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  1. Asking Your manager is not the best way as he will think the same as most of You that I am planning my sickness. I just want to know how it works to make sure I will have enough money in case company will stop pay me for my sickness. I am currently 10 weeks off sick and still have got valid "Sick Note" for 4 more weeks.
  2. Maybe however that was All about it in my contract Also there is nothing more in handbook That why i am asking for any help
  3. Well i jest would like to know when my entitlement for Company sick pay will start and finish. I can be off sick 5 times during Rolling year and still recive Company sick pay (for example 5 times 4 days) but i do not know what will happen when i am off sick for 10 weeks now and if my entitlement start grom april i will recive full pay but IF it works in different way like Rolling year it will be my 4th period of sick and All together will be more than 12 weeks. So i just wonder when employer will stop pay company sick pay?
  4. Hi, I would like to ask for some more information about Company Sick Pay. I am working on full time contract over 4 years (from 30.03.2009) and I am entitled to Company Sick Pay however I do not know haw it is working. Terms and Conditions of Employment is saing: " Company Sick Pay Your entitlement to sick pay is detailed below, all payments are at the discretion of local management and normal monthly pay will be made up after allowing for the Statutory Sick Pay. Continuous Service - Entitlement Less than 1 year - 10 days 1 year-3 years - 6 weeks 3 years plus - 12 weeks Again your continuous service date is taken into consideration. If on joining the organisation, you are in the possession of either a leaver's statement SSP (1) or a Form BF220 from your local DSS office it must be given to the Human Resources department at the earliest opportunity. " We can have 3 periods of sickness during rolling year and any more will couse a disciplinary acction but I do not know how it is related to Company Sick Pay, for example: If I am off sick 4th time in rolling year but it is my 3rd time from April 1. Is my Company Sick Pay entitlement renew every year (from April)? If "No" how it works? Thanks for any help.
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