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  1. Hello, ive just done a system update on my samsung s7 edge did all the usual download, install, now it wont turn back on, tried the reboot procedure but nothing just a blank screen with a flashing blue light top left. Rang customer services and it is still under warranty, then they asked any visible damage, i said a small hairline crack on screen this cancels the warranty, even though the mobile phone worked perfectly for 12 months. Its the update that shut the phone down not the barely visible crack.
  2. hi my daughter purchased from vodaphone ( what a waste of space they are rude and could not be bothered ).. she had a Samsung curve 7 for 3 days and dropped it from about 6" and the screen cracked.... I have looked at their selling adverts and it shows it being bent dropped from height an being bent and not cracking...,. I have contacted them and they said tough cracked screen voids warranty... .that was 8 months ago and the phone worked perfectaly.. .she woke up last Tuesday and the phone was completely dead contacted Samsung and they said take it to their shop in surrey quays which she did... .they said they could not do anything so could not help.... just need to know if it is false advertising and what are her rights.. .thanks paul
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone could advise me here on my next step as I am disgusted by the service I have received from Samsung. I bought a Samsung 8+ from carphone warehouse around 4 month ago for over £800 all of a sudden the volume button jammed, I did not drop it or anything, it just stopped working all of a sudden. I took the phone into my local repair centre who said it would be £40 to fix, but as it is still under warranty to contact Samsung and get it repaired for nothing. This is where the problems started. Firstly they send a courier round to pick the phone up and it does not go to Samsung, it goes to a company they use called Anovo which is based in Norwich. I then get a email a week later saying the repair is not covered under warranty and so it will be £63 to repair, press accept or decline, if you decline the phone will be sent back to you within 48 hours un-repaired. They also sent numerous emails out with mine to others as I got them all, saying the same thing to other customers and the same price to fix. I got a little suspicious with this and googled their name and I have never seen such disgusting reviews for a company in my life. The accusations are constant, saying it's not a problem thats covered under warranty and then people refusing to pay, taking it elsewhere and finding out it is a phone problem, so a blatant attempt at [problem]ming people. Some saying they invented repairs like smashed screens in transit, people refusing to pay and the phone coming back with no crack at all. Phones not been returned at all and Samsung or the company refusing to answer them. Repairs paid for and then returned and the work not being done, phones coming back in a worst state than they were sent, the list is endless with 90% of people giving them 1 star. Google anovo phone repairs and you will see. I obviously refused to pay and asked for my phone to be sent back, this was a week ago and after the promise of 48 hours I got in touch with Samsung through message on Facebook, they have stated my phone is still at the centre !! I then went back to the reviews and a lot of people stated they were waiting weeks or it never came back at all. The reviews also stated they do not answer their phone, I tested this theory out and its true, I have rung numerous times with no answer, Samsung say they can't do anything, even though they told me to use them. Although its only a week, after reading the reviews I have a real fear this phone will be there for weeks/months or I may not get it back at all and if I do it will be worse than when I sent it. I cannot go without a phone for weeks on end, I should not have to. This phone is under warranty and they refuse to fix it, they are keeping hold of the phone for no reason as its still there a week after me demanding they send it back, they refuse to answer the phone, Samsung wont do anything, if it was under contract id cancel my payment, but I bought it outright. Is there anything I can do at this stage? Also what would be the course of action if this phone does take weeks or does not come back at all? Thank you for any advice on this, I am done trying to get help from Samsung and can't get in touch with the repair centre. Paul
  4. Hi guys i need your help, i literally am being mugged off, ive called all samsung departments on numerous occasions, anovo, ive emailed, tried twitter DM's, and im getting a scripted nonsensical explanation! originally i sent my s7 off as it NFC wasnt working properly and it was overheating got the first reply from the service centre on the 11th, said the phone was out of warranty repair and they cant address the issue till i pay them to get it fixed, i said no to their repair as i wanted to get it repaired locally in my shopping centre, after i thought about it i figured it would be safer to do it with samsung direct going forward, i resent it in on 19 Jul i received the follow up literally saying exactly the same as the first mail, im trying to attach a screenshot but cant To summarise, this is what i wrote to them via post; To whom it may concern So, I've been loyal to you for years now, my entire family only uses samsung, tablet devices, phones, televisions, as do my business partners and close freinds, ive converted everyone over from Apple, and today i really got my "thanks" 2 weeks ago, my galaxy s7 developed issues with its NFC and it started overheating, so, i sent in my phone for repair, and they tell me "your phone has damage which isn't covered under warranty, attached is a screenshot" it was the email attached, of the back of the phone being cracked, as you can see, they are clearly referring to the crack on the glass. So i pay the money and then don't hear back for a few days, then i receive an email saying my order is on its way, so i call your incompetent Anovo repair team (who if you google have appalling customer ratings, its quite embarrassing actually) and they tell me my device is "beyond repair due to its expenses to replace the main board which has fried" so, now they are telling me, the overheating issue is due to the board, but it is to expensive to repair under warranty, now, the mainboard is an INTERNAL issue with the phone, not an external problem cause my