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Found 17 results

  1. hi, to keep this short, i really need help/advice CURRYS STORE IN SELLY OAK HAVE LOST MY TABLET case number ............ on the 28/05/17 i rang knowhow with a problem ive been having with my tablet, and they advised me to take my tablet to currrys sellyoak, so i did i spoke to chap in the store (wahid), who took my tablet in for repair, I got a call after the bank holiday from wahid advising me that he will need to send the tablet of to samsungs, since then its just gone down hill with no communications from the store at all. so i start to chase it down via the customer service number ........ i spoke to robert on 14/06/17 at 1315 in regards to the problem in having, and he advised the store will ring me back to collect my tablet, no one ever rang back i spoke to bradley ext no 26726 on the 18/06/17, to see where my tablet is, he advised me that after speaking to the store that the tablet will be ready for collection on wednesday which is 21/06/17 so on wednesday 21/06/17, i went in the store, and to keep this short they tell me that i have already had my tablet, and its been delivered to my home address on monday 19/06/17, i explained to them that i have not had any delivery and from the telephone conversation i had on the 18/06/17 bradley told me to pick it up from the store i left it with, i asked what address it was delivered to which they could not answer, and the lady said she will look into it and get back to me, so i left the store very angry i got home straight on to the phone to customer service on 03445611234 and spoke to francis at 1827, who told me from the notes they have, that there's a dpd signature of it delivered on 16/06/17, i questioned that because the store said exactly the same but only they have a signature 19/06/17, i asked him what address it was delivered to which he could not provide, i also asked why they will deliver it to my home address and not the store i left it with, again he could not answer, but advised me that it will only be sent back to the store i left it with and not my home address, and they going to look into the matter and get back to me where does that leave me legally, all i wont is my tablet back and get on with my life, this is very stressful
  2. Amazon has emailed customers urging them to replace their charger if they have either the Amazon Fire 7" or Fire Kids Edition 7" tablet after it discovered a flaw that could lead to an electric shock. Only power adapters with the model number FABK7B are affected. You'll find the model number on the reverse of the plug just below the top pin. If you do have one of the problem plugs you don't need to replace your USB lead, just the adapter itself. How do I get a replacement? Read more: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2016/03/amazon-fire-tablet-chargers-recalled-over-shock-risk-435246/ - Which?
  3. Hey all Looking for a bit of advice please. I bought a pre-owned Samsung galaxy tab 3 from GAME earlier this month (still have the box, receipt etc). After having no problems with it, the last few days it has started restarting itself randomly - this could happen after a few minutes of use or even after an hour. When it does restart itself, it turns itself off and cant be turned back on for 5mins or so. Anyway, to me it appears faulty and took it back to my local GAME store today but was told that as its an intermittent problem, I need to take it home and then video it when it has a problem again. Is this a usual thing? Is there anything I can do besides sit and wait for it to happen again? Many thanks
  4. All the free online word to pdf convertors are not working accurately. Does anyone know of any that genuinely work pls???
  5. I purchased a £400 tablet in November. And it's since developed several faults. They are. Tablet Screen is becoming unresponsive for 20-30 minute's at a time. The tablet is becoming incredibly hot. A system is popping up when the tablet is not in use (I only notice the error when i go to unlock it sometimes) The error is ''Unfortunately the UI has stopped working'' - Causing the tablet to crash. I have the receipt. Can i take this product back to Argos? And if so what can they do for me? As I'm a student this is what i use to make note's and research with whilst in class. So i can't really be without it. I don't want another one as I did some research last night when the screen stopped working , and it seems other people are having the same problems.
  6. My Lenovo tablet developed a problem I was not sure if it was software or a hardware problem as at times my Tablet would not do the things I was telling it to do and at times the screen did some very strange things. Still under warranty I rang Lenovo who suggested a factory reset, which I did but the problem remained. They then said that it needed to go to the nearest repair centre which is in Germany. it was picked up and sent via courier. It took three days to get to the centre where it was assessed for one day and is now being processed which as been going on for about 10 days. I keep checking on their website as to the status of my tablet but as of now still no change. I was talking to my friend about my problems and he told me he had a problem with his Dell laptop and that was in Germany for the second time with problems! I cannot work out the economics of sending items to be repaired in Germany! It surely must be a very expensive way of doing the work. Anyone have any idea why they are doing this?
