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  1. Hi guys Thanks for your advice. A month on the saga continues. I informed them explicitly not to contact me again, this has been ignored. I informed them by phone not to contact me again and take my details off the system. I was told a note would be put on the system and may receive a few calls but it should clear up. I promptly told them that my info was my private info and not to contact me again. Fast forward, I have had Eos actually visit the house. I wasnt there, however, they told my parents that they were aware i had told them I wanted no more contact and in the representatives words 'this is why it has been passed onto me'. He was to re-engage with me as contact had broken down. He then informed my parents that should I wish to re-engage that as a 'good will gesture' they were offering me £50.00. Needless to say i was fuming and contacted the representative directly with the contact details left. I explained I was not happy, I didnt want the money and would not be providing my details again explaining that I was my details were private and that was that. he accepted what I said (I think) and told me that he could not find a consent form for Eos and that I was under no obligation to provide my details, yet went onto to try to elicit info about my employment. He informed me my 2 year work contract was coming to an end. In the end I requested the following: a) No contact from them again b) i want all my details removed from their system c) Not to pass any of my details onto the DWP or other government body I asked what they would be doing with 'my file' as it was called. The representative explained that they would pass the details onto the DWP in file format. I asked what the DWP did with this once they had it to which i could not get a straight answer - can anybody explain this to me - what it contains info wise and where it goes to. I would also appreciate any info on my legal position now. I have informed the representative that they have gone too far and that I would begin to consider legal action for Harassment. What are my rights to have my details deleted from Eos systems and to ensure they do not share any other information with any other body? Thanks guys
  2. Thanks guys, I am over 18. So what can they do legally or with regard to the DWP if i continue to refuse to provide the info. They have stated to me in the past they believe I have worked for various different organisations, even that i am self employed. They then asked me if I had informed HMRC of this. I informed them I wasnt willing to discuss this with them but yet they persist.
  3. Hi Guys I have a query regarding EOS. I signed off JSA over 9 months ago after referral to the WP, since then they are continually trying to contact me asking me where I am working. They never found me employment and I therefore do not feel obliged to provide them with any information. In any event it is my private info. I have ignored their calls and they have now started contacting my parents asking them for details. Why are they so persistent ? Any advice welcome. Thanks
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