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  1. Okay thanks for this. I'll arrange for the independent assessment and then hopefully will then aim it back at Richer Sounds for action under CRA. Looking around on line there seems to have been many instances of internal screen cracking and Samsung giving many customers the slopey shoulder, telling them that they've damaged it... Will let you know how I get on. Many thanks.
  2. I purchased a 49" Samsung TV in 18 June 2016. The TV is wall mounted. Whilst watching it 26 Dec the TV suddenly had a 2" black stripe on the left side and the bottom, and a diagonal internal crack line. When I called Samsung service they said they'd call back in 5-7 days. They did not. I then called to enquire on progress. They said a service centre would send out engineer to assess the physical damage and I may have to pay for the repair. I said I would not pay for any repair as it is a warranty issue. After no contact I called again and was given the number of the service centre, for me to call. The service centre then said Samsung should be arranging this, otherwise I have to pay £80+VAT call out. When I called Samsung back, they fobbed me off completely, saying that I had damaged the screen (even though no one has even looked at it) they have now voided my warranty. This is absolutely dispicable behaviour from any company, let alone Samsung. The TV cost £1400, so no trivial sum. I am really disgusted at how poor Samsung's service and attitude is. The service Ref number is >>>>>>>>> Also contacted Richer Sounds who I bought it from, and got the same response there - 'we can quote you a repair or a price for a new TV'. Astounded as we've not done anything to it - the screen developed an internal crack in its own. After consulting a solicitor who was also shocked, he suggested writing to the Chief Executive of Samsung and giving him/her 7 days to replace it or I will gladly initiate legal proceedings. It's the principle of being accused of damaging my own TV (which I haven't) which has really annoyed me. I am an engineer and I am well aware that something can fail with heat and from material flaws - not just from an impact that could cause external damage. There is no external damage. The policy is obviously to take your money and then fob off the customer and say they've damaged their own TV. Do Samsung care? Can anyone else offer any further advice?
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