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  1. Good evening all, I've just renewed my insurance policy and moved from Churchill (Who wanted £1400 to renew me) to Hastings Premier, who wanted £400 to renew. I've informed Churchill that I'll be leaving them and my policy lapsed on 14/11/15. At this same date, my policy with Hastings has come into force. I had a bit of a grumble on the phone to Churchill, as I don't like change, and said that I think it's disgraceful that my insurance has gone up by £1000, especially seeing as I'm now 25 and have five years NCD behind me. None the less, I've left them. But do you think I can
  2. So, Seeing as a lot of people on here have a gripe to air to the world, I thought it'd be nice to post a bit of praise. I've banked with Metro Bank since the spring time and I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Since opening their branch in Cambridge, many Main Stream customers of Barclays/Natwest/Lloyds and TSB have been switching over due to the 12hours opening times, Sunday and Bank holiday opening and the general level of service offered by the staff. I work as a Bus Driver, so the amount of time I spend in the city centre is high. Being a Metro Bank customer
  3. Hi Stu, She is the home owner, the house was bought in 1967 by my Grandmother and late Grandfather. The Grant was a non-repayable loan from the council, issued by the District Council. It is given to people who own their own home, but do not have the money to upkeep it (In receipt of certain benefits). I do not know the exact name of it. There were no conditions apart from that the work was for essential repairs to the home to bring it up to modern standards. The man from the District Council employed the building company in question. Concerns have been raised to the ma
  4. To be fair, you've dodged a bullet. The 2.0 engine is far superior in reliability and durability than the 1.6 PSA unit. I understand your concern, but trust me, no warranty in the world will cover the amount of damage that a 1.6 TD Ford unit can do to itself. Also, you're not pressured into not taking your old car back - You just don't want to cos' you bent it up and feel that you're better off rid of it. Feel glad you've got a good engine, in a good car, which won't grenade itself when the injector seals go and you've even got £500 to put in the tank and enjoy too. Job done.
  5. Hi guys, This isn't my usual post, so please excuse me if I miss out any information. Sometime around 3/4 years ago, my Grandmother had work done which was funded by a council grant to renew her Electrics, Central Heating, Windows, Bathroom, Kitchen, roof and facia boards. Soon after, the work was found to be unsatisfactory. The man at the council who issued the grant to the builders in question stopped responding to our calls and it was just accepted that we'd have to deal with these issues. Time has passed, and we've just not stopped finding faults. About 18 months ago, I w
  6. Good evening guys, I was wondering if I could seek some help. My partner has been off work on SSP for 7 months now and I am the sole breadwinner in the house. Our income and expenditure looks relatively OK but Barclays have been making things much worse for us. Both of us have had suspect transactions to EE/T-Mobile on our statements, even though I am with Three and other half is with o2. They've refunded these amounts to us as and when we've noticed them, but it's got to the point where I've had to go into the bank to sign the forms as they're just taking too long to s
  7. Same thing with me, exactly the same. KF in Cambridge told me my discs and pads were dangerous and that my discs were below spec. When asked what "Spec" was, he responded 300mm... When I told him 300mm was precisely One Foot, and that I was driving a Nissan Primera, not a Boeing 767, he got shirty and told me it would be my fault if I had an accident, yadda yadda... Took it for an MOT at my local garage, no discs or pads required, passed MOT. Wheels off, mechanic told me that the brakes were absolutely fine. Moral of the story, support your local garage rather than Kwik Sh*t. Two tyres a
  8. Hi guys, My other half, as detailed in another thread, is off work on SSP and is having direct debits bounce because I'm just not home enough to go and stick money into the account. This is incurring loads of bounced DD charges and interest on his overdraft. Is there a letter I can send detailing this to Barclays and possibly some legislation relating to this so I can stave them off for a little while? Until the legal side of things is dealt with, we've got no way of paying the overdraft or these charges as I'm the only one winning bread right now.
  9. Right - Progress... Sorry for the lack of updates! The Police/CPS have decided not to pursue prosecution against the farmer due to lack of evidence and I've enlisted the services of a solicitor to commence proceedings against the offender. The solicitor has given us a conditional arrangement (Basically no win, no fee) with a fair Win/Fee ratio. The farmers insurer has bought an Occupational Theropist in to assess his condition and further X-Rays/MRI scans have revealed 5 broken vertibre. The OT has bought the O/H a stool for washing up/cooking as he can't stand for a length of ti
  10. Not fair at all Kiki1. We have little choice on what roads to use around here. We have even less choice on what we use on the road in these times (A Scooter is as good as a Mercedes if it gets you to work and back). The police have given us the land owners details and therefore a prosecution is being sought. The solicitors have also visited today and have signed the papers etc to bring a civil case against this landowner. All is looking well so far, I will post pictures up to show the extent of the problem. All is looking well at the moment however.
  11. Hi guys, The O/H was riding to work on his moped this evening down Twenty Pence Road in Cambridgeshire when he's slid and come off of the bike at around 20mph (NSL zone). The local farmer has been ridiculous with the amount of mud he's left on the road, with road markings and "cats eyes" being completely obscured in places. The police are in regular attendance as more and more people have accidents and so on, and have tonight enlisted the help of the Highways Agency to make the road safe again, until tomorrow . My partner has come off of his bike twice in three days now
  12. I only received their "Pay up, or pay a debt collector" letter last week. Is it still process to send a denial of liabilty to Smart and their client?
  13. Sorry, I should have emitted the "Missing Aerial" from the list, as I know it was missing (I have an invoice from Nissan for a new one only a fortnight ago!) But minus the aerial, the three points that have been quoted, are completely fabricated.
  14. I'm in need of some help here. I took my car to Autoglass at the end of August (26th, I believe it was), to have my windscreen replaced. My car was delivered to Cambridge on a trailer and I drove it the 400m to AG around 11am. I walked around the vehicle with a technician who noted various scratches and dents on the vehicle, noted that the aerial was missing and that there was a dent on the bonnet, etc etc. After I've signed the PDA that the report was being compiled on, he asked me if the windscreen wiper arms had been removed recently, as this particular model can be problematic
  15. Hi guys. I'm a long time user (occasional poster) and have been daft and obtained a notice which was affixed to my car the other week. On the 18th August, I went to Lincoln and parked in a Smart car park (T/A T&C) and paid for 4 hours parking. Stupidly, I went over the 4 hours by a few minutes and as I returned to my car, saw a yellow striped plastic bag stuck to my windscreen, stating "PARKING CHARGE NOTICE.... Unauthorised Removal is an offence". I opened it and there was an invoice for £35 rising to £70 if I didn't pay within a week. Now, I know I'm at fault for going
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