accident damage therefore, it is irrelevant of the cost, it is a manufacturing default that the phones circuiting has resulted in it to overheat and fry yet your employees keep telling me that the phone is out of warranty due to the cracked class, i don't understand this logic? so with a car, if it has an outside crack, the manufacturers garage will tell them "we know you have engine issues but since you have a crack outside on the car we cant do anything" this is truly repulsive and shows how out of touch your company has become from reality, you are literally not taking responsibility for your phones fault and deterring the core issue and passing it on to myself and saying the issue is the cracked back it is irrelevant of the cost of the internal part, manufactures warranty covers the internal parts of the phone failing im truly sad and hurt at the service ---------- i cannot attach the screenshot it keeps saying "error red font" i cant even photo a external link to the image, it says im too new a member... they did refund the money i paid for the crack but thats not the issue! they are not addressing the internal issue and using the external as some sort of justification for not fixing my phone, thats literally what the phone support told me, and she said she checked with her manager and " they cant do anything as its out of warranty damage and they wont look to replace it" SINCE WHEN WAS AN INTERNAL COMPONENT OF A PHONE NOT SOMETHING COVERED FROM WARRANTY i dont know who else to talk to, i dont have a phone anymore and they wont help me at all... phone was given from samsung directly not a retailer
  5. Hi , nasty taste left in mouth by Samsung. Whilst cooking, i used my S8 as a timer, as per normal. multiple timers set, and running. turned round to check time, and the screen was flashing like mad. A crack was developing before my eyes. A phone call to Samsung sent me to their Romford "customer care" centre where i was told i had dropped it The phone is not yet 2 months old. I was told that screen damage invalidated the warrantee, and also refused a second opinion, as 3 "engineers" had already looked at it. cost of repair is approx £350, after 1.5 months use am i right in thinking that it had a fault inherrent since manufacture, and that should be the route i take? The phone was bought via carphone warehouse, on an EE contract. EE contract appears to state the the phone is owned for the first 6 months by the company i purchased it from, so should it be carphone warehouse i approach with this issue? leaves a really nasty taste in my mouth, i suspect it is CPW that i need to go for, but they have been phenomenal to me over the past 12 years- would be much better if i was able to go directly to Samsung At time of purchase with CPW i also bought a "gear4" protective casing for the phone, and it has lived in it ever since. It was not a cheap case either Please help Kind regards iain
  6. Bough a Samsung Washer Dryer from AO.com November 2015. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Bought using AO's finance to be paid over 2 years. So 6 months warranty and 6 payments left. A few months ago the dryer started becoming less and less effective. It has also started vibrating badly despite my efforts to relevel it. Then 2 weeks ago half way through a wash it stopped with an error leak sensor detetor. Water trickles out from under the machine and it won't work. Phoned Samsung on the Friday and they sent a 3rd party engineer out on the Wednesday. Engineer says the detergent drawer has been slowly leaking probably from new. There is extensive rust inside the machine and limescale all over everything. Externally the machine still looks like new. The dryer motor is only getting half voltage which has damaged it. Probably due to water going all over the motherboard which also needs replacing. The pressure switch needs replacing. The pump / sump is leaking and needs replacing. The struts have been rubbing against the concrete block and the rubber has completely worn away causing the vibrating. He wanted to order in all these parts from the Netherlands and come back to fix it. I said no I want a new machine, especially as the rusty chassis can't be replaced. Engineer was understanding and said they have to send a report off to Samsung for authorisation and that's the last we heard. He also left the machine in the middle of the room and when I went to move it back I realised its because all the vinyl tile floor underneath is ruined. Where do I go from here? We've had no working machine for 2 weeks now and it's driving us crazy. We are using laundrettes and family but it's starting to get costly and extremely inconvenient. We have 2 young kids and a puppy. We got the most expensive machine on the market at £1100 because we expected reliability and for the big drum size. To be fair the first year it was fantastic my wife says its the best thing we ever bought. This is half a rant and half a what should my next steps be to get this resolved asap? Many thanks
  7. It's been a while! Hi all! Unfortunately this is not a good an outcome as my previous thread related to Samsung. The background is, my relative was given a phone by its original owner because it would randomly freeze and reboot. This problem sounded software-like in symptoms i tried various firmware versions (official samsung firmwares). The symptoms interrupted the flashing process at times also. It was sent off to Samsung after I realised it was still under warranty, who returned it unrepaired as apparently the phone had been "rooted". The phone has not been rooted by me, no custom software has been flashed (only official Samsung firmwares) - using both Smart Switch and the (leaked) Odin. Newer Samsung devices have a one-time-set value which will set itself when it detects apparent "rooting" or unofficial firmware images being flashed. I have spoken to Samsung a fair bit, but so far the answer has always been the same. The latest person I spoke to was adamant that the phone did not have official Samsung software on it (even though in their own repair centre picture it stated: System Status: Official and Binary: Samsung). I have read a bit online, (FSFE) and unfortunately I think I know the answer - that my relative has no legal rights as he was not the original purchaser - and therefore we are out of luck. Is there anything I have missed? I am going to write a final letter to them, and I will then leave it at that. I did look for CEO contact details but all emails bounce. Quite disappointed in Samsung to be honest!
