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  1. So how do I know they can't come after me for the debt even if I did own it. I just don't know my rights on this matter.?
  2. No it is not on my record they have now sent me 3 letters. Do you know where to find the letter i need to tell them to do one.
  3. I have checked my credit file and I don't have a CCJ and the original debt is with HFC. I think an other company have sold on the debt to them.
  4. The account was for a loan that I took out 20 years or more ago and I haven't made a payment on it or confirmed I own the money for over 18 years, I have moved address. I hope this helps many thanks in advance kev123456.
  5. I have received a letter from Robinsonway asking for me to contact them about a debt, which would be over 20 years old. They have been texting me and sent me a letter and also called me wanting me to clear security with them before they would discuss the issue with them. Which it didn't as I advised that they could be anyone and asked them to clear security with me before I confirmed anything to them. They wouldn't, and just said the letters would just keep coming. I wanted to check if im right I believe there was a letter that you could send asking them to provide a signed
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