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  1. Thanks again, I'm curious as to what sort of compensation could be asked from ASUS in a situation like this. As I mentioned in the OP, I'm not the original owner as I paid about £300 secondhand under a year ago and the tablet was registered to the original use. ASUS have had the tablet for a very long time now. Part of this was my fault as i was so busy with university so i didnt have the time to chase them up, but i have been in constant contact with them for just under three months now
  2. Cheers mate, Yeah I figured that there would be no really problems with location. What I am unsure of is my right regarding quality of service from ASUS and if compensation should be in order from ASUS' failure to provide me with a repaired tablet.
  3. Alright mate, I have emailed that address a few days ago but it doesn't seem to have done anything as I've not received a response yet. I did get the direct email of the senior employee who helped me with the CID but he seems to have gone AWOL after agreeing to repair it for free. Just wondering what sorts of rights I have in this case as I did buy it secondhand and I cant go all Sales Of Goods Act on whoever sold it to me.
  4. I have been arguing with ASUS for the past few months due to a RMA for my transformer prime. I bought the tablet secondhand so I dont have any warranty from a retailer. However the tablet was in warranty with ASUS when I sent it and ASUS agreed to pick it up and deliver to their service center in the Czech Republic free of charge. I choose to return it because of the screen starting to come loose on the right side of the tablet but I'd also had the weak wi-fi problem, so i was hoping that could be taken care of as well. Both these problems are very common and are pretty much confirmed as manu
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