  8. Hi everyone I have had a samsung s7 edge for just under 12months approx 2 weeks ago, the screen went funny and the phone would not do anything at all, the phone had not been dropped or bashed about. I rang a few places about the problem and the average cost to replace a screen is approx £270, unfortunately I do not have phone insurance. One guy told me to ring Samsung as the phones have a 2 year warranty with them. I rang Samsung and explained everything and they were very helpful and arranged for the phone to be picked up so that they could look at and if the problem was a manufacturing problem they would fix it and if not, they would give me a quote to fix it. today they have returned the phone unfixed and in a worse state than what it was when I sent it. They sent a letter with it saying it did not come under the manufacturing warranty and that they have tried to contact me with a quote to fix it but I have apparently said I did not want to pay for it fixing. They have never contacted me with a quote. The phone came back in a tightly packed box and when I got it out of the box, there was no back on the phone, it was loose. I rang customer services who said that the back should not have been taken off and gave me another telephone number to ring. I rang the number and they said that the fault was a cracked lcd screen to which I said the screen wasn't cracked and they said it could have easily been done by it being in my pocket but my phone has always been in a leather case. They said that they did not take the back off the phone, it must have been done in transit and to ring customer services for a in transit claims form. I told them it was not done in transit as there are finger prints and glue marks on the back of the phone where someone has taken the back off. The phone was tightly sealed in transit, there was no way the back could have come off. Their answer was to take some photo's and send them to an email. I know I am never going to win a company like Samsung, but the phone is now in a worse state than it was before I gave it to them, and they have lied over contacting me and lied about taking the back off the phone. I have taken photo's of the finger marks and glue on back of the phone and the box it came in, but I was just wondering what to say to them when I write to them. Is there anything I need to put across to them. I am absolutley livid that a company like Samsung can behave like this and also gutted about my phone as what they are saying is that the fault is down to me which is unbelievable as its always in a case and has never been dropped. Thank you Alamand
  9. I brought the 49ks7000 on Black Friday for when i move house (still not moved yet) & have kept it boxed up till recently to check if it worked. At the weekend i hooked my computer up to the TV and noticed a small white dot (a few pixels in size) on the screen when the computer boots up and displays a black background. I just assumed it was a bit of fluff or something on there, last night i noticed it again on boot up and had a closer look and It seems to be a tiny chip less than a millimeter. As long as I've had it nothing has impacted on the TV at all or anything at all to cause this, it has to be on the TV in the first hand or been a defect. I'm just annoyed a didn't spot it sooner! I'm wondering if i have a leg to stand on in getting it replaced/repaired by currys under warranty and if not what i can do (if anything). I still have all the box packaging and all the plastic protecting is still on the TV apart from the screen. Thanks for any help!!
