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Found 7 results

  1. Not necessarily looking for help, just a heads up to steer clear of nPower and the 'Too Good to be True' offers pedalled by the now infamous (Dragons Den) 'Look after my Bills!' (sic). So, along with millions of other people I signed up with LAMB (to the slaughter!!). nPower came along and offered me a deal £40 pcm cheaper than I was paying to BG. A Side-by-Side comparison of the two tariff's and standing charges did indeed seem to be cheaper. A £40 pcm saving though, too good to be true. I queried it but signed up anyway. The atrocious nPower didn't take any payments from me, despite having all the correct data etc. for three months, by then there was a three month debt on my account. When I signed up it was for £110 pcm. Three months later nPower sent an email saying it had gone up to £215 pcm, almost double, to cover the extra debt and, in their words, increased use............ I rang, complained, and we settled on a slightly lower figure of £194. A small but hollow victory. 4 weeks passed and low and behold, they didn't take their £194, they took £215. I rang and complained, confirmed £194 was agreed but got someone who had only worked there 5 day's, poor guy was confused as hell. Basically he said they could vary the direct as much as they want, month to month, and that was it. So, complaint in, got my Ref No. wait for another call in the next however many days to speak to a complaints drone. I've not had a good fight for ages so I am quite looking forward to confusing more people. In the mean time, I would stay clear of 'Look After My Bills' (Because they don't). Don't touch nPower, even with someone else's bargepole. People slate BG but they never screwed me over like this. H
  2. Hi My daughter's ex registered a car at our address - we didn't know he did it at the time and he didn't have our permission. I remember him chasing her for a log book but don't know if he ever got it. He has since had a penalty notice from a borough council which has been referred to Newlyn bailiffs. The bailiff posted a letter through my door just now saying he will be back in 24 hours to take an inventory and I have to prove that none of the goods belong to this lowlife. I rang the bailiff (big mistake probably) and explained the situation but he doesn't want to know. I told him that my daughter has two kids with this man but doesn't have that much contact with him and isn't sure where he lives. She just knows his mum's address. The bailiff said it doesn't matter. Ours is the address he has and that is the one he will attend for taking an inventory. He said he will give me 7 days to get the lowlife to contact him and arrange payment. Lowlife will not pay because he's a lowlife. He pays nothing. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. Please, any advice would be welcome. thanks PS there is another penalty we sent back to council (different council). Does "not at this address" mean anything anymore? Is this going to happen again? Update: I've spoken to my daughter and it turns out a similar call was made to his mum's house (must be for a different car?) and she showed them her tenancy agreement and they went away. This bailiff said he wanted proof that he didn't live here but also said I had to prove my/my daughter's goods are not his. How can I do that? I don't want the bailiff in my house at all. I feel violated enough already. Lowlife seems to think we can all just make this go away for him!!!
  3. Hello, My ex hubby and I took out a loan in 2003 with Citi financial, it was never paid off due to running into difficulties. It is now been paid through the courts. After reading the paperwork from Reston solicitors we noticed we had paid ppi on the loan of £2373.53. I want to claim it back if possible but I have to much going on in my life to do it myself so want someone to recommend a company who don't charge the earth to claim it back for me. Thanks in advance, Debbie
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0SVzqxG8b4
  5. I have a £12.5k debt to Nationwide that was sold to MKDP. On 30th September 2015 the debt will be statute barred however on 27th November 2013 MKDP issued a claim in court to which I put in a defence - to do with exorbitant charges I think but I can't remember now. I have not heard anything since does this mean that the debt is fixed for them to come back anytime or will it be barred on 30th September 2015 if I hear nothing from them. Now that Hoist have hold it of it I doubt it will get that far would it be better to contact them and offer some form of repayment?
  6. Have a read here https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2015/02/24/10000-motorists-names-and-addresses-published-online-by-parking-fine-company/
  7. My partner had an accident just over 3 months ago which left us without his wage and to cut a long story short, he is now disabled. DLA hasn't been sorted out yet, ESA has......so to cover for a while pay day loans were taken out, and as ashamed and embarrassed as I am I need to talk to someone, all I want to do is cry all the time. They are as follows PaydayUK - 516.00 Paydayexpress - 425.00 minicredit - 156.00 WagedayAdvance - 388.50 1monthloan - 80.20 Lendingstream - 123.50 I am more than happy to cancel card as I have another anyway where my wage goes into. but I'm just so scared and have no idea what to do or where to start. All are due at end of the month, just been deferring and rolling over. Please help. Oh also paying bk wonga £53.91 a month due to muck up at there end Loz x
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