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  1. Hi. 8 weeks ago we ordered a new 3 pc suite from DFS. It was delivered today and we have a few issues we are not happy with. First one is that we ordered a 3 seater sofa and at the time were debating on a reclining one which had 3 seperate seat pads however opted to go without. we ordered a fixed 3 seater sofa which the sales man told us would be the same with three pads. Today it has turned up as a 3 seater with just 2 pads which is not what we wanted or ordered. When i checked online the dimensions photo shows 3 seperate pads and there are no 3 seater options with 2 pads advertised. Secondly the colour which is supposed to be grey ( as it says on the swatch in store) looks very brown. Three visitors have come round tonight and all said its brown not grey. Ive phoned the helpline about the colour and the operative said he always tells people who order this colour online that it is more of a brown than a grey ( even though its called grey?) When we ordered in the shop i did question the colour as the display one was grey and the sales man said it was just the lighting in the store making it look browny but it was definatley grey. Well its not!!! Thirdly i was sold " easy gliding feet" for an additional £50 which I was told were upgraded feet from the standard. These were self adhesive plastic pads put on the bottom of standard feet when the delivery guys installed it today. Probable cost about £5 from a diy store. Very unhappy. Purchase was taken on 4 years interest free credit 8 weeks ago. Where do we stand on rejecting this?
  2. Hi all joined VERY a few weeks ago and tried for a credit account. Was given a £300 limit and both me and the company signed the agreement. After making my 1st order for wallpaper my order was declined and after I made enquiries was told multiple accounts I replied that was rubbish and then their reply was my application had been declined after further checks. My question is is this allowed? After we both signed credit agreement and also there is a footprint from them on my credit file as well as an OPEN account showing £300. Or is it just a case of being stuck with it, as I'd rather it not on my file or the search if I'm not able to use it. Thanks
  3. I was having difficulty with my debts which are around £12K. I am on benefit, and so I foned up Debt Free Direct to see what they could do. I am very upset that all they could offer me was an IVA - 7 years paying £130 a month. Naturally I had to sign up because I was getting constant harassment of one of my creditors Halifax who kept foning me up every day demanding money I didn't have. I am now wondering if the IVA really was the right solution; they didnt offer me a Debt Relief Order which is what I would have prefered. Is there anything I can do besides letting the IVA fail (which I dontwant to do because Halifax will harass me again). Very distressed by the whole thing; Debt Free Direct knew I was on benefits; I really cant see myself paying £130 a month for 7 years, especially as I could loose my benefits at any time anyway, they failed to take this into account. Because of being on an IVA no company would give me advice as I have rung around several this morning; they said the IVA would have to fail before anyone could help me!! NOT happy can anyone please help
  4. Had BT installed on 4th May. Billed me for £112.81 which is not the issue as it was new installation. Was supposed to have taken the payment from my bank account by direct debit around 12th May. Failed to do so. Got a second bill today saying I missed payment. Now wanting £146. I dont know what to do about this. Any advice?
  5. I bought a Samsung 32" LCD Smart TV from Littlewoods back in November (ish) 2013. After just 3/4 months, the TV developed a fault, sound but no picture and had to be repaired under warranty for a faulty inverter. Now, not even 3 years old and it's gone again, same fault, sound but no picture/black screen. Phoned littlewoods, won't help, phoned Samsung, won't help. Although it wasn't a majorly expensive purchase, it was still over £300 and it didn't even last 3 years. Is there anything I can do? TIA
  6. Sorry I didn't do this yesterday, I assumed others would have remembered, then again, how many of the old guard are left? Well, as one of the olden golden 'uns, I want to wish to CAG a very happy, well done 10th birthday wish! Yes, dear readers, 10 years ago (and one day!), a very small with a small band of misfits and reprobates decided to take on the might of the banking industry, and it was called the Bank Action Group. A couple of months later, the idea came about that maybe, we could do more than just tackle the banks and that there were so many more injustices where the might of the people could challenge the status quo whereby the customer always ended up being wrong... and so the name was changed to Consumer Action Group. Well, 10 years on, here we are, still going, despite numerous efforts to bring the site down in many different ways. Even though I am no longer active on the boards, I will forever be very proud to have been part of the fight, to have helped taking the banks and other industries to task, and so, I hope you will all join me to wish CAG a very happy 10th birthday, and here's to the next 10!