  10. Hi everyone , I will try to keep this thread to the point and as short as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Contract with Vodafone , I think the contract is about 5 months old and the mobile phone developed a fault that would not allow the phone to charge. Being under warranty: I contacted Samsung who arranged a collection on Thursday 5th of January 2017 using UPS Courier. On the 9th ANOVO (Samsung repair Centre) Horrendous reviews : https://www.yell.com/biz/anovo-uk-ltd-norwich-7746761/ http://www.192.com/atoz/business/norwich-nr6/mobile-phone-repairs/a-novo-uk-ltd/9968b8cc-c30a-4982-9fc3-5da74d6773eb/ugc/ It had taken them 2 Weeks just to even look at the phone and I was informed my phone was liquid damaged at the charging port. A full engineers report on request was not issued to myself however I did end up getting a written summary stating the following : "The first observation of our engineer was that the device is in worn condition. No cracks on the LCD or back glass were visible. No physical or liquid damage to the device was detected. The LDI is not activated on your IP68 rated device. The USB connector is contaminated with dirt and dust and green liquid residue is also visible. Liquid contamination may be transferred from charging cable. The cable is not waterproof." The repair centre's summary report then go on to say : "The Engineer has reported the device is repairable" Bare in mind the S7 Edge Phone is IP68 Rated - Water resistant can uphold 30 minutes of 1.5 metre in water. Apparently I had water on my charging cable causing S7 Edge to fry the charging port without any "moisture detected" warning which is a feature in the phone that should stop any charge to the phone to prevent the charging port getting fried. I requested the return of my phone which had taken 1 and a half weeks to receive. So now its been 3 1/2 , The condition I had received my phone is was horrifying, the back glass panel of the phone was hanging off, their was glue hanging out of the phone and their was a missing chunk of glass from the corner of my phone. ...... I have attached images. Their was also a letter saying my phone was not repaired due to it being out of warranty and that the phone would not be possible to be repaired as it is uneconomical repairable. I immediately called Samsung regarding this who raised a damaged in transit case with ANOVO and I was advised because ANOVO had used the wrong courier to return my phone out it was nothing to do with Samsung even though they arranged the repair? So now I am stuck dealing with Anovo about this which I think is wrong? After several times of sending my images to Anovo, they finally raised the issue with DPD and sent through a claim form. From here I have contacted DPD who have said ANOVO have claimed for £630 worth of damages and that it has been credited to ANOVO's Account? I have then contacted Anovo who have no information but that the investigation team is dealing despite DPD saying they have credited their account ? Anovo still say this will take 28 Days. I am being passed from pilla to post from DPD to ANOVO to SAMSUNG and back again nobody has a clue what has happened in my case and I speak to someone different all the time. It started off as a product lesion case with Samsung who do not have a contact number. I am on hold for Hours on a daily basis trying to sort this out as I am going away soon and I want my S7 Edge back for the holiday. It has been a nightmare from the start and I would not recommend Samsung or ANOVO to anyone, I have even gave a 2nd engineer to look at my phone who insists it not the charging port that is the fault when in fact it is the battery for the phone, he had tested the phone on a wireless charger dock and the phone still does not charge. so the engineer's report is IMO wrong too So all in all a conclusion : I still have no mobile phone and it looks like this is going to be for pretty much 2 Months +. Does anybody know if their is anything I can do to try and resolve this any quicker its is really getting frustrating for me dealing with all these clowns. Regards Craig
  11. Hi all! First time posting so apologies for any mistakes or customs i dont adhere to. My Samsung S7 worked like a dream up until about two months ago when it started freezing. Now at the time i put it down to a faulty app (Spotify being the only one i had recently installed back then i assumed it was that) i deleted the app done a cache wipe the usual recommended steps. as the weeks went by it started happening more and more frequently until last monday when my phone would not turn on at all it just kept getting stuck on the SAMSUNG logo screen. it would get to there .heat up really bad shut off and repeat until the battery died. On the rare 5 minute occasion i did get the phone on it would shut off with a purple line across the screen. F Since i only got my phone last April it was still under warranty i arranged with samsung for the repair , they came collected etc got the phone back today and on the repair sheet it said out of warranty repair not completed ( i have attached an image of the sheet they gave me). I rang samsung and the lady i spoke to said that the reason the phone is out of warranty is because of the scratch on the front and back of phone (see attached images) and that it if i paid £210 they would repair and restore my warranty. My issue is that the scratch on the front and crack on the back glass would not have been what has made the phone break infact i got those scratches and cracks last summer months before any issues surfaced. Any advice on how to procede with this? I feel like they have just took any easy way out of repairing it because they dont expect me to contest it with them. Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me!
