauti
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