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  1. I've just done that. See if they get back to me any time this month. Thanks
  2. Littlewoods are useless. The TV engineer sent me their findings in an email, with the costs of repairing in a separate email. I forwarded both of these over to littlewoods after a week they came back with a reply stating that they're still waiting for the report in PDF format. They never at any point asked for the report to be in PDF format and should they have asked for it in that format I would have originally asked the engineer to prepare the report in PDF format. the engineer just wrote me an email explaining the reported fault and their findings which inclu
  3. I originally phoned Littlewoods who told me to contact the manufacturers and get it repaired under warranty. I'm sorry now that I didn't insist on a replacement with a different model as it seems that Samsung TV's are not very reliable and this fault is common with the LED TV's. I would never purchase another one.
  4. The TV repair shop that repaired the TV under warranty is probably the most local to me although its still a good 15 miles away. Should I request them collect it and expect them to pay for that as well? What will be the chances of them finding that it's a manufacturing fault? I don't know a lot about TV's but it's strange that it's had this same fault twice. Surely that in itself proves that it was faulty from just a few months old. Knowing my luck they'll say it's wear and tear lol
  5. I sent the email last night through the online customer portal for complaints and received the following reply: Dear Miss ........, Thank you for contacting us about your Samsung UE32F5300 32" Full HD TV. I'm sorry to hear that the item has developed a fault. Due to the age of this item, we can only offer to help you if the fault is shown to be a manufacturing defect. In compliance with the Sales of Goods act I need you to provide evidence that the fault is the result of a manufacturing defect. Therefore could you please obtain an independent engineer's report outl
  6. No sorry, I read somewhere on here someone else said 6 years. I've put this together so far, it's short but didn't want to waffle on. I purchased a Samsung 32" TV from littlewoods in approx November 2013. After just 4 months, the TV had to have a repair under warranty due to a faulty inverter. The TV has again developed the same fault and is now useless, therefore, I would like it repaired Free of charge by Littlewoods under the Sale of Goods Act as I believe it is not of satisfactory quality and has not lasted a reasonable length of time.
  7. I've read through the CRA link that you provided but still non the wiser on what to say when I write to them. Is there any sort of template letter's that I could use? I couldn't see anything in the Laws that refer to TV's having to last 6 years and I don't want to make a mistake and write something that is incorrect. Thanks
  8. Thanks for reply and Ok, any ideas on what I can write? Sorry I'm rubbish with putting things into writing. Just need help with SOGA laws etc and how to approach the subject in an email. I have dates of when TV was repaired and the fault etc. Do you think that the TV having the same fault twice will strengthen my case?
  9. I already phoned them they completely fobbed me off with some gibberish on how I didn't have extended warranty so they couldn't help me. Suppose it's to be expected. What would my next plan of action be? Don't think a phone call is going to cut it as Littlewoods thinks that good customer service is an Indian/Asian call centre who even though could speak perfect english, could not converse and I had to repeat myself over and over. Was very frustrating. Email??
  10. I bought a Samsung 32" LCD Smart TV from Littlewoods back in November (ish) 2013. After just 3/4 months, the TV developed a fault, sound but no picture and had to be repaired under warranty for a faulty inverter. Now, not even 3 years old and it's gone again, same fault, sound but no picture/black screen. Phoned littlewoods, won't help, phoned Samsung, won't help. Although it wasn't a majorly expensive purchase, it was still over £300 and it didn't even last 3 years. Is there anything I can do? TIA
  11. I know Andy but I'm not sure this judge would have struck out this report even on application as he said he had the power to allow it anyway and said that it was a very important part of the evidence. It was all the claimant had, without this report he had nothing. If the judge had have bothered to read through the claimants Mechanical Data and facts documents then he would have seen that it was almost word for word. What really pees me off is that this man who wrote the report is defo a friend of the claimant and that report was very very biased and not very professionally wrote. This is
  12. Complete joke, to think we've had to pay for that report too, considering the court never far permission and we didn't even get informed about it we still had to pick up the bill of £250 even though it probably went it claimants back pocket, as the invoice looked as though it'd been typed on same computer as all his tripe. Funny how the report was even in the same font too lol pathetic really but I'm a great believer in karma and what goes around comes around etc. We can hold our heads up high knowing we've done everything by the book and not had to invent evidence to back anything up. Just
  13. On way back from court and my dad lost :/ the hearing was a total farce, they were running half hour late because court usher sent the claimant for a coffee. Basically the judge probably spent the half hour reading the 'expert report' and allowed it and said that he was basing the whole claim on that report. He said he doubts it was biased even though the claimant probably knew him. The judge wasn't interested really in anything we had to say. He accepted that we were not afforded the opportunity to repair the vehicle so knocked 25% off the court costs. TOTAL FARCE!!! On a more positive n
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