  7. I bought a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 from Curry's which went faulty. The battery percentage would fluctuate massively within seconds of unplugging the tablet as well as restarts and screen artifacts etc. The tablet was only usable tethered to a charger. As per advice from other forum members in another post, I accepted Curry's offer to repair under warranty, even though I initially requested an exchange under SOGA as it was the responsibility of the retailer to repair the goods without causing significant inconvenience to the customer. I got my tablet back today, with a note inside the box saying that the battery was replaced and the tablet was tested and working. I turned it on in the store and it only had 7% battery left which I found odd since they were supposedly testing the device just a couple days ago. Surely the battery would be charged more than 7%. Especially if a new battery was fitted as they say I brought it home, plugged it into the charger and it shot up to 65% in 2 seconds. I left it to charge for hours and then turned the device on to which I noticed, was in exactly the same situation as it was before. How could they even say it was tested? This is the most obvious issue, and will show itself just by turning it on. since Curry's have failed to repair my tablet when I gave them the chance, am I right in being able to demand an exchange at this point and be able to take them to court if they refuse? Thanks for reading my long story, and thanks in advance for any responses.
  8. Hi, I ordered a Toshiba tablet from Staples today.I was aware they had got the price wrong. But they processed the order and took payment, with Debit Card. Now they've sent e-mail saying they've cancelled the order, because it was an obvious mistake. Question is, can they do this ?. I thought once the order was processed I was in a contract with them. This has happened before with other companies, and they have honoured the orders, even though they made the same mistake. Any Ideas ?
  9. Hello, Unsure if this is the correct forum so apologies in advance. I'll try and keep this brief. In short I opened an account in October and I've never received the free tablet offered, I've had rubbish customer service with zero new information from VM. Timeline: 18.10.2014 - Signed up for VM services through their affinity program (through my work). Broadband, phone, TV and came with a free tablet within 28 days of install as part of the deal (confirmed via e-mail). 18.11.2014 - Install (few issues such as not porting phone number and 152mbps speeds were coming in at 40mbps - apparently this will settle within a month ) 16.12.2014 - Chased tablet via phone - informed it's on the way. I raised concerns about speeds and informed of area issue's ongoing since October 23.12.2014 - Chased tablet again via phone - informed it's on it's way still (generic response) I push and then actually informed that my account states I'm not eligible, further investigation shows that my notes are incorrect, these are amended and I'm informed I'll receive contact within 2 weeks outlining tablet delivery info. I also noted about poor speeds still. 05.01.2015 - No contact from VM or tablet so chased tablet again via phone and told exactly the same as previous call however I'll receive contact within a week about the tablet. 07.01.2015 - Services down for around 24 hours. 16.01.2015 - No contact from VM or tablet and phone up and make a formal complaint. Speak with manager and I'm told same as previous calls, tablet is being processed and to 'bear with them', also discuss my slow speeds. I'm advised I'll receive a call back on the 19th from a Ryan who is handling my complaint. 18.01.2015 - I phone VM technical to discuss my slow speeds, I'm advised there are still ongoing issues in my area and 40mbps over wireless is perfectly acceptable, even over a 152mbps line. After phone call I add my own router and play with my settings and channels - My speed increased to approx 100mbps. 22.01.2015 - No contact from VM or tablet. Received a letter stating £4.50 per month increase. Phone up again to make additional complaint, advised the increases will be refunded. Advised the complaint is with the Ryan and I need to await his contact and she can't do anything, she e-mails him for to contact me. 23.01.2015 - E-mail CEO Tom Mockridge with complaint outlining poor customer services, absolutely no responses from VM and my tablet where about. 26.01.2015 - I receive a phone call from the VM CEO office to discuss my complaint, points outlined are tablet whereabouts, poor customer service and why I had to chase constantly for answers. A bit of a discount on next months bill and an upgrade on the tablet was verbally agreed. Call back promised for 2nd Feb. 10.02.2015 - Still no contact or tablet, chased via e-mail for update. 17.02.2015 - Still no contact or tablet, chased via e-mail for update. 24.02.2015 - Still no contact or tablet, chased via e-mail for update. 25.02.2015 - Received e-mail from the CEO office stating they are still looking into it and advised they should have heard by the 2nd February and are looking into different resolution route and will update me with they have an update. 26.02.2015 - I replied via e-mail asking about my upgrade had been processed. 13.03.2015 - Still no contact or tablet, chased via e-mail for update. I have outlined their stated 8 weeks are up and they have until the end of the day to resolve or I take further action. And that's it. According to the VM guidelines I am now eligible to raise this for independent adjudication through CISAS, which I will do at the weekend. I'm ****ed that I've been chasing for all of this time to get absolutely nowhere. From a legal standpoint where am I? Is the tablet actually part of the deal, am I actually eligible for it? Can I cancel the contract or can I push for anything due to the hassle/stress, time spent, inconvenience and not receiving part of my order? I don't want to go through another 6 weeks of CISAS process for nothing. Any advice welcome.