  12. I purchased a 49" Samsung TV in 18 June 2016. The TV is wall mounted. Whilst watching it 26 Dec the TV suddenly had a 2" black stripe on the left side and the bottom, and a diagonal internal crack line. When I called Samsung service they said they'd call back in 5-7 days. They did not. I then called to enquire on progress. They said a service centre would send out engineer to assess the physical damage and I may have to pay for the repair. I said I would not pay for any repair as it is a warranty issue. After no contact I called again and was given the number of the service centre, for me to call. The service centre then said Samsung should be arranging this, otherwise I have to pay £80+VAT call out. When I called Samsung back, they fobbed me off completely, saying that I had damaged the screen (even though no one has even looked at it) they have now voided my warranty. This is absolutely dispicable behaviour from any company, let alone Samsung. The TV cost £1400, so no trivial sum. I am really disgusted at how poor Samsung's service and attitude is. The service Ref number is >>>>>>>>> Also contacted Richer Sounds who I bought it from, and got the same response there - 'we can quote you a repair or a price for a new TV'. Astounded as we've not done anything to it - the screen developed an internal crack in its own. After consulting a solicitor who was also shocked, he suggested writing to the Chief Executive of Samsung and giving him/her 7 days to replace it or I will gladly initiate legal proceedings. It's the principle of being accused of damaging my own TV (which I haven't) which has really annoyed me. I am an engineer and I am well aware that something can fail with heat and from material flaws - not just from an impact that could cause external damage. There is no external damage. The policy is obviously to take your money and then fob off the customer and say they've damaged their own TV. Do Samsung care? Can anyone else offer any further advice?
  13. Hi guys, Hope you can give me some advice but I fear I may have already lost any chance with this. I bought a New Samsung S6 Mobile Phone from a retailer (no contract) about 6 months ago. The USB charging port developed a fault I took it back to the shop who insisted that as it was over 30 days I must deal directly with Samsung. I realise now that this advice is wrong! I sent my phone off to the Samsung Service Centre after 3 weeks I eventually got a call to say that because it had a small scratch on the casing the warranty is void and I would have to pay £200 for the repair. The scratch is purely cosmetic and has nothing to do with the USB charging issue. As I was desperate for the my phone I foolishly paid. I've told my friends and they say I have been fobbed off by both the retailer and by Samsung and I feel very embarrassed and upset. Is there anything I can do at this stage for me to get refunded?
  14. Hi all, I'm really at a loss as to what my rights are...I will try and keep it brief, My Samsung Galaxy s6 developed an issue with the battery, i contacted samsung customer service who arranged for UPS to collect it and take it to a company called ANOVO, this company messed about for two weeks telling me they couldnt get 3 parts they needed, I asked to make an official complaint, I was told that the following day someone would call me back, they never called backs I called samsung, who then hit me with the news that ANOVO had just declared my phone was now beyond economical repair due the water damage(just want to say here that is bull poop). The following day my phone turned up at a local store for collection. Now I am gutted as the phone screen is smashed in pieces. I phone samsung and report this, they then say it must be damage in transit d they will get back to me with wah to happen next The following morning UPS turn up and ask my wife for the phone, they took it away after a few weeks of me pestering samsung I am told that I don't have a claim because there is no sign of damage to the packaging (BUT) I have the original packing still, they never asked my wife for it when then turned up. I asked samsung to relay this info to them, which samsung did but UPS said I've no claim because the case has been going on too long. OK so that's it so far, can anyone help please?.
  15. I bought a Samsung 32" LCD Smart TV from Littlewoods back in November (ish) 2013. After just 3/4 months, the TV developed a fault, sound but no picture and had to be repaired under warranty for a faulty inverter. Now, not even 3 years old and it's gone again, same fault, sound but no picture/black screen. Phoned littlewoods, won't help, phoned Samsung, won't help. Although it wasn't a majorly expensive purchase, it was still over £300 and it didn't even last 3 years. Is there anything I can do? TIA
  16. I bought a Samsung washing machine (WF1124XAC) in January 2012 and got a 5 year warranty with it. It broke down in September 2013; the drum was bouncing/banging around. After several failed 'repairs', Samsung agreed to take it away and paid for a new machine, which I received in December 2013. The replacement washing machine now has a '3E' error intermittently displaying which is a motor defect; the drum will attempt to rotate (during washing or spinning cycles) but doesn't. It attempts to do this, fails, waits 5 minutes and then attempts again. Sometimes the drum will rotate and sometimes '3E' is displayed. I don't want to have this machine anymore, 2 have failed within about 18 months from new and I no longer trust Samung washing machines. The machine is still under warranty. What are my options with regard to dealing with Samsung? