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Found 5 results

  1. Hoping someone can help. I recently bought a car from a trade seller for my daughter after seeing an advert on FB. I went and viewed the vehicle, and I asked the seller some specific questions, one of which was "has the car ever been written off?" (I have a witness who was with me when the questions were asked). The seller said it hadn't and I also got a friend who is a car dealer to do a full HPI check, which came back clean. The seller said that he hadn't received the log book (V5) back from DVLA and that we would have to apply for it. Nothing untoward with that. I purchased the car and it's now registered in my daughter's name. However, when the log book came back from DVLA it had the dreaded this car has been salvaged having sustained structural damage and repaired, ie it's a Cat C or Cat S meaning that its value is greatly reduced. We paid £2900 for the car and it's worth around £2000. I have written to the seller and asked to cancel the contract under the misrepresentation act 1967 as I believe I had been deliberately misled when the seller stated it wasn't written off. I have given the seller 14 days to respond. The seller is leaning on the fact that when he sold be the car it was HPI clear. I have said I will take it to court. It seems there's a loophole whereby once the car is declared a write-off the insurers keep the log book but the HPI data isn't updated until the new owner applies for the log book from DVLA. I strongly suspect that he knows that the HPI doesn't get updated and therefore he can sell the car 'clean'. My question is am I taking him to court using the correct legislation? ie (Misrepresentation Act 1967. I am wondering whether I should be using Consumer Protection regulations against mis-selling but I'm not sure. Any advice is appreciated. Nick
  2. In February last year a car demolished my front garden fence. The car had been stolen and being driven by an uninsured East European driver who was also drunk and had no driving licence. The police were called and arrested him. They later gave me the details of the insurance company the car was insured with I lodged a claim with them for the cost of a new fence which they paid without question. Do I have to disclose this when renewing any of my insurances as I do not want to fall foul of any renewal conditions? Thank you.
  3. Hi I recently let a section (shared space) of a commercial retail space. During the talks I asked if there were any major works planned as they had in my lease that I would be liable to share the costs if anything were to happen - I negotiated and capped it off at £4500 because something made me suspicious about it. Then 1.5 months into lease a tenant from above the shops who owns part of the freehold came in quite upset that my landlord was avoiding him - and he stated you've known this is coming for a long time - which she tried to hush him because I was there. This was in relation to the works on the building. Immediately my thoughts were - wtf - Ive been lied to - I asked. Then 1.5 months later I get an email stating that the freehold has voted and works are going ahead and I need to pay a portion. My landlord acted completely surprised and like we're devastated as well - and can't believe this - we may have to stop trade. When I know for a fact I heard the guy say they've known this was coming for a long time. Not only that but now scaffolding will be erected over my shop front for god knows how long. Due to being a new business this could cause me to go under. Do I have any recourse? Can I sue them for not disclosing major works and also get out of my lease? What rights do I have? Ive completely been taken advantage of and unfortunately its my first time at the rodeo and I completely fell for the nice charming lady act. Clearly just that.
  4. Hi, dealing with a N180 at the moment and decided to ask if anybody redacted the contact details of the defendant when serving a copy of the N180 on the claimant? There is also (in the claim I am involved with) a matter of the claim being issued with the wrong name of the defendant. I ask because these details are supposed to be used by the mediation service to enable them to arrange/mediate a telephone conference between the parties, and I would be concerned that the claimant would use the telephone number to harass the defendant. So, better to leave these boxes blank on the claimants copy, or ? Thanks for replies, Bill.
  5. Firstplus has returned our SAR letter together with the cheque and proof of address we sent. Their cov letter is asking my husband to provide authorisation to disclose information relating to me. It also says they will respond "....in any event within 40 days." Can I send them a fresh 'joint' SAR? With both our signatures and copies of our proof of addresses etc with a fresh £10/- cheque?
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