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  1. Thread resurrection!! So all those years ago I got no where, no response from Idem and their communication just stopped. The defaults remained on my credit file however it's not really affected me in anyway so I've just carried on in my life as normal and to be honest, I forgot about this. Then I receive a letter from someone called CapQuest in relation to Arrow Global Limited. I apparently owe £607.95 and a offer of a settlement figure of £486.36. Yes, this is the old Idem Debt rearing it's head again. I just want it gone and off my credit file, as q
  2. I have spoken to SEAT UK and they are investigating, I should be getting a call back within 24 hours - But I don't think they'll have the power to make the dealer do anything as this is the dealers fault. Who knows!
  3. SEAT UK won't be interested, it's not their responsibility. They'll investigate on my behalf and put pressure - That's all. Don't ask me how I know!
  4. I have x4 written quotes on the proper letter head paper so I'm covered in that respect. I'll be going for the £294 VW dealer (due to the cheaper cost but still being a main dealer). Like for like and if they whine I can say I could have gone for the £637 quote instead. It's the middle of the road price so fully justifiable. It's actually booked in for a week in Thursday already (if in the meantime the original dealer comes to an agreement I can cancel). I'm concerned the timescale is tight, but the door marks are down to bare metal and starting to rust already - I'm not delaying risking more
  5. Thanks! So I've not heard back from the supplying dealer (and I doubt I will). Yesterday I went around lots of bodyshops and got some quotes: Independent 1 - £180 Independent 2 - £360 Main Dealer Seat - £637 Main Dealer VW - £297 I don't trust the 1st quote, seems too cheap and the chap didn't seem too confidence inspiring. The second independent I'd be happy with as the chap talked the talk, but I would lose my 12 years Seat bodywork warranty. Seat Dealer is retail price and the VW is cheap because one of my old friends works there so this is mates rate/cost price.
  6. It's a different car and a different issue, unrelated and almost a year apart..
  7. The second I saw it I knew It'd be he said she said. It's my own fault, I should have insisted on a check prior to dropping off and I should have checked it better when collecting.
  8. Well you say that... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?461048-Dealer-has-damaged-my-car-but-won-t-accept-liability.&p=4871946#post4871946 I'm not having much luck!
  9. Sorry chaps, I thought I put an update up, obviously not! I ended up (with the help of a solicitor) handing the car back, ending the finance and starting a new finance on a Leon FR - A much better car.. We all ended up paying £500 each for the lost £2,000 deposit to put on the Leon. I cut my losses and moved on. Next time I wouldn't mess around and hand the car back from the word go.
  10. Sent my 65 Plate car back to the dealer for some warranty work (dealer fitted spoiler was painted poorly first time around). 3 weeks later I collect the car, I gave it a quick inspection (on a tight dealer forecourt) and it still has runs but better than before - just wanted my car back so settled for it. I drive it straight home, took another good look around the car and found this: Door Damage (2) by Rich Perkins, on Flickr Door Damage (5) by Rich Perkins, on Flickr Door Damage (4) by Rich Perkins, on Flickr I immediately called the dealer, Showroom manager answered and I ex
  11. Where does that put me in regards to wanting a refund (all I want is finance settled and my £2k back)? Any advice on my next steps? I'm considering seeing a solicitor.
  12. The Finance company say it's between the Dealer and Seat UK - They mentioned on the phone that I bought the car off the Dealer an essentially they loaned me the money.
  13. Thanks for the response. I mentioned like for like or cancellation of contract but in the interest of once bitten, twice shy with my current model; negotiation started on a more substantial car. I have already complained to Seat UK and VWFS (on Wednesday). Seat are calling me Monday to discuss and VWFS stated 8 weeks to 'look into it' - I received a letter today from the Finance company saying that it's between Seat and the Dealer and all they can do is look into it and assist (basically). In all cases since my original complaint I have mentioned I have lost faith in the car and in their c
  14. PCP Finance, through VWFS. Off the top of my head I can't fully confirm - I think it was Around £17,000 otr - Minus my £2,000 deposit and dealer contribution which I think was around £1,750.
  15. Hello, War and piece - if you can't be bothered to read see the last two paragraphs. In June 2015 I bought a brand new Seat Ibiza from a Seat Dealer on PCP Finance (Dealer supplied Finance through VWFS). The main reason - I've always had older cars but I was fed up of the maintenance requirements and the time I had to take out for preventative repairs that older cars require. A new car was going to cost me more money, short term and long term; but the privilege of a new, reliable and care free vehicle outweighed any financial impact. This was clearly outlined to the salesman.
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