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  17. Good Evening Folks, Looking for some advice about whether or not I can actually get anything back from Samsung for their totally unacceptable customer service. To save me re-explaining to you guys, here is a copy of the email I have just sent to their complaints department. See what you think: Good Evening, I would like to make a formal complaint against the terrible customer service I have received. Around a month ago I contacted Samsung regarding a fault with my Galaxy Note 4 and the camera. The person I spoke to arranged for my phone to be picked up and repaired, I expressed concern that I wanted my phone for a holiday I was going on and the person promised me that the phone would be repaired and returned to me within 5 days. I have this in writing. I had not received my phone back, nor had any contact from anyone at Samsung or the repair centre. All correspondence up until this moment had been via email so I assumed it would remain like this. I contacted Samsung using the online live chat option. Session ID:- 6033078. In which the representative Taj told me that my phone had been repaired, was fully functioning and awaiting shipment back to me. To confirm the date I would receive the device he advised me to contact the repair centre directly. I then proceeded to ring the repair centre, who then informed me that my phone actually had not been repaired, and could not be repaired. So I was misinformed by your online chat representative. There was also no contact from anyone at Samsung regarding the fact my phone could not be repaired. The repair centre claimed they tried to contact me, however they said they tried to contact me on my own personal number, how could I answer this, when my phone was at their repair centre. I provided no other number to contact me on because I was never asked to do so. All previous communication had been via email, so I assumed that is how they would contact me again, they did not. Had I not been constantly pestering for information it could’ve been even longer before I eventually found out my phone was unfixable. The repair centre said they then contacted Samsung and advised to get in touch with me for an Alternative Resolution, which again, they did not. I had to contact the alternative resolution team. They provided me with a list of resolutions that were not acceptable. They would not provide me with a replacement of a galaxy note 4 again, the phone I had purchased and want. They offered me, an S6 edge, a phone over a year old or a refund of the current market value of the phone, which would leave me losing money and paying for a phone I did not have, so this was not an acceptable resolution either. They then proceeded to offer me a Samsung S7, an offer I reluctantly accepted as I felt I had no other choice. I wanted a Note 4 again. I asked for the S7 in Black, something again they refused to provide me with. They told me that the replacement would be with me within 7 days. It has not arrived. I also asked that they put all of this information in an email to me so I had proof and so I knew what was going on. They promised they would do this after the phone conversation. Again. This was not the case, I have received no email, and no confirmation that my phone was unrepairable so Samsung were sending me an S7. As a result I have tonight contacted Samsung through the online chat option again, Session ID:- 6161560 asking for information on what was actually going on. The same representative from the first time was on the other line and apologised for what had happened, but it was still unacceptable. He advised me that the phone had been issued on the 20th July and yet I still haven’t received it. Considering my phone was picked up at the beginning of July and I was promised it back WITHIN 5 days, this is completely unacceptable that Samsung have taken this long to provide me with a replacement phone. Especially as it was a manufacturers fault with the camera in the first place and not my own. Considering how much of a prestigious company Samsung is I am disgusted at the level of service I have received, which is very unfortunate because until now, I have loved and purchased many Samsung Products over the last 9 years. In light of the fact that: - The phone broke through a manufacturers fault - I was promised my phone (or a direct replacement) back within 5 days and did not receive this - Was contacted through no means, at all to be given information from Samsung regarding my repair - When I contacted Samsung I was given misinformation and told my phone had been repaired, despite the fact it hadn’t - When I tried to come to an alternative resolution, I was basically forced into a resolution I wasn’t happy with because it was the “best of a bad bunch” of options. - They couldn’t provide me with the phone I wanted - They couldn’t even provide me with the COLOUR I wanted, something that surely makes no difference to Samsung whether it’s black or not, why is this not an option - This has been going on for almost a month - I still haven’t received the phone (S7) that was supposed to have arrived already I am deeply saddened that this has been the outcome, as previously mentioned I was in love with Samsung products and often promoted them to friends and family, but as a result of this customer service I have received I do not think I will be buying Samsung products again. If you search the internet for Samsung customer service reviews it amazed me to find that this was the case an awful lot. Such a prestigious company, should have a far better customer service. I believe Samsung should provide me with some sort of compensation, or offer to “make it up to me” for this terrible customer service and the multiple issues mentioned throughout this email. This is not what I expected from one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I look forward to your response Regards Do you guys think I was cheeky asking for anything, and do you know of anyone ever receiving anything for the terrible customer service they have received? Thanks in advance Kind Regards V
