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Found 23 results

  1. My wife has been employed by the local pub owner who took on the lease of the village shop three years ago. My wife was employed from the outset to work in the shop. Since day one she has consistently worked over 28 hours a week at a rate above the NMW. She has been paying tax, NI, pension etc and has received holiday pay. However, she was never given a contract of employment. The pub owner has now bought the land that the shop is on, and plans to demolish it and build houses on the land, meaning the shop will close. He is however going to open a small "shop" within the pub to sell e
  2. Hi We started renting a beautiful home in December. We pay £1,800 a month for the house which is a hell of a lot of money. We have had a letter saying building works begin on a patch of land next to our garden next week and the foundations mean they will have to take down our fence and work in our garden! We both work from home which will be impossible with the noise. We also have a dog who will go berserk at the builders in the garden and she wont be able to go outside. We are absolutely gutted that our dream home has become such a nightmare and we will not be able to us
  3. All the free online word to pdf convertors are not working accurately. Does anyone know of any that genuinely work pls???
  4. This is more of a warning thread, for people having any significant renovations to their homes, to check there is Insurance, should anything go wrong. Here is an article showing a real life example of what could happen. In the article a young couple with small children lost their home and have huge debts after works to create basement living space went seriously wrong. This is just one example of such a situation occuring in the London area. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3484417/Our-1m-nightmare-dream-home-collapsed-shoddy-builders-thought-life-couldn-t-worse-just-start
  5. Hi there, I am putting up a small extension on the back of our house, 3x3 metres with a pitched roof above it the pitch goes on to the party wall and our neighbour was looking at building out the same on his side at a later date. we started work a good few months ago and the roof has finally gone on this weekend but only structurally. After signing all the drawings saying it looked good and we can build the work on the cavity line he now said he wants a box gutter putting in, in advance for when he does his work (prob never happen) he had some damaged guttering on his side that had a temp
  6. Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the EU Commission. One is from Germany, a second is from Poland and the third is from Italy. All three go with a EU official to examine the fence. The German contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works out some figures with a pencil. "Well," he says, "I figure the job will run to about €1000. That's €400 for materials, €500 for the labour and €100 profit for me." The Polish contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, "I can do this job for €70
  7. Hello, I am hoping somebody can give me some advice about an issue I am experiencing with the online store "The Works". On September the 1st I ordered a toy (A remote controlled geotrax toy, costing £4) on September the 2nd I receive an email confirming that the order had been dispatched. Last week it still had not arrived so I email them asking where it had got to, I then received an automatic refund later that same day. I emailed again asking why it had been refunded, I told them that if the parcel had been lost, I'd had preferred a replacement. This is when things g
  8. I purchased a 5 year old car on Friday- which should have had on board Sat Nav. Dealer said Sat Nav was broken, so replaced the radio with franchise CD player. However, on collecting car- now find that although the radio/CD works, there is no Bluetooth hands free, no clock, no steering wheel controls and no code supplied for replacement (bog standard cheap!) radio. The advert stated all of the above but the replacement unit is obviously incompatible with the standard spec radio which gives all the other functions. Taking car back tomorrow, but any advice on how
  9. Hi I recently let a section (shared space) of a commercial retail space. During the talks I asked if there were any major works planned as they had in my lease that I would be liable to share the costs if anything were to happen - I negotiated and capped it off at £4500 because something made me suspicious about it. Then 1.5 months into lease a tenant from above the shops who owns part of the freehold came in quite upset that my landlord was avoiding him - and he stated you've known this is coming for a long time - which she tried to hush him because I was there. This was in relatio
  10. I received a snail mail from a pension company. The envelope was empty, probably because it wasn't sealed properly .. or so I thought... I rang the sender to get the letter re-posted. The company would not resend the letter without a national insurance number. It seems a little odd that they can't trace a letter using a name address and postcode, even though they already sent it!! What if this was a spam complaint under the data protection act? .... The sender seems genuine. It could simply be an awful database. But it could also be a good phishing game. Sending empty envelopes is brilli
  11. Hi I do not know if in the right forum but I am a leaseholder of a flat from a local authority but has now been taken over by aprivate company , i put my own double glazing in and now they are doing the double glazing themselves and i think they want to charge me for the rest of the other properties but I am sure I was told by the local authority that mine had to be like for like and my only contributions would be for the communal stairwell windows and not my own and other properties, is this right. Thanks in advance Roy
  12. Hi I don't know if this is the right area of the forum but I need some advice. I recently had some artificial grass installed and the total job was £800. I paid £400 deposit and then the rest would be paid on completion of the works. The work was substandard and on re-addressing the job the owner of the company said he was not going to do anything to resolve it and walked away. He then issued me a letter stating that he was taking me to the small claims court. I responded and stated that I was more than happy to pay the remaining amount when he completed the work to the required s
