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  1. Great 1st response, really helpful. The punctuation is slightly out but the text is split into paragraphs. Would you like even more spaces between them? Do you read books? They have lots of solid blocks of text in them....... It was a rushed post granted, but come on it is easily readable. If you have any decent reasonable and relevant input i would be glad to hear it.
  2. Long explanation....... I Bought a kitchen recently from a well known distributor on a trade account through my company similar to howdens. Paid 1800 deposit and had 5000 on credit. The kitchen arrived and when we came to install around a month later we noticed some parts had not arrived. Some had been marked as delivered and others not even checked off so they knew they were not there. They informed my wife, I was away for 3 weeks with work, that all was there and had been delivered so kitchen could be installed fully. Once install began a small number of items were n
  3. thanks for the reply...... I have seen the attached drawings to construct new dormer to the side and rear elevation, with rear kitchen extension with bedroom above at.... I have no objections to the kitchen extension wall being constructed with boundary line being the centre of the cavity wall (in line with the existing party wall) allowing No........ the option to join up to it at a later date without objections. Also the rear dormer can be built up on leaf of No ...... on the party wall, with appropriate cladding and flashings on the outside to make water tight. The dormer on the party wa
  4. Just to add I have got on well so far about it but he has got a right bee in his bonnet about the new guttering saying i have to have it how he wants it and doesn't want a gutter on his side of the wall even though he agreed at the start. he thinks by having it over the cavity wall that it will stop water going on his side if it blocks up...... i said i was happy to cover the costs and put it in to be pleasant and make things easier but he got quite nasty last night saying i have damaged his guttering that was already damaged and said i was going to replace that whole section for him whe
  5. Hi there, I am putting up a small extension on the back of our house, 3x3 metres with a pitched roof above it the pitch goes on to the party wall and our neighbour was looking at building out the same on his side at a later date. we started work a good few months ago and the roof has finally gone on this weekend but only structurally. After signing all the drawings saying it looked good and we can build the work on the cavity line he now said he wants a box gutter putting in, in advance for when he does his work (prob never happen) he had some damaged guttering on his side that had a temp
  6. "Also get your request for evidence of contract as PoFA not adhered to so no keeper liability I believe that they are hoping you will cave in and pay up or fail to file and they win by default. they know that they arent going to win with keeper liability so they may try and argue that you were the driver and therfore they dont have to obey PoFA anyway." can they not claim from me as i was protesting the claim? what do you mean by the 1st bit get request of contract? the one they say i should be bound to by parking there? do i have to detail any evidence or is this done in court.
  7. my dad is going to go and have a look at the dq...what should he fill in and what are the next stages........ what do i need for court.
  8. its a dq stage yes, does this mean they are pressing ahead witht he charge? what should i do to the questionnaire, can somebody else fill it out, im away until the 12th but the date on it saays the 9th june
  9. just a recap... ...on the forms i added a slight ps. saying that i work internationally and would be away until mid june. i have since been sent a letter saying, claim defended and a questionaire. The daye in the top right corner says 28th may.. ...but in text underneath it says something must be completed by the 8th june..... .......i wont be back from work until the 12th ?? What is the next step, Im struggling to read the letter as it was sent via a phone picture, but i assume it is a court summons.. ..will this be at small claims court and if so
  10. OK cheers, forms sent.......am i not liable though because i wrote to contest the charge??...does that not make me take on the claim? I didnt ever accept responsibility just told them that the charge was contested because we as a group are certain that the fee was paid. I didnt tell them that the driver was slightly dyslexic and couldnt respond properly to defend the charge. In hindsight maybe i should have included that as then they couldnt insist that there is a contract formed on entrance to the car park haha
  11. about to fill form out an send it off now, is there anyhting anyone else can think off that i should include or is the advice sound for a defence..............i just thought i would have to include more information about a defence
  12. iaas? whats this? when you say allocation fee, do you mean court costs? how certain are we that i cant be held liable to the charges?? do they have a chance of making me pay in court if it goes that far? just want to have an idea, are the courts quite clued up on this aspect of the law?
  13. thanks erics brother....... does it matter that im the one that contested the charge? what do you mean by additional costs? does everyone think that is all I should put for now...any other opinions?
  14. any advice what to put on the defence sheet for the court.............????? thinking along the lines of.... i am not nor ever have been the registered keeper i contested the charge due to the driver of the vehicle on the day being adamant that the fee was paid and that person suffers from dyslexia so would not be able to contest the charge themselves. PWE are now chasing me for the money despite me saying i was not the driver or the keeper because they did not follow the protection of freedom act and sent a letter to the keeper 28 days after the incident occurred and as such are unable
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