  18. in the past I was total apple iphone only upto the 6 I would replace both my handset's every year with question until they released the 6 so thin it looked liked the camera was superglued on the back such a bad handset (hopefully the new one will be better) I always buy my phones second hand to save on money, in the past I have purchased an iphone that got network blocked, I took the handset back to apple who told me the phone was blacklisted in the UK but not to worry and promptly replaced the phone with another without any questions what so ever so a few days ago my wife's Samsung S7 edge came up with emergency calls only spoke to samsung live help (which were of no help at all) took the phone down to stoke (100 miles round trip) Samsung took the phone in and told me give us an hour to check it out, got a text telling me the phone is all sorted now, went to collect the phone to see the same fault, the advisor there then checked on a free website http://www.imeipro.info/ and told me phone was blacklisted, if I have any other problems feel free to go back and see her... Apple simply replaced and keep your phone working through out the warranty period, Samsung just didn't care
  19. Hi all, I had an interesting message pop up last night on all our Samsung TVs to say Skype is being discontinued and basically it will be uninstalled by June 2016. All of them are fairly new in the house and the main one - a 55" curved was bought specifically with Skype in mind as we do use it a fair bit. Where do we stand on this? Essentially, the TV is sold as "Skype ready" I guess- clearly it is not. And if it was sold on that basis that you could skype and no longer can, surely it is no longer fit for purpose? There is a lot of noise about this on various forums but I could not find any legal point of views Thanks in advance
  20. The onwards and upwards march of the ad blocker continues http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35460785 Once again, like most of you, I hate the intrusion of ads while I'm trying to use my computer or my telephone. On the face of it, these ad blockers should be welcomed by all consumers. However, the people who will really be laughing are the banks, retailers, debt collectors, payday lenders et cetera who will be pleased to see the Consumer Action Group struggle and have difficulty paying its bills so that its very existence is endangered. This forum like tens of thousands of small hobby and enthusiast forums all over the world count on the small amount of advertising revenue to keep their heads above water and to pay their bills. We have hundreds of thousands of people who come to us every year and either simply benefit by reading all the advice and all the experience on this website or who actually get involved in discussions and ask the questions and get the help they need to stand up to the bullying and unfair treatment which is handed out every day by the companies that we all have to deal with. If this forum goes out of existence, those hundreds of thousands of ordinary individuals will lose and the companies that treat them so badly and which dominate them every day will win. If you have a choice, please don't use ad blockers – not only for this forum – but for all the small websites everywhere and for all the ordinary individuals who use them – everywhere – for every kind purpose. If you feel that you do have to use ad blockers, then maybe you should consider making a donation to the site – maybe not just once, maybe on a regular basis. We do our best to help you – but we can't do it alone. We need you to help us
  21. Hi would appreciate any advice if possible. Purchased new mobile with o2 in April 2015. Providers warranty 12 months Manufacturers warranty 24 months Noticed cracked appearing on LCD screen on phone. Spoke to o2 customer services explaining in detail problem and was I covered under my warranty. Told unless there was any physical signs of damage including water damage or tampering then yes it would be. Arranged for item (at my own expense as wanted it tracked) to be sent to o2 repair centre. Well today I received the following replies. Hello, Your handset has successfully reached our repair centre. Before any fault diagnosis and warranty repair is conducted, our Repair Centre must ensure the device is within warranty condition as specified by your manufacturer, Samsung. Unfortunately your handset has been deemed out of warranty due to: CRACKED LCD With the warranty now void, the cost of a full repair or reconditioned replacement is £85.99 incl. VAT which can be added to your next month?s bill. Alternatively if you have O2 insurance on your account you may be able to make an insurance claim. Please request the return of your device un-repaired then contact O2 Customer Services if you wish to make a claim. If you choose to decline the quotation we will be able to return the handset back to you without repair. Please reply to this email confirming your choice. We aim to reply to you within 48hrs, though this will usually be on the same day. If you prefer to call customer services, please dial 202 free from an O2 Pay Monthly handset or 03448090202 from a landline (Standard UK Rates apply). Kind regards, O2 Returns & Repairs http://www.o2.co.uk/o2repairs hank you for your reply. We are sorry you are disappointed by this outcome. When handsets are sent for repair, all manufacturers request accredited repair centres to conduct an inspection of the device to ensure it is within warranty condition. This is part of the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions and must be done prior to any fault diagnosis being carried out. Due to this all certified engineers must look for any of the following signs before conducting any repair: • A non-approved repair centre has opened the phone. • The mobile phone has been damaged. • The mobile phone has been used incorrectly. • Liquid contamination is diagnosed on the device. • The IMEI sticker is damaged, removed or torn. • Warranty period has expired. Please note the above list is not exhaustive. In the case of your handset, the OCTA LCD Panel has been cracked. This component is internal to the device and is usually the result of excessive pressure, twisting or bending being applied to the handset, which to the naked eye can look fine, however on the inside it has caused the failure of the aforementioned component. As Samsung consider that damage has been diagnosed to the device, the warranty they offer is now void. In order for any faults to be inspected, the damage would require to be repaired first of all, this action would in turn restore the warranty allowing for all reported faults to be investigated and resolved. Unfortunately O2 has no jurisdiction over these terms of warranty, if damage is diagnosed on any of our customers devices, they will all each be contacted with similar quotations for repair or replacement. Please reply if you would like to proceed or request return of the device un-repaired. