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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Everyone I bought a secondhand ride on lawn mower on 24th March this year, it was from a dealer and was advertised online, but I can't remember which site. It cost £3200 I paid by bacs, because of the drought I have only used it for 5 hours (by the mower hour clock) so far, last night it dumped the transmission oil out and lost all drive, it looks like it has been repaired and bodged up as I can see instant gasket sealant hanging out. Without getting a mechanics opinion I would think that it needs a new hydrostatic transmission. Do I have any rights under the sale of goods etc etc. It is a domestic machine and I bought it to cut my own lawns not as a business. I have contacted the seller, his reply was more or less "tough luck, not my problem" . I did quote this: Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, goods should be of a satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and as described. My rights have been breached because the item you sold me is faulty. I would like a refund/repair/replacement." He replied that as it was a secondhand vehicle I only had 30 days to complain. Do I have any right to a refund? I have looked at the Consumer Rights Act 2015 but it's in legalese, I think I might have grounds to send it back as it's within 6 months but I can't find a specific reference so that I can metaphorically use it to beat the seller over the head with.
  2. Hi guys i need your help, i literally am being mugged off, ive called all samsung departments on numerous occasions, anovo, ive emailed, tried twitter DM's, and im getting a scripted nonsensical explanation! originally i sent my s7 off as it NFC wasnt working properly and it was overheating got the first reply from the service centre on the 11th, said the phone was out of warranty repair and they cant address the issue till i pay them to get it fixed, i said no to their repair as i wanted to get it repaired locally in my shopping centre, after i thought about it i figured it would be safer to do it with samsung direct going forward, i resent it in on 19 Jul i received the follow up literally saying exactly the same as the first mail, im trying to attach a screenshot but cant To summarise, this is what i wrote to them via post; To whom it may concern So, I've been loyal to you for years now, my entire family only uses samsung, tablet devices, phones, televisions, as do my business partners and close freinds, ive converted everyone over from Apple, and today i really got my "thanks" 2 weeks ago, my galaxy s7 developed issues with its NFC and it started overheating, so, i sent in my phone for repair, and they tell me "your phone has damage which isn't covered under warranty, attached is a screenshot" it was the email attached, of the back of the phone being cracked, as you can see, they are clearly referring to the crack on the glass. So i pay the money and then don't hear back for a few days, then i receive an email saying my order is on its way, so i call your incompetent Anovo repair team (who if you google have appalling customer ratings, its quite embarrassing actually) and they tell me my device is "beyond repair due to its expenses to replace the main board which has fried" so, now they are telling me, the overheating issue is due to the board, but it is to expensive to repair under warranty, now, the mainboard is an INTERNAL issue with the phone, not an external problem cause my accident damage therefore, it is irrelevant of the cost, it is a manufacturing default that the phones circuiting has resulted in it to overheat and fry yet your employees keep telling me that the phone is out of warranty due to the cracked class, i don't understand this logic? so with a car, if it has an outside crack, the manufacturers garage will tell them "we know you have engine issues but since you have a crack outside on the car we cant do anything" this is truly repulsive and shows how out of touch your company has become from reality, you are literally not taking responsibility for your phones fault and deterring the core issue and passing it on to myself and saying the issue is the cracked back it is irrelevant of the cost of the internal part, manufactures warranty covers the internal parts of the phone failing im truly sad and hurt at the service ---------- i cannot attach the screenshot it keeps saying "error red font" i cant even photo a external link to the image, it says im too new a member... they did refund the money i paid for the crack but thats not the issue! they are not addressing the internal issue and using the external as some sort of justification for not fixing my phone, thats literally what the phone support told me, and she said she checked with her manager and " they cant do anything as its out of warranty damage and they wont look to replace it" SINCE WHEN WAS AN INTERNAL COMPONENT OF A PHONE NOT SOMETHING COVERED FROM WARRANTY i dont know who else to talk to, i dont have a phone anymore and they wont help me at all... phone was given from samsung directly not a retailer
