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  1. It’s been some time but here’s an update. Unfortunately the postage services over here couldn’t / wouldn’t offer assistance, as the matter was too far in the past ( I have lost a fair bit of time communicating with Ebay Holland). I have tried to contact Tanya Lawler, after the second attempt I got a reply from someone who appears to be her deputy, Ellis Stijns. The answer was polite but a solution was not offered, according to Mrs Stijns it’s up to the buyer and seller to solve this among themselves. In practice this means that the payment made the buyer is blocked on Paypal, the seller
  2. Received a reply a couple of days ago from Ebay on behalf on Ms. Lawler. No real content, but promise to check and inform me at a later time. Meanwhile I will contact the postal services over here, and see what they have to say.
  3. Resent the message today, as no reply received yet.
  4. Message to Ms Lawler sent today, will keep you posted.
  5. That's indeed what happened. What I want is an answer from Ebay how valuable their claim is that the customer gets his item, or his money back. That's a guarantee from their side, not mine. Apart from that, Ebay charges commission, for inserting your item on their site + the final value fee. Fair enough. However, they also charge commission for the postage costs, that have nothing to do with the value of the sold item. In my view, the latter suggest some kind of cover from Ebay for lost items, too. These two facts to me are contradictory with the position of Ebay Holland, who claim t
  6. Sure I will. I don't consider myself a trouble maker, but I feel I've been brushed aside far too easy by Ebay Holland. I think Ebay should at least bear some of the burden, the amount involved is just over GBP 100, so I am not arguing over a tenner or so. Will post more later, as said will start off politely as the person I am going to mail to is not yet familiar with the matter. Marcel
  7. Hi Rebel, Many thanks, that just answers my question. Will send her an email shortly. Cheers, Marcel
  8. Hi all, Although I'm not a UK citizen (I'm Dutch) I have done a lot of business through Ebay UK over the past years, mainly offering classic car parts for sale for which the market is better at your end. All went well, 100% positive feedback, until a few months ago when a buyer claimed no to have received the item I sent off to him. As I had no reason to doubt his honesty I trried to work out a solution, eventually sending a replacement item. During the time the matter was pending, I contacted Ebay Holland (a bit easier for me language wise) to discuss who was to foot the bill for t
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