  10. My samsung reference number is ,,,,,,,, I bought my samsung tablet from argos in april 2013 and in january it developed in problem and i had to take it back to argos but they told me the only option i have is to call samsung which i did, i was told instructed to send it back with the self addressed envelope they sent to me few days later. I was told then that it would only take ten working days and if for any reason it could not be fixed they will replace it. However that was not the case because till this day which is over nine months samsung has refused to return my tablet. I have made several efforts by writing to them via email and also sent a registered letter but all to no avail, they only thing they have succeeded in doing is to continue claiming that they have tried to deliver my tablet through dpd. At some point i had to write them telling them that if they really could not deliver my tablet which was quite unlikely, that they can send it to any of their service centre in london and i will be happy to go and collect it as this has really inconvenienced me, but all this falls on deaf ear as they are not not even making any effort to contact me and find a way to send my tablet. i have come to the realization that samsung is a company that has little or no respect for their customers hence the unprofessional behaviour, and obviously has no integrity since i have the option to go to court and make a claim i want to know the best option available for me, is it making a claim through section 75 of the credit act or to take samsung to court directly because to be honest i would like to avoid getting other companies involved. As this is entirely samsung's mess and they should deal with it.
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/heavy-drinkers-to-be-offered-lifesaving-pill-that-helps-reduce-alcohol-consumption-9771600.html
  12. Hello All I bought a HP tablet at full price £120.00 in Jan-2014 from Currys and I noticed issues with the terminals and ports right after about a month. It took me a month only because I had not started using it. I continued using it, even with all the issues ( like having to shake the terminals to fix the connection), as I was busy with my job search and new born baby. By August the battery completely died and I sent it off to Currys who sent it off for repair. They supposedly repaired the tablet but the same issue came back this week. They are now saying that it will be sent back again for repair once again and that they will continue to send for repair uptill an year and after that they will charge me for even such repairs. What can I do for this, legally? MCOL? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  13. Hi, I am not new to the CAG but new to this particular forum. As a living, I repair and maintain computers. Recently, a customer passed to me an Asus Transformer Pad tablet, which she'd purchased from Argos in December 2012. Since she bought it, she has already had it repaired twice and now it has failed a third time and won't power up. In the course of my work, I have to make judgements on whether hardware is worth repairing, given its history and the cost involved. In the case of this tablet, based on its age and the fact that it is now facing a third repair, I would classify it as defective, and then attempt to get some form of compensation for the owner from the retailer, in this case, Argos. I have spoken to Asus themselves who were less than helpful, telling me that my only real option is to have it repaired - again. But as far as I am concerned, a line has been crossed here and I don't see the point of throwing good money after bad. So, my question here really is: do I have any way here of using the Sale Of Goods Act, if I were to take this matter to Argos and demand they do something? I have documentation from the owner to substantiate the repairs, plus there is Asus's service record as well but as I see it, this is far from being clear-cut. If it were my tablet, I would try to get some form of compensation from the original retailer, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any similar experience with computers bought from Argos and how they got on. Thanks.
