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  1. Hi I don't know if this is the right area of the forum but I need some advice. I recently had some artificial grass installed and the total job was £800. I paid £400 deposit and then the rest would be paid on completion of the works. The work was substandard and on re-addressing the job the owner of the company said he was not going to do anything to resolve it and walked away. He then issued me a letter stating that he was taking me to the small claims court. I responded and stated that I was more than happy to pay the remaining amount when he completed the work to the required s
  2. Hi I am not sure this is the right place to post - but I need advice on whether I am legally allowed to pull out of the sale of my house and the purchase of a new one, I have just been told that i am under threat of redundancy and the new house commands a bigger mortgage and i am unsure as to whether I could cover that if I lost my job. I have not exchanged contracts yet but all searches have been completed etc. I have signed a paper to my solicitor for the sale of my house but been assure dthat this is not yet binding as i was conrend at that stage about the purchase of my next house falling
  3. Thank you thats superb advice - we have drafted the email and ini fact when we contacted the marketiing department to ask for the email they seemed to have received this type of complaint previously. The store manager has phoned my mother and stated that athough he cannot possibly understand why she would want to cancel (!) he will refund the money within 48 hours. Am holding onto this letter just in case. Thanks again for your help Michelle
  4. Hi we have placed an order for a siyte of furniture from FV approx 6 weks ago. We ordered 1 x 2 seater 1 x 3 seater 1 x chair The store phoned us last week to inform us that the sofas were ready but they were unable to supply the chair as the individual in the store had mi sold us on the fabric and it was not possible to make the chair as ordered. We vistied the store and agreed that if the store could make the chair in another fabric that we chose then we would continue with the order. The store were due to call us but have not They have told us the order is rea
  5. Hi for those of you who have seen my previous posts, I now have a letter stating that I owe £7121.90. I am assuming that I am still to be prosecuted? This seems alarge amount to not be I am wondering what is the best course of action to repay this money. 1) I could pay it all now 2) If I am convincetd wrongly of intentional fraud I loose my job therefore the £7k I have now will be needed to live on Does anyone have any advice?
  6. xcn76

    Tax credit

    Hi no nothing his bank etc is at his new address he is just not on an electorcal register
  7. xcn76

    Tax credit

    I have a complicated personal situation. The father of my 2 kids, stays at my house when I work away and some weekends as he has no permanent address. The other times he has been staying with family but he is not registered there on the electoral role or at mine. We went our seperate ways in August last year and up to that point claimed joint Tax Credits since he moved out I have claimed as a single person - corrrectly. I have not yet received this years forms to complete but am I right in saying he does not live here if he does stay sporadically? Why he cant just get some money together
  8. Sorry his reduction was a disabled reduction not single persons as my mother is resident too
  9. My father has just passed away and I am dealing with some of his affairs. He was disabled and got a reduction in CTax. however he had a live in carer fron August last year who is not appearing on his bill. I do not know if that would affect his eligibility to the discount >>
  10. Thanks for all the replies, I have my meeting tomorrow at 11.00am and have got a solicitor who specialises in benefit claims, so all though am feeling extremely sick I am hoping it goes ok
  11. Thanks for the replies. I will certainly look into trying to get a solicitor as am worried about saying the wrong thing. I understand what you mean about tax credits and TBH am looking at that as a thank god they did! this could have gone on for yearas as I genuinley did not know I always assumed it was same as DLA and not income related but lesson learnt! We are talking about 4 years of payments which is going to equate to alort do you think they will look at prosecution ? I am a single mother with 2 kids (1 disabled) and that would break the family and me.
  12. Hi all I have posted here previously re the fact I have written to the carers department to say I am no longer entitled to the allowance due to my hours, which transpired no longer entitled due to wage and that I have been overpaid for about 4 years. I understand that and am looking to pay it back but they are now asking me to come to an interview under caution next week as they suspect benefit fraud, I have answers to the problem from this forum but have 2 queries 1) what will they be asking in an interview? what do I need to take with me? 2) Should I get a solicitor to go with me a
  13. Hi I currently work part time(30 hours) over 4 days, my role initially was office based then became field based (no new contract) my hours were upped to 32 hours. then decreased to 30 hours along with the addition of a new region to cover. there is no fesable way of my completing my role in 30 hours a week as I am based in NW and am responsible for regions over 250 miles away. I have also found out that I am the lowest paid member of the team (I am also the only part time), I do not get equal benefits to the other team members. At a recent meeting with a new manager who has known
  14. Thank you I have now received a letter asking for my income since worling and also any outgoings but they do not stipulate what thse are !! I also earned different amounts, when I wrote to them I stated it was due to the fact i now work for 4 days rather than 3 thus earning more money, but I now realise that its due to my income. I am wondering whether to write to them again wirth a breakdown of my P60's for each year or if they will automatically have acceess to this? I am so scared of going to court this is affecting my relationship with my kids as am snapping all the time at them and its
  15. Hi it was only 3 weeks ago but I would have thought that they would be jumping on me as surely they will want their money, I have been reading through some threads on here and it looks like I may end up in court, I do feel this is excessive as I am more than prepared to pay it back but it appears that they do not necessarilly take that into account and could prosecute anyway but maybe thats just peoples opinion on here I dont know
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