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  1. Depends what she's claiming, if it's tax credits, she'll be entitled to those as well as long as she's entitled to child benefit - if she's working on the side, that's benefit fraud. However the only thing that affects your CSA payment will be her entitlement to child benefit, she could earn £100k per year, her income is completely disregarded by CSA whilst you could live in a cardboard box for all they care. The whole system is totally biased in favour of the PWC
  2. The eligibility for child benefit is dependent on the type of college course. If your daughter's course is considered non advanced, for example BTec, then as far as I'm aware your ex would still be entitled to child benefit until your daughter is 20. If the course is considered advanced education, HNC or above, your ex is no longer eligible for child benefit & CSA payments should stop
  3. As far as I've found the only studies seem to be from ecig manufacturers or government subsidised bodies, either way they are entirely biased, some independent research would be welcomed by vapers worldwide. I totally agree that the long term effects have yet to be shown as this is new technology, however from personal experience I have not touched a cigarette in 8 months after 30 years of smoking & have never felt better. Yes I am still addicted to nicotine, but as a substance on its own & in the quantities in eliquid, appears to be relatively harmless. I would always buy from a
  4. Sadly yes, in my experience the CSA do not care if your daughter & her family have to live in a cardboard box, all they are interested in is her boyfriends money. Are they now taking money straight from his wages & are the mothers saying he has not been paying & there are arrears? Does he have proof that he has been paying previously? As far as I'm aware, there will be nothing he can do to get the deduction of wages order removed, but he can question the arrears if this is the case. Also please make sure that they have made the appropriate allowances for your daughter's c
  5. Thanks Antone No I've not been asked to attend any interview or signed anything myself. He has an appointment with his advisor next week so I will ask him to clarify it then - it's the first time he's ever had to sign on & it's not easy when you don't have the first clue of how things work Thanks so much again for your advice
  6. Hi Estellyn & thanks for your reply He says that he applied for contribution based & was told at the initial interview that they didn't need to know how much I earned because of this, he has been awarded contribution based which I thought was non means tested? The letter states that I have given permission for DWP to contact my employer, which I most certainly have not as I'm not party to the claim. Also my employer says that they cannot give out this information without my consent. Is there any requirement for me to allow this information under the circumstances? I would pre
  7. Hi Guys, I'm hoping one of you wonderful people can give me some advice please My husband has been awarded contribution based JSA & today my employer has received a letter asking for my income details, stating that I have given them permission to contact them. This is my husband's claim, I am not claiming JSA as I work 16 hours per week & I have never signed anything giving them permission to contact my employer. Can they do this without my written permission & does my employer have to provide this information for a contribution based claim? Any advice gra
  8. Hi, We were in the same position a couple of years ago with my husband's daughter & ex - the daughter's facebook posts made it clear she was working full time & not at college as her mother told the CSA. Unfortunately, the CSA always sides with the PWC & believe everything they say without checking. The only way we got the situation resolved was to report the mother for benefit fraud for continiuing to claim child benefit - some weeks after this we got a letter from the CSA informing my husband that he no longer had to pay anything. A word of warning however - NEVER
  9. Hi All A bit of background to start with: My husband was suspended from work 4 weeks ago for an alleged faliure to service a customer (he works in the waste management industry) He was told that this was on full pay. Although the customer was not serviced, this was due to decisions made by the company CEO & outwith my husband's control, so he feels that this suspension is entirely unjustified. He immediately raised a grievance, sent by recorded delivery & it has been signed for. At no point over the last 4 weeks has he received any correspondence from his employer
  10. Hi, Have you had your meter changed recently? The reason I ask is that we had the same problem after a meter change - ours was running like we were powering the entire street instead of a 3 bedroom house After much haggling they came out & fitted a check meter to run alongside the existing one & found that it was running at a tenth of the speed, its worth asking them to do this if you suspect a meter fault as we got a £1000 bill reduced to £200
  11. I will type this up tonight & send tomorrow - thank you Brigadier for your time & help I'm very grateful
  12. So do I send them the 'in dispute' letter? & do I tell them what they should have provided? Thanks
  13. Hi Bandit & Brigadier, Thanks for your replies Bandit - am at work & the letter is at home, so I will check the wording when I get back, but I don't think so - it does state that the original agreement is no longer avaliable due to the age of the account & they will not be contacting me again regarding this. Brigadier - I will get a letter drawn up to Experian tonight requesting that they remove the entry. The application that they sent has some details, such as my name, address, date of birth & employment details but other parts have 'no details supplied' in th
  14. Hi Brigadier, I have checked my credit file (experian) & there are 2 entries relating to this - 1st one says Vanquis, account opened 30/10/2007, settled 19/03/2009, 2nd says Lowells, account opened 29/10/2007, defaulted 31/10/2011 - it's the first time I've looked at my credit file, so I'm still really confused as to what this means & the implications (if any) - please excuse my ignorance I'd be really grateful if you advise me what this means & how to reply to Lowells regarding the CCA request Thanks in advance
  15. Ok I will do - thank you - I will post back here when I've found that out
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