  3. Hello All, I am new to posting, but have read many of the topics on here via google searches...some excellent work I am currently enjoying a comical exchange with Harlands / xercise4less. I signed up for the rolling monthly membership, this was done online . After a mere ten days it was clear this facility wasnt for me... I have been a member of many gyms but this one had 12 year old kids hurtling the barriers to run around the gym climbing on equipment and disrupting people without a single member of staff flinching. That was me done. I handed in a letter after 10 days stating that during the initial cooling off period I had realised the gym was not for me and I wanted to cancel. I stated my reasons, this was taken off me at reception by a staff member who gave his name as ..... I noticed the direct debit had come out one afternoon a fortnight or so later, no problem. £20 membership and £20 joining fee, I then cancelled this via my banking app on the Friday. From here I was introduced to the riddlers at Harlands. they have said I owe £65 due to a £25 admin fee plus the earlier fee's. The initial £40 was not accepted and returned to my account on the Monday morning. They have also told me they cannot cancel my membership it needs to be done in branch. I have done. They know nothing about this they say. Not my problem I say . Cancel online they now say. No need to I say, writting is perfectly acceptable. I am now engaging them via email, and quite sadly enjoying the whole process of annoying them. I will post the emails below. Any advice welcomed.
  4. A careful driver who only nips to the shops: why was Stan asked to pay £12k to insure his Fiesta? Millions of elderly motorists taken for a ride
  5. I have a fantastic vintage racer and would really love to hop on and cycle a good few miles each day to get fit. Yet, I fear that it could be considered uncool and perhaps, inspiring of motorist disgust and loathing to have yet another pedestrian on the roads - blocking their traffic flow - regardless of how sensible the cyclist may appear - or not. In Scandinavia, where some of my very own gene-pool originates; more than chick to be seen peddling anything with two-wheels, yet certainly not the case in the UK. I can drive, and have driven a spectacular reliable car from time to time, when it has been necessary to go out of my way, and especially when I lived in Canada - the nearest shopping center of a sort, was a good ten miles out from my location in the prairies. Motoring perhaps, a necessary evil in a country where local shops are few and far between human pupulous, yet everyone with a car in the UK it seems, (rarely) if ever, walk or cycle to their nearest supermarket. Certainly not where I live anyway - it is like a F1 track outside of my place of residence - no exaggeration either. I want to feel that it is cool and acceptable to cycle, though am just not convinced that it is anymore.
  6. My son, rather stupidly, allowed his friend to ride his motorbike and he was involved in an accident with a car. My son was devastated, the bike was his pride and joy. The police were called and his friend is likely to be prosecuted. The bike, which was in my husbands name, has been repaired and sold to a colleague who is fully aware of what happened. Today my husband has received a letter from Privilege Motor Claims saying their customer has reported the incident to them and given them my husband's details. They have been in contact with his insurance company and understand that he has not reported the incident to them and asking him to do so as soon as possible, reminding him of his duty under the Road Traffic Act to report any incident he is involved in. Now, obviously he hasn't reported it because he hasn't been involved in any accident. I would really appreciate any advice you can give as to what we do now. Should my husband just reply saying he hasn't been involved in an incident, should he ignore it or should he give them my son and his friends details?
  7. my daughter paid £200 on a debit card for a £200 car for my grandson for christmas. it failed after 2 months and ride on cars said it was needing a new motor which they eventually sent. it did not fit and they said they would send another. eventually it seemed a new lead was needed. after waiting for her husband to comehome and fit it, it still does not work. the company refuse to do anything about it unless my daughter pays to return the car. having checked courier companies that seems to be costing a fortune as the car is enormous..it seems they have a 7 day return warranty. is there anything she can do? i have read reviews about cars being returned to them and never being seen again.
  8. I really fancy one of these http://www.bluedoorbicycles.com/2012/05/bamboo-bike/ Just out of curiosity if nothing else.
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