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Good Afternoon, Thank you for your email. Our repair centre is fully accredited by Samsung to carry out their repairs. In order to remain fully compliant, they must follow Samsung Warranty Terms and Conditions. For full details on their warranty, please contact Samsung, however brief information on their terms can be found here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/warranty/ Also in our last email we advised that LCD damage is usually the result of bending etc. We did not state that was what happened with your handset. Our repair is unable to specify the exact cause of the damage found as they were ultimately not in possession of the device when the crack occurred. Finally it is not necessary to advise of all of your options regarding getting your handset repaired. As our repair centre acts in full accordance with Samsung, their diagnosis and outcome would be the same. If however you are wishing for a second opinion on the diagnosis done or to raise a dispute with your warranty rights / product quality, we can arrange for the handset to be returned un-repaired which will allow you to arrange a repair with Samsung direct. Please reply if you wish for the handset to be returned or if you wish to proceed with repair. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Now I am somewhat concerned with their diagnosis as I have in no way dropped or tampered with the item. If this had been the case I would not have bothered sending it back to o2 as I have no insurance and would have been a complete waste of time. Is it worth complaining under the sales of goods act if covered or do I just accept their findings and pay for the repairs ? Has anyone encountered a similar situation and what was the outcome. Thanks
  22. Hi there, just after a little bit of advice my friend Sally has been having loads of problems dealing with Samsung after buying a £170 TV and trying to get her £30 Cashback. Btw the TV was bought from Pc world although this is of minor relevance in the matter. She has been on the phone and emailing in total utilising about 7 hours to no avail. I advised her to email the CEO and ask for compensation for not having been giving her rightful £30 VAT money back. The Senior customer services chap from exec office has now responded and said that the cheque will be issued, wheter this will materialise is anyone's guess! However he has said he will be unable to offer compensation. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to chase up the compensation bearing in mind Samsung have been giving Sally the run-around for 4 months, and its more than likely she is not the only one this has happened to! Look forward to any advice and have a lovely day. Best regards BB
  23. When Microsoft MVP Patrick Barker tried to help a user with a computer problem, he stumbled across something curious. Windows Update kept randomly being disabled. Was malware at work, turning off Windows Update to prevent Microsoft patches and security updates from being installed? No, malware wasn't to blame. It was Samsung. Barker discovered that Samsung's SW Update software was downloading and running a file with the unambiguous name of Disable_Windowsupdate.exe. Read More especially the chat with the Samsung Rep at the bottom It is recommended this is reported to Microsoft as malware.
  24. Hi, In October 2012 I purchased an American style double door fridge freezer from John Lewis for £705.00 with a two year warranty. For some time now it has been leaking water and getting so bad that it is leaving a large puddle on my kitchen floor. I read somewhere that it is possible to ask the original supplier for a free of charge repair, despite the fact that the warranty has expired, on the grounds that it is reasonable to have expected it to last longer than it has given the price paid. Today I have telephoned John Lewis to explain my situation, they said they were unable to help as the warranty had expired but did suggest I telephone the manufacturer, Samsung, to see if they would be prepared to help. I have tried to do that but they are closed. I intend trying them again at a later date but in the meantime could someone tell me where I stand legally so that I am armed with the correct information when I make the call. Many Thanks.
  25. Hi, I've had a Samsung UE40F6200AK for 11 months - in that 11 months I've had the same fault appear twice. The first time it appeared I rang Samsung and without a bat of an eyelid they arranged for an engineer to come out and repair it. Now that I think about it I expect this was a common fault as they didn't question it. The first fault happened after about 4 months. The latest fault, exactly the same as the first happened over the weekend. In both cases I get a darker horizontal bar appear, I can still see what the picture is but it's darker as though a "light" behind the screen has failed. My first question is, should I receive a warranty on the parts they're replacing? Secondly, what rights do I have as a consumer that's had the same part fail twice within the first year of owning the TV? In the first instance they replaced the LCD display as it seems this is not serviceable, I expect them to do exactly the same this time. Thanks in advance, Pete
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