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  1. So Mortimer Clarke can't enforce the CCJ or Charging Order? They're asking me to complete a financial questionnaire!
  2. should I start to pay MBNA £20 a month? What will happen if I don't? I understood that if the original credit agreement was produced and signed by me, that I had to pay? Sorry to sound so vague - I should be used to all this by now.....
  3. No, only one court appearance. That was when I was ordered to pay £20 a month.
  4. I defaulted because I couldn't pay. The original debt was for an MBNA credit card. I had to go to Court a few years ago and Optima Legal said I had to pay £20 a month. Then the debt was changed to Mortimer Clarke recently I stopped paying the £20 a month to Optima.
  5. Can anyone help? I've just got a letter from Mortimer Clarke, chasing a debt originally payable to MBNA in 2003. I asked for a copy of the credit agreement and told them not to write to me again until they have it. MBNA originally said they didn't have a copy. Solicitors for MBNA said when I defaulted that they couldn't locate a copy of the original credit agreement which I signed. The copy which Mortimer Clarke has sent me is just a signature page, which shows my name and address, account number, the amount of the debt (which they say is £11,
  6. Thanks for that! I've managed to block their numbers on my land line and my mobile but if that doesn't stop them, I'll do as you suggested. Thanks again guys!
  7. I have no idea! Is there anything I can do to stop them and can they do anything serious?
  8. I hope I am posting this in the right place. I had a DMP which I cancelled after advice on here (thanks guys). Three debts, all with Yorkshire Bank. Cabot says that they now own all the accounts. I wrote to Cabot with a CCA request and they wrote back saying that they didn't have it but they would try to get it from the OC. Much later, they wrote to me again saying that as they couldn't provide the information I requested, that the debt was unenforceable but they would appreciate my payment as I still owe the money. Since then, I am being contacted several times a week by
  9. My money went directly to Optima Legal yesterday. I've never had a statement - no correspondence at all. This is the letter I received. Optima Legal.pdf
  10. I'm confused??? Unclebulgaria67 said I had no option but to continue the payments so I made the £60 payment they wanted, online. But now you are saying I shouldn't pay? I don't have a CCJ, just a restriction. There is nothing on my credit file about it. It was Optima Legal who took me to Court, not MBNA and Optima Legal are still in existence. If they are true to their word and I have to go back to court, can they place a full charging order against my house, as they have hinted at in their letter? Will I have any defence if I do go to Court? I didn't defend it because I was wi
  11. The restriction on the documents from the Land Registry reads " 24.1.2011 RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to MBNA XXXXXXXXXX at care of Optima Legal, Arndale House, Charles Street, Bradford BD1 1UN being the person with the benefit of an interim charging order on the beneficial interest of XXXXX
  12. No, Payplan decided how much all my creditors got and I wasn't consulted on that.
  13. Help! I've posted before about my debts and had three written off (or almost - they say they aren't enforceable but would appreciate me making further payments!). I have one outstanding for an MBNA credit card. It went to Court quite some time ago and Optima Legal Services got an interim charging order against my property. I wrote to Optima Legal Services in June, asking for documentation which I had signed and received no reply. Then the other day I got this letter (attached) which says that they have not received my payments (I cancelled Payplan and stopped paying some mon
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