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Found 7 results

  1. Two weeks ago I boarded a bus at around 8:00am in London. I got off the bus a few stops later to head into a local Tesco store to buy my lunch for the day. I then walked back to the bus stop that I got off at and waited for the next bus to take me to work. The next bus arrived at 8:30am. It was one of those buses where passengers can board the bus on either the front, middle or back door. I boarded the bus from the back door. I sat downstairs and minded my own business, staring through the window and browsing on my phone. A few minutes later, I heard a bus ticket inspector saying "tickets please" and that was when I was made aware that a ticket inspector was on board the bus. I got out my oyster card ready for him to scan it with the card reader. When he placed his card reader against my card, he asked me to take out my oyster card from the cardholder. I thought the reason why he wanted me to take out my card from the cardholder was because the cardholder was preventing his card reader from checking whether I had tapped in. However, when he then said "it appears you haven't tapped in for this journey", I realised to my horror that I had in fact forgotten to tap in when I boarded this bus, so I told him that I forgot to. then got out a small note pad and asked me to write down my name, address and date of birth, to which he used it to confirm that the card really does belong to me and he asked me to show him an ID that has my name on it and where did I board this bus and which stop I was planning to get off at. He then told me that he was going to issue me a penalty fare of £40 for not tapping in. I said to him that if you look at my journey history you will be able to see that I had previously boarded a bus at 8:00am and that if you look at the time now you can see that it's 8:35am, which means that under the Hopper Fare scheme, I would not have been charged for this journey anyway because I boarded this bus within the hour and hence I was not intentionally fare dodging. However, he said "you still need to tap in anyway" and proceeded to issue me with a penalty fare. He then handed me the bus penalty fare notice and asked me how I would like to settle it. I asked him “what options do I have?” He said that I need to pay £40 for the penalty. Because I needed to get off the next stop and I was late for work, I asked if I can pay later. He then said that if I don't pay now, it would be £80. However, having had a careful read through the notice, I realised that he omitted saying that if you don't pay within 21 days, then the penalty would go up to £80, it will be £40 if you pay within 21 days, so I thought there was some deliberate scaremongering on his part. When I got back home from work that day, I had a careful read through the penalty notice slip and read that I have a right to appeal against it. I decided to appeal on the grounds that I boarded a previous bus at 8:00am and how under the Hopper Fare scheme, I wouldn't have been charged anything for this second bus that I got on at 8:30am because I boarded it within the hour. i logged onto my oyster card account to get a screenshot of my journey history for that day to go with the appeal claim so that they can see that I did get on a bus at 8:00am in the hopes that they would be lenient about it and therefore waive the fee. However, I was very shocked to see that there was no record of me getting on the first bus at 8:00am! All the other trains and buses that I got on for that day were there apart from this 8:00am record of me getting on a bus. I definitely remember tapping in for this journey and hearing a beep and seeing the green light because I got on it from the front door and there was a bit of a hold up because there was a passenger in front of me in the queue who asked the driver whether this was the bus that goes to so and so. This had me suspecting whether the bus ticket inspector may have deleted this particular bus journey history from my account so that I don't stand a chance from getting a successful appeal. T he more I think back to it, the more I suspect that he had something to do with it. He kept hold of my oyster card throughout the journey and didn't give it back to me until I told him that I was getting off at the next stop. And during that time, I was not sitting facing him, he was standing behind me, so I suspect that he might have had a check through my journey history and used his card reader to delete this 8:00am bus journey history or colluded with the person on the phone who was checking to confirm my details to have it deleted off the system. Maybe it's just simply a case of coincidence - that it turns out there was a technical fault with the yellow oyster card reader on the first bus which meant that it didn't make a record of me tapping in. Otherwise, it sure is very sinister and sly of them to do this - they can make money out of innocent people. it makes me wonder if these inspectors have a quota to fill or an incentive or a commission awarded for catching fare dodgers? I'm wondering if there's anyone here who has been through a similar situation as me – I would like to hear your experience, and does anyone here know whether it's possible that your journey history can be deleted by an oyster card reader used by a ticket inspector?