  7. Intrusive Questions by HSBC Bank I am not happy to answer I have been a customer for several years and not much deposited or withdrawn in the last few years. They now ask the source of my money? If I have other bank accounts here or overseas and details? where do I work now and my employers details, how much I earn and spend? Have I got any property on my name? How much it is worth it? Do I have any other investments and their details? Do I have to answer all those? What protection I have? Do any other banks ask such nuisance questions? Any other banks do not ask such questions? Thank you in advance
  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/07/28/tesco-ribena-ban-reaction_n_7885776.html People have taken to twitter and other social media and it seems they are NOT happy
  9. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  10. I tried to cancel my car insurance policy 2 days after I joined them. Their website instructions directed me straight to cancellations and then sent me around the houses but ultimately is set up to not accept a cancellation of policy - not within the cooling off period anyhow. I then wrote them emails - I have proof of sending three. They just responded to my cancellation emails by sending me a template informing me that I could cancel my policy free of any charges and get a refund if it was within the cooling off period but in order for me to incur no charges I must do it on their website. I replied that their website wouldn't accept my cancellation and so I was asking them to do it and just kept getting the same template email back from them - in effect they were not acknowledging my cancellation. Now they have send me a Default Notice under Section 87(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 telling me that I have one month to pay my direct debit sum and reinstate the Direct Debit Mandate or they will charge me a further £53 and hand me over to a Debt Collector Agency. My Dad is advising me just to ignore them because I have done everything correctly, but I don't think this is the best advice for me. I'm sure that Quote Me Happy know exactly what they are doing and know that they are within their legal rights at the moment. I don't really get how a company that's associated to a giant like Aviva is permitted to behave like this because there are really a lot of historical complaints about them. Does anybody know what I can do to stop this?
  11. Hi all, I've had a good google around for an answer but seems to be misleading. I purchased a car from the lovely Carcraft and had this drive happy guarantee pushed on me which at the time seemed like the wise thing to do. I've since come to the point where it really isn't cost effective for me to drive from my home in Macclesfield to either Liverpool or Rochdale for a car service, As such I'm yet to get the car serviced at all and have now paid roughly 6/7 payments at £50 a go. Is there a way out of this contract?
  12. in November of 2013 I had friend contacted and asked if I would purchase a computer for them as I am in the trade and get a better deal, they transferred the money to my Barclays account, I checked it was there and logged on to my supplier portal to purchase the PC. After selecting the model my friend wanted I entered my debit card details and was surprised when it was declined! I logged back onto the bank app and my account was empty, I phoned Barclays and asked what had happened and they said that there was a number of debit card transactions on my account taking all of the money, I complained and the money was returned to my account and I purchased the PC. A week later I received a letter from Barclays with a form to fill in on whether or not this was fraud, apparently the money was taken by a Payday loan company I have never dealt with for a loan I never had, I filled the form in and sent it back. A week later the money was again taken from my account. I contacted Barclays again and they said the Payday company had contacted them and said that their records were correct and therefore they were entitled to the money - so Barclays gave them it. I raised a complaint with Barclays and received a case number, I was told this would be handled and I would receive a reply within 28 days, 28 days later I received a letter saying it would be another 28 days and 28 days later another letter saying another 28 days. Eventually Barclays wrote to me and informed me that they had examined the complaint and ruled against me, I then contacted the FOS who took the case on, they contacted the payday loan company and Barclays and found that the loan was taken out but the address, DOB, full name and various other details were incorrect, the Payday loan company had passed these details to Barclays who checked them and found the details to be incorrect but STILL found in the Payday loan companies favor! At this point I had already changed banks to RBS (no better) and Barclays had put a default on my credit file as I was overdrawn by the £536 stolen from me. The FOS found in my favor yet Barclays asked for it to be escalated to an Ombudsman who found in my favor and ordered Barclays to put it right within 30 days, 30 days later Barclays returned the £536 to my account and that was that. This has left me very annoyed that they have gotten away so easily when I have had to fight for 13 months to get a result, is there anything else I can now do? Barclays are refusing to remove the credit file information and don't have to reimburse me for anything. They continued to say they were right all this time even when, by their own admission they knew the details were wrong! Can Anyone advise? Jayce
  13. Put a complaint in against The National Grid just had an emailed response I assume it will be sent in writing too? It does not seem very impartial preferring to take the word of The National Grid no I sent nuemrous documents etc and I get the impression that it is being ignored over no proof off The National Grid. One of the things that bother me is we had a gaping hole quite wide at the rear of the property it was left for several weeks like that when someone came out about it and seemed to genuinely show sympathy and concern and took photographs now we are met with the Ombudsman complaint stating "We only have your word it as left like that several weeks" well National Grid took photos and they know the date they came out so know how log it was left like this. In my opinion this report by email seems to be siding with The National Grid and not listenig to anything:
