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  1. Thank You for your help, I really appreciate it, I will contact a local tax assistance company.
  2. My tax code was correct for my last pay day (26th of April) if that is of any help?
  3. Hi, I have been on an emergency tax code since November, I am now on the correct code, however... I am owed approximately £1000 in tax, I spoke to HMRC and the lady was very distant in telling me anything. She told me that I was still down as being self employed and that I haven't filed a tax return for 4 years and I have a bill of £3400 (ish) all built up from late filing penalties etc. She was requesting information over the phone about when I was last self employed and so on, I couldn't give her the exact dates so she has asked me to call back with all the information, my con
  4. Hi, I have a few payday loans which have got out of control and with my current financial situation I am unable to make a repayment anytime soon. I have a couple of questions. 1) How can I stop these DCA from contacting my employer? as I am getting multiple calls each day? 2) How can I find out what DCA my debts are with? 3) At what point is it deemed to be harassment and who do I contact in regards to this? 4) I sent a denial of access letter to one of them and they continue to leave me voicemails and letters saying they are going to arrive unannounced, what can
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