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  1. Might be worth investigating if a new power supply can be fitted. If you're technically minded (and electrically competent), you may be able to replace the PSU. If not, a local appliance repair place may be able to give you a price to replace the PSU with a UK rated one.
  2. The company refused a refund as it is not in their policies. Unfortunately this is an Irish company I have been dealing with. So as I understand it, the CRA does not apply.
  3. An update for everyone I found a suitable jack/cable (for a slightly different model, but fits) online from China for £1.30. Fitted and works perfectly. Not worth the hassle to send it off! All I can say is, wow technology has moved on in the past 5-7 years - so much empty space inside now!
  4. Hi All, I bought an item from an online store 18 months ago - it has now gone faulty. The company are willing to replace it, however, they do not have any of my colour in stock for replacement (refurbished models). They have a newer device in similar colours, which I asked if they could replace with, to no avail. Aside from the colour, the replacement device is the same specifications as mine. Can I insist on getting the same colour device as my current one? Or does that lead to only a partial refund being available?
  5. Hi all! Want to get my details in line ready for tomorrow when I am going to take my 20 month old HP Pavilion notebook back to PC World to see if I can get this power jack fixed. The port (on the laptop itself) has been loose, and now come apart, and the internal plastic spacer keeping all the pins straight has fallen out. This has been a problem since May 2017 but I was awaiting a response from HP which never came. It does still charge however the pins are highly likely to get bent now the spacer is not present. It's normally used on a table with no stress on the jack
  6. Thought as much dx! Thanks. Did you edit my post, it all went spaced out!
  7. It's been a while! Hi all! Unfortunately this is not a good an outcome as my previous thread related to Samsung. The background is, my relative was given a phone by its original owner because it would randomly freeze and reboot. This problem sounded software-like in symptoms i tried various firmware versions (official samsung firmwares). The symptoms interrupted the flashing process at times also. It was sent off to Samsung after I realised it was still under warranty, who returned it unrepaired as apparently the phone had been "rooted". The
  8. You can download the Audio drivers from here: ftp://ftp.acer-euro.com/notebook/aspire_6530/vista/Drivers/ (Realtek, the top ones). Also available are the chipset drivers/graphics drivers which you can try installing.
  9. What games are these/this? I'll get you some commands to do and so you can print off some details (And maybe solve your problem).
  10. RESULT!!!!!! I contacted samsung directly, speaking to a very nice lady, and said that because I have opened the box and used the phone the Carphone Warehouse wouldn't take the phone back. Result? Samsung are sending me a pair of stereo headphones free of charge. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  11. I have actually asked at my local CPW, and they had a look in the boxes for all the providers (Vodafone, O2, TMobile, etc) and none of them have earphones/data cables, and the store doesn't stock them. The only luck I had was getting a pair from my local market, which, unfortunately, don't work the radio (My radio works fine, i've tried it with my sisters official ones). So i've gotta go get my money back on them and find another place to get them from.
  12. This should be directed to the OP, not me. I simply provided some info about the actual state of Acer's recovery system.
  13. (I have an Acer) The ALT-F10 key sequence stopped working after I reinstalled my computer for the first time. Now when I reinstall I am not instructed to create restore disks (So if PCW did it this way, they have provided no way to reinstall the operating system).
  14. You do not even need to be well funded nowadays - there are plenty of free webhosts that provide huge amounts of stuff for small adverts (He might even be on one), and £2.99 for a domain (co.uk) / £24.99 for a uk.com domain (What a ripoff ) Glad you are going well now Rolfey
  15. You might also want to try the uk.com registrar - maybe you can get his domain suspended for it.
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