  2. Hello there I'm a 20 year old student who was lucky enough to be caught out by a revenues inspector before we'd even left the first stop (penzance).. i got the whole 'you dont have to say anything' etc followed by a set of questions. I chose to comply, i have a railcard, im not a train hopper, i wasn't hiding in the toilet, i was short for time as i was relying on a lift to the station and so i ran onto the train at the last minute. after the set of questions and after i spent time arguing my point, he told me i would receive a letter which would be a caution along with the cost of the ticket, no more, no less. I double checked this with him and he told me the fine would be no more than the ticket; £12. (12 quid max without railcard) i thought that was fair enough. ive just received the letter and its charging me 90 odd pounds after the cost of the ticket which he refused to sell to me on the spot. i will be ringing up tomorrow to contest this as i think its extremely unfair to treat a user of the trains this way, especially after a first offence. i buy tickets every time and i own a railcard and to be treated this way is a little upsetting, especially as i was told it wouldn't cost more than the ticket. I didn't even know i was committing an offence, i thought well if you havent left the station you havent stolen anything, right? its like arresting a person in a shop for stealing an item before theyve even tried to leave the shop! Another thing to point out is i ALWAYS get on the train from a station which doesn't have facilities to buy a ticket, which is fine with the workers, so of course i am a little out of habit Id appreciate any advice or buzzwords i can mention to them on the phone that will help my case, i'd also like to hear your opinions. am i in the wrong here? i think a railcard is proof alone that i pay for the service. Thanks
  3. For a couple of months my wife and i had to move into my father in laws council house to help care for him as he was in need of care. His wife had died and he lived with his son. The son took on the house tenancy jointly with his father along with my wife. Anyway shortly afterwards more suitable house was found for them as accommodation was not suitable for his needs. The house was examined room by room and passed by a inspector from the council.Who said only thing that needs to be done is all carpets to be moved out of premises. This was back in early July..And was carried out as said. A new tenant had moved in a month later. Moved out a couple of weeks later to new house and continued caring for a couple of months then he passed away. The council were informed of this. Now early in November a bill came for replacing kitchen sink unit and worktop costing 400 pounds.At the old property. Which after 14 weeks after vacating a passed property came as a shock. Also addressed to Passed away father in law and his son. Then we got in touch with the council who said they will look into it , took our phone number and they would get back in touch. Seemed quite concerned about this matter. However this last week a letter came saying despite previous reminders the amount is still outstanding. And must be made within 7 days otherwise your case will be referred to a DCA and also consider taking legal action which will incur substantial costs. So once again phoned the council who this time said there was no one to deal with this and to email a complaint.Which i am going to do shortly.On their behalf. But the seven days are up now and i suppose the debt will now be on its way to the DCA. Personally i would rather go to court and tell the judge what i feel about this and fight it.But feel i am not being given much choice. Feeling harassed and threatened really with a bad credit file. Now personally i would pay if this was justified.But in my mind is clearly not. I enjoy standing my ground when needed.And want to help. What would you do.
  4. Hery everyone. I'm not sure if I can post this if not sorry. but I wanted your opinions as to whether the RPI done the right thing. http://www.suttonguardian.co.uk/news/10721808.Bus_inspector_fines_young_girl_even_though_she_had_mum_s_Oyster_card/
  5. Hi, I know there are many similar threads out there but please help me with this. I am a non-EU and English is not my native language so please excuse me if there are language/grammar mistakes. I lived in A, and traveled from London to B (which is one stop before A) with a valid ticket. I was planning to stop there and meet my friend, therefore I got on a train that terminated at B . But during my journey plan changed so I got off at B and got on the next train back to A. THEN ...... I have made the silliest mistake not going to the ticket office to buy another ticket for the rest of my journey and simply thought I could get one later when I arrived at A. I now learnt it was wrong, should never ever done so and will never ever do it again. At station A, there were inspectors and they checked my ticket and asked me some questions. I explained the situation and asked them if I can pay up the difference or get a ticket now, they say no and asked for my name/address and fill in a form with some simple notes.. then my ticket was taken never returned back to me. I was very panicked and just signed on the form when I was asked, and forgot even read that form( but i am sure it was only a few words ) so I can not remember what exactly was on it ! I asked the inspector what will happen then , they said I will received a letter and don't ignore it and I may end up paying about £50-100 fine, but just a guess, not up to them. the inspectors are from Chiltern. I went home in panic and tears, started searching online for similar cases, after reading some threads I really started to worried now. 1. I understand from other people's cases, that they were sent a letter asking for explanation and the best situation will be a out of court settlement. I saw some posts saying different train companies may handle differently by different scheme. Does anyone know how Chiltern railway handle this? 2. I started to worried what if the letter got lost during delivery and never come??( the address and name I gave them is true) Is there any way I can find out or contact them to check if my case is in process? 3. Please any advice or idea I may be facing due to this stupid mistake? I have always being very good, no trouble with laws at all in the past. I feel very guilty and regretted every second. Thank you in advance.
  6. I got caught with an out of date train ticket going through the barriers at birmingham station. The ticket inspector cautioned me like he was a police officer and wrote down all these notes. What will happen to me next, im dying to know. I dont want a criminal record....
  7. Hi All, This is going to sound like a very silly post and I have been an absolute idiot in my actions and completely regret this now. Basically I have a monthly travel rail travel card and I thought this allowed me onto the busses too, as I pay so much for it a month. I know I have to use my Oyster on the underground though, but don't often travel on the underground. I was travelling on the bus one morning to work, when a ticket inspector asked for my ticket, I showed my monthly pass and ID card. Apparently this is not valid on the busses, we came to my stop and both got off. I was completely flustered and panicking, not ever being in this situation before. I very stupidly gave my correct name, but a pervious address (not sure I got the postcode right though) and for some stupid reason I also gave the wrong DOB. They then wanted to verify it by calling a friend or family member and I said there was no one to call, again I was just not thinking straight and panicked, I then just walked away, no idea why I did this and really regret it. The ticket inspector still had hold of my new monthly ticket with my name on and ID number, which I just completely forgot that they had hold of. I am now so worried about what will happen, will they write to me at the address I gave or will they look up my new address on the system that my monthly card is allocated to? I completely understand that I have acted in a very stupid way and I want to make it right or at least have the opportunity to apologise and pay a fine or admin costs? But I have no idea if I wil be contacted and if so at which address, I am worried they will write to the wrong address and I may nerve know about it. I know I have got myself into a complete mess, but what do I do now? Should I call the transport inspectors and talk to them about what happened? Any advice is welcome, I know I am in the wrong, just one silly decision lead to another and I just panicked, as I had just started a new job and was so worried about being late. Thanks for reading.
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