  14. The Consumer Action Group is 9 Years Old Today Happy Birthday To All Concerned Best Wishes for the 10th And For Many More To Come
  15. Hi all hope you all had a great Xmas including the EA's even they deserved one. To all Caggers have a great break and please enjoy the new years parties too MM
  16. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2845714/Newborn-baby-boy-dumped-drain-cyclists-heard-crying.html
  17. Hi all, My husband bought a car from Carcraft just over 2 years ago and had the 5 year warranty tagged on, despite the garage being a good hour's drive away, we have dutifully taken it there for each service. It was last services around a month ago and we were informed there were some minor things such as a tyre etc. Two weeks after the service, the "exhaust fault" light flashes up on the dashboard and the car judders when the brake is applied. Being too worried to drive the car over the dartford crossing in case it konked out halfway, we asked Carcraft if we could use our local garage and bill them? They agreed to get a quote from the local garage for which we had to pay £50 upfront, when the garage said they needed to run more diagnostic tests, Carcraft suddenly sent RAC down the next morning to check it out. Days went by and we received no update from Cc and we had to ring daily for updates (for which there were none!). After two weeks and 2 days of the car sitting in their garage, we're told that it's the timing chain and that it's not under the warranty and we'll have to pay £750 to fix it (parts and labour). Having spoken to customer services we are directed to look in the handbook where it says the guarantee excludes "ancillary drive belts" and that is why they cannot cover it. Now I'm no mechanic but I could guess that a timing chain had nothing to do with ancillary drive belts and asked a mechanic friend to confirm this, which he did. He also said that they are not considered a "wear and tear" item and very rarely need to be changed in the lifetime of a car. I'm struggling with why this claim had been declined, surely the mechanic knows the difference between the two parts, what is and what isn't covered? We tried to re contact customer services but told that if we want to dispute the claim we have to put it in writing, which I have done but takes 7-10 working days. Considering the car has already been sitting in their garage for the last 2+ Weeks the idea of potentially waiting another 2 weeks is completely ridiculous, especially as I'm a midwife/health visitor and need the car, I'm really struggling. If anyone has any tips to help, if be eternally grateful...
  18. Hi We have a problem with Carcraft and their Drive Happy warranty. We bought a vehicle from Carcraft at Trafford around 18 months go. We were sold a 5 year Drive Happy warranty, partly because we were told we could take the car to Trafford if there were any problems. We had the 6 month service and were told they did not accept cars for servicing at Trafford and we would have to go to either Liverpool or Rochdale. In this event Carcraft allowed us to take the car to Trafford and they took it to the service centre, however we were told this was to be a one off and in future we would have to take the vehicle to the service centre ourselves. Late last year we took the car to the Rochdale centre with a problem with the central locking. In short some of the doors were not responding and could only be unlocked from the inside. Carcraft told us there were no apparent reasons and that was that. Today my other half took the car again to Rochdale for servicing and MOT. The MOT was carried out and she was told the car had failed due to the issue with the central locking. We have been told this is not covered by the Drive Happy warranty as we should have had the car serviced about 3 weeks ago. Having read the T&C of the Drive Happy agreement it states your local franchise dealer will advise when your service is due.. At the time of signing the agreement we were not advised of this. It may be that we are at fault for not servicing the vehicle 3 weeks ago, however we had highlighted the problem with Carcraft at least 6 months ago and they refused to accept there was any problem with the doors, despite them not opening or locking except from inside the car. Any advice please, except don't buy from Carcraft, we have worked that one out for ourselves. Thanks
  19. Hi I have made a complaint to O2 with regard to not being given a discount that the sale rep promised us in store. The discount was meant to be 30% off airtime from the April. The rep was so confident about giving the discount he wrote the discount on the top of the contract and stated that should the discount not be applied he would offer us a 50% discount. After complaining the discount was applied from June's bill but it should have been applied from April as agreed in store. I have also been having signal issues and keep receiving text messages stating I have missed a call when the phone has been switched on and next to me, the text arrives in the very same minute the person has called. I made an official complaint along with some other issues and O2 responded by stating the discount had been applied from June's bill and offered a good will gesture of £30 for the failed promises to ourselves from the store. After taking into account the 2 months the discount was not applied to the account the good will gesture amounts to only of £13.02. What irritates me here is that they offered a good will gesture for failed promises and this mostly covers the discount I should have got, I might have been more happy to have just received the discount as agreed and an apology but they have dressed this up as a good will gesture. Also they have not answered any other the queries relating to the missed calls, nor have they answered why the discount was not applied at point of sale. Am I being unreasonable here to want them to apply the discount as per contract and to assume that the good will gesture should be for the inconvenience caused. Should I take this further or would you agree O2 have resolved this issue appropriately.
