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Found 10 results

  1. Purchased a sofa from @sofology. They were very clear in the shop, once you get the delivery text you must have arranged for delivery to take place within 7 days Text came Thursday 9th June with "Great news your sofa is now ready for delivery..." so due to work commitments and based on the statements made in the shop I arranged to have the old one removed, assuming worst case we would have 1 week without sofa. Went to arrange delivery to be told sofa would not be in their warehouse until 11th July with delivery after that. Called the call centre to be told yes that's correct, you obviously read the message wrong, seriously it's my fault? After a lot of time they did offer a loan sofa, but my wife suffers from significant respiratory issues and can't be near anything that has had smoke or pets, so the loan sofa was advised as not an option and told why, but that seems to be the end of their support. I now have to go and buy some chairs to sit on while we wait the 6 weeks with sofology absolving themselves of any responsibility. My big problem is that they did not even admit the text was sent in error, just I read it wrong. So as I say a word of caution, don't get caught out the way I did.
  2. Wheres my Murdock sky takeover thread gone? Murdock controls this site does he? Explains the policies and practices here.
  3. All the free online word to pdf convertors are not working accurately. Does anyone know of any that genuinely work pls???
  4. The relief and grief of a child being diagnosed with autism I missed this last night, did anyone see it ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-35820081 Why I wonder are there so many diagnoses of Autism or is this something that has largely gone unnoticed until more recently ? One family has 3 children, all diagnosed with this !
  5. Hi you techi's I wonder if you could throw some light on a problem I have with Word when saving the document? Microsoft Office Word 2007 OP XP Pro Once I have opened a new document (or old one come to that) and wish to save it, there are 2 ways I know of for doing so. 1) Use the 'disc' icon next to the Microsoft office icon top left hand corner which sits in the uppermost quick action toolbar along with a printer icon, ABC, and arrow for going back a stage. 2) Use the Microsoft icon and come down to 'Save As' then place the document in appropriate file I want. Now 2) works perfectly, but 1) doesn't and sends the document into a wrl or some such file with a ~$ before the document name. and it says it can't save the document, then I lose the document altogether or cannot open it if I do find it. It's not a big problem, but it's annoying as I know that's not supposed to happen and probably I have a corrupted 'something' gizmo inside the machine. Any ideas what it is and how I can remedy it? Thanks, no rush. A1 p.s. I still have those 3 blown capacitors inside the pc waiting to be fixed, whether that has any remotely associated causation connection to this problem only you guys can say, just thought I'd mention that.
  6. Recently on this forum there have been one or two posts regarding renting from relatives. I was on Scoop and saw this story and thought I would share it to you all for more detail see here http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/12945046.Benefit_cheat_ordered_to_pay_back___42k____after_she_was_caught_claiming_for_her_mum_s_house/ Story from here: http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  7. Hi folks, I am just about to have a hissy fit......Can anyone tell me what might be happening to my Word documents and how I can remedy this situation? I start up a document in Word 97-2003 doc, I work away saving occasionally and if I leave it for 10 minutes I find it automatically going into a 'Back-up' mode and the Document becomes a Backup of.....the original gone. Sometimes I cut and paste onto a new document make a new reference for it and the same thing happens to that and I have now a whole swathe of 'Backup' documents in the folders. I opened a letter I was working on this morning and made some pretty smart changes (I was in fine fettle this morning) and this back-up mode kicked in again, then out of the blue it comes up with an error message saying that the file cannot be saved because it is being used somewhere else on the PC....I'm storing this on a plug-in gadget. No matter what you do, this file cannot be saved and you have to exit it, you can't cut and paste because there no access to the open document and once out all the changed data is lost I'd been working on for the last few hours and it reverted back to the document I opened before hand. Even though I'd 'saved' numerous times, it still went back to the opening document. - Naturally, I screemed. It's driving me mad and I've never experienced this before with this damned machine - so what's going on - any ideas? I'm using XP still and Microsoft Word Sorry to bother you all with this Thanks
  8. Just opened their first Scottish Store in Edinburgh, what a nightmare, folk queuing for hours, traffic mayhem, fights breaking out over queue jumping, police having to control the traffic, cars backed up around roundabouts and back onto the bypass !!! I drive past it twice a day whilst working, never tried one myself, surely they cant be that good, anybody had one ?
  9. Re: Halifax One card Hi, can anyone please advise. Sorry for the long thread. To cut a long story short after I thought Halifax agreed to freeze interest on my card I found out before Christmas that they had decided to just lower the interest. I was originally paying £100, (£70 of which was interest) After they lowered the rate I was paying £50 (30 of which was interest) As I had sent them an income/expenditure form and it was clear that I was struggling as my rent had gone up and I was falling behind with lots of payments I decided to just stop paying them and let them take me to court. After being hounded by them, (they were even calling me on Sunday mornings), I decided to answer their call and an arrangement was put in place on 2nd Feb whereby I would just pay £20 a month and the interest would be frozen. I offered to pay £30 but the woman said I had to pay £20 otherwise the arrangement could not be set up. However, I tried to make a payment this evening over the phone as Halifax won't accept a BACS payment from another bank and I was told that there is no record of this arrangement and my case has been referred to a claims company who asked me to pay the whole £3000. I called Halifax again but I couldn't even give them the reference number that was given to me when the arrangement was made. They just said they couldn't discuss it with me. Who can I complain to about this? The telephone conversation must have been recorded. I feel like I just can't cope anymore. I'm a single parent and have always worked but I just don't earn enough to make ends meet.
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