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  1. an update after all this time, it finally defaulted. I am just unsure whether I have an obligation to inform them of my new address or informing them that I am no longer resident is enough because it is obviously important to get those gone-away notices so my parents are not pursued and they try to use a backdoor to obtain a CCJ or head down the bankruptcy line. I can imagine that many people will say they are not-resident anymore. is it a matter of fact that if I inform a CRA and DCA that I am "gone away" that they have an obligation to accept it and at the very least put
  2. Thank you again. Just to clarify one point you made: If there was a CCJ issued would that still be 6 years from that date? Technically could it be almost 12 years? Say 5 years 6 months no payment, get CCJ and then another 6 from there? Its probably unheard of and perhaps then bankrupt me another 12 months then 5 years leading to a further 6 in total on the credit file. Can only the original creditor obtain the CCJ or can a DCA also get one? I presume if multiple amounts were owed to various lenders it would be more worthwhile to pursue bankruptcy because they could join
  3. Thank you for your replies. It is very much appreciated. Something that is on my mind is the issue of bankruptcy. I admit, I have no idea how this works but it would have huge consequences if they can get a CCJ and then issue this against me, because it would have global ramifications and bars me from future work in the UK in many fields. Can someone explain this and how it could be forced upon me? I've read on the other forum about legal issues pertaining to debt enforcement. I am wondering why dx100uk you think MBNA would not seek a CCJ because from my research it seems th
  4. The facts are as follows: 1) I owe MBNA some £10k that has not been paid since November 2016 (so recent) and I imagine is about to default. Its a combination of balance transfers from cards that were used to fund my foreign studies. 2) Until now my parents have been transferring money to my bank account which I then forward to them as minimum payment. This is not sustainable for any of us and I am just barely paying the 28% interest. 3) I have lived abroad for a long time, but kept my UK accounts as they were useful but the situation has become critical. I did not infor
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