  13. Hi I wonder if you can help me I am at my wits end I own aproperty with my ex-girlfriend, We split up in 2006 with her living at theproperty with the children after a court ruling which also confirmed she wasentitled to half the house it was agreed by private arrangement between us as Ihad paid the first half of the mortgage on my own with no help from my ex, Andas she was entitled to half she should pay for half, my ex agreed and for 5 years I now know thiswas the case Now over a year ago I was solicited by a ppi claim firm so Irang the mortgage company to find out if ppi was on my mortg
  14. Hi, Just a quick question regarding following works procedures. If you do your job and the company accept the way you (and others) have carried out your duties over a long period of time, can they all of a sudden say you have not followed the procedures laid out and dismiss you for gross misconduct ? Having never been told/warned or had any discipline about it previously. Or is it a case of tough luck. Thanks
  15. Hi, I would like to ask for some more information about Company Sick Pay. I am working on full time contract over 4 years (from 30.03.2009) and I am entitled to Company Sick Pay however I do not know haw it is working. Terms and Conditions of Employment is saing: " Company Sick Pay Your entitlement to sick pay is detailed below, all payments are at the discretion of local management and normal monthly pay will be made up after allowing for the Statutory Sick Pay. Continuous Service - Entitlement Less than 1 year - 10 days 1 year-3 years
  16. Hi Guys I have a query regarding EOS. I signed off JSA over 9 months ago after referral to the WP, since then they are continually trying to contact me asking me where I am working. They never found me employment and I therefore do not feel obliged to provide them with any information. In any event it is my private info. I have ignored their calls and they have now started contacting my parents asking them for details. Why are they so persistent ? Any advice welcome. Thanks
  17. Hi guys, MMF just called my work phone number (Security Department in an MOD building) with a pre-recorded message saying "We are looking to speak to a Mr. Yukiko regarding an outstanding account; please contact us back to prevent a home or workplace visit". Is this legal? My manager has just rang them and given it to them hammer and tongs, and he's backing me all the way. There's no way they should have this number as when it's called from, it is witheld. Cheeky much!?
  18. I have a cafe which is seasonal and right on the seafront. We have tables and chairs on the terrace and pavement outside. Adjacent to us is a major development being carried out of a former hotel etc and right in front of our cafe is the delivery entrance where large vehicles ie cement mixers and articulated lorries carrying all manner of building materials are being delivered, and this is going to intensify as they progress and will carry on for at least another 12 months. The vehicles pull up outside our premises and reverse into the site, when they have finished, they then drive o
  19. my pc HAS decided it now wants to run in safe mode and will not do a system restore, any help welcome, I have not done anything to it.I came to put it on today and it is running in safe mode so it is making it very hard to do anything.I have shut it down and restarted it but still doing same, was fine last night, I am using Windows Vista home premium. Comp is about 3 years old, have tried system restore but when it has finished it I get a message saying unknown error prevented it doing it.I found what I thought were the back up discs I got with it, tried them but it is still same, IT wil
  20. My stepson works in his local WMC glass collection usually on a weekend while he does college through the week. He's just turned 19 although has some form of Autism so with this being his first job me and his mum look out for him a bit. He's been there about 3 years now and usually does around 2 shifts a week over the weekend the wmc decided they were going to do contracts for everyone. In the contract it stated that stepson/glass collectors are classed as casual staff so they are working in a needs of the club basis. Now once this contract was issued he started getting the odd
  21. Hi I am desperate for help! Years ago this site helped me limp out of debt and beat down the horrible debt collectors and keep them away. I am now blessed with a clear credit history, two morguages and a baby! Righto, I bought a flat in a block of flats with a service charge of £1,500 annually.a few years later i met my partner and let the flat to my dad at a discounted rate, the bank gave me another residential mortgage and we now live in a lovely little two up two down. Life is great...we'll... The service charges on this flat have now gone up to £3,000 per year! But
  22. I ride to work on a motorbike. This is my choice due to the volume of traffic I encounter on my daily commute. Now that the weather is doing its cold thing, the car park at work has become an ice rink. The car park has no public access. There is a small amount of gritting which is predominantly on footpaths. However, the main car park is left untouched and dangerous in a car, never mind on a bike. It is necessary to cross the car park to access other parts of the facility and people need to get from their cars to these gritted areas on untreated ground. I know that places of work have a d
  23. Why we’re marching Austerity isn’t working Our country faces long-term economic problems. But our political leaders have failed to face up to them. For the next five years or more, unless policies change the economy will not grow, incomes will not rise, and there will be almost no new jobs. If the government keeps on with big spending cuts and austerity we face a lost decade. Even on their own terms government policies are failing. To close the deficit we need a healthy growing economy that generates tax income. But austerity has led to a vicious circle of decline. Instead
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