  14. I want to buy a tablet for my daughter for Xmas but am getting a bit lost with the myriad of options available. She would probably use it to chat/check emails/surf on the go plus as a portable store for course work etc to save lugging a laptop around. She currently uses Windows 7 on her lap top and has an android phone. I was planning on something around the £300 mark but having just browsed on Amazon I might need to revise that upwards. Can someone explain in plain English the relative advantages of the various operating systems and wifi/3G etc? Thanks!
  15. I have been arguing with ASUS for the past few months due to a RMA for my transformer prime. I bought the tablet secondhand so I dont have any warranty from a retailer. However the tablet was in warranty with ASUS when I sent it and ASUS agreed to pick it up and deliver to their service center in the Czech Republic free of charge. I choose to return it because of the screen starting to come loose on the right side of the tablet but I'd also had the weak wi-fi problem, so i was hoping that could be taken care of as well. Both these problems are very common and are pretty much confirmed as manufacturing issues so I believed it would be taken care of by ASUS. After a few weeks with their repairer I get the dreaded CID, meaning customer induced damage. I was really surprised to hear that I was being accused of damaging the tablet as it was in pristine condition apart from a slightly loose screen, so I queried and found out that the tablet had a dented corner. I knew this could not have been caused by me as the tablet was sent undamaged and also packaged very securely. I then asked ASUS for pictures of the damage as I couldn't really believe them saying it was damaged. When they came back to with pictures i was shocked to see that my tablet looked like it had been chucked about a few times with some pretty big dents to the bottom left corners of the tablet and the dock. There were also multiple scratches on the device and the screen was now visibly loose. Luckily i actually took pictures and a video of my tablet just before I had sent it away so I could prove that when I had asked for an RMA and sent the tablet it was still undamaged. After a loads of back and forth with customer support who all assured my that my case was escalated to management, I filed a complaint with ASUS and finally got in touch with a senior employee of ASUS. This dude looked at my case, contacted the repairer to get the full story and finally found out that the damage wasn't from me. He promised that my tablet would be repaired completely and that the cosmetic damage would also be taken care of ASAP. A week later I get a text from DHL saying my tablet has been picked up from SMS Infocom service center and will be delivered soon. I get another text the following morning saying my tablet is out for delivery, which really impressed me as one day delivery from the Czech Republic to Northern Ireland wouldn't have been easy or cheap. Waited in the house for the package and it came in the early afternoon. When I opened it I was once again shocked as I'd received a dented and scratched tablet. I checked the serial number and they all were correct, looked in the box to find repair documents for a TF300 and a set of instruction for a TF101 ? Obviously the repair center didn't bother fixing anything on the tablet and sent me some random documents lying about to fill up the box. Straight away I contact ASUS to tell them what happened, Customer services have no clue as to whats actually going on and it has taken them almost two weeks to look at the video and confirm that nobody even tried to repair it. The loose screen problem is so bad that the top part of the screen doesnt fit in the chassis and pops out from time to time exposing the inside of the tablet.
  16. Hi Guys, was wondering if there's a way to put my mind at rest over this issue. I was bought a lovely little Android Tablet for Christmas from the High Street Retail Chain, "GAME". It has since developed a faulty whereby it wont charge up, and is effectively "dead". I'm taking it back this week for a replacement, as I'm fairly sure this isn't acceptable "wear and tear" or whatever, and even though it was bought in November the fact that it was as part of a "Christmas Promotion" the "Reasonable Time" would start form 25th December, so this has occured within 1 month. I don't have a problem with my rights over replacing it, but I do have a concern over what happens to it when it goes back... It's not got my bank details or anything on their, but it IS linked to my Google Account, and a couple of other items, (PC and Phone). Is there any rule or legislation governing what they get to do with it when I return it? I suppose i can cancel my accounts and start again with new email address, but I have specific cloud accounts and so on where some of my work lives, and it's going to be a PROPER ball-ache to get rid and start from scratch... Any advice?
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