  20. I bought a car from CarCraft on 29th April 2014. Im happy with the car but i now noticed ive been signed up for a Guarantee package costing over £3500.. The document says i can cancel in 30 days but the fiance document says if i cancel i must pay the full cost of loan back to finance company if cancelled within 14 days! What should i do? I want out of this policy!
  21. Just looking for some advice My wife just sold her car, there is about 2 months left on her insurance policy. Going onto Quote me unhappy's website they want £53 to cancel the insurance and an extra £30 if I call them to cancel it. There is no refund for the remaining term, which I can accept, but charging to cancel it seems well OTT, which I'm not about to pay. So 1) Is it just me or is this a complete rip off 2) Can we just leave the insurance running until June when it's finishes Thanks
  22. Hi Guys, I am typing this in a state of frustration after being on the phone to someone at Santander and them being not helpful at all. I am incurring charges month in month out with Santander if its not one thing its another. Today has pushed me over the edge as I had a credit of £100 put into my account by a friend which was taken due to the account being overdrawn due to 2x UNARRANGED OVERDRAFT USAGE FEE of £100 and £50. I have tried to be careful this month and was surprised to see these charges, then I was advised these charges are from last month. This now pushes me into the red again which means I can expect more of the same next month. Santander are charging me every month if its not for UNARRANGED OVERDRAFT USAGE FEE its for Failed direct debits etc (which I have now cancelled). I understand it may be my fault that I go overdrawn but I feel like they are keeping me in the red and I feel these charges are unfair. The advisors on the phone just keep telling me I had charges waivered 1.5 years ago and thats all they do as a goodwill gesture and the charges are outlined in my terms and conditions. Is there no way for me to fight these charges? today has really tipped me over the edge with Santander.
  23. Don't know if I am in the correct Forum?? I have sold on ebay for over 10 years - have 100% positive feedbakc. Mainly sell vintage items, clothing , collectables etc for a hobby etc. Have had had low seller ratings only for dispatch time ( due to postal strikes, delays at Olympics time & personal circumstances) no unresolved cases. I moved house recently and mislaid some parcels - I had no phone or internet so had to use public library network till reconnected. Offered my customers a refund until I located mislaid parcels so no problems there. Reeceived e-mail from ebay mid September telling me I am permanently restricted from selling due to low seller ratings - removed all my listings with bids on them. Felt like a criminal!! I contacted their customer services who said nothing they could but offered me a £25.00 voucher to spend on ebay. I then wrote to the CEO who responded and said I was still restricted permanently from selling and that ebay was not the platform for this sort of selling practice?? I appealed and was told that I hadn't improved enough over the twelve month period even considering postal strikes etc and personal circumstances. I think this is very harsh - I don't sell fake or inferior goods, am honest and fair. Is there a petition anywhere I can sign thanks
  24. I've got a contract with Tesco Mobile which is due to expire in October. However, I want to get out of the contract early as I am unhappy with the service they are providing me. It all started when my mobile, an HTC Desire HD A9191, started acting up by randomly rebooting itself every few minutes. I sent it away for repairs and it came back to me some time later — but the fault hadn't been fixed. I sent it away again, and I got it back. It turned out to have been a waste of time, as the problem STILL persisted. I decided to use this when trying to get out of my contract. After all, I am paying £30 a month to use Tesco's services — and you'd think actually fixing the phone when it's faulty would be a part of that service. However, they flat out refused to let me get out of the contract without paying over £200 in remaining line rental, nor would they give me a refund. I'm at my wit's end here. Surely there is something I can do to get what I want?
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