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  1. Ok thanks, do they eventually just give up then? or is this just going to keep going on and on? over 2 years they've been at this and it's getting quite tiresome! Will having this still active against me affect my credit rating at all?
  2. Well, over a year later they finally sent me another email, Today I received this from CRS Your file has recently been returned to us by our external agents. According to our records, you still have an outstanding balance of £321.6, in connection with Choices Health Club. Please call us today on 01444 449165 between 08:30am and 6:00pm to discuss repayment of your balance. A payment plan can be set up if you're unable to pay the balance in one go. Your reference number is XXXXXXXXXXX . If you would prefer us to call you, please confirm a suitable telep
  3. So what does that mean sorry? Is there anything further I can do? And not old, I got it when the 1st note 4 came out so around a year Won't they just say it was a manufacturers fault? And it's the customer service I'm annoyed about as well as the phone breaking.
  4. Good Evening Folks, Looking for some advice about whether or not I can actually get anything back from Samsung for their totally unacceptable customer service. To save me re-explaining to you guys, here is a copy of the email I have just sent to their complaints department. See what you think: Good Evening, I would like to make a formal complaint against the terrible customer service I have received. Around a month ago I contacted Samsung regarding a fault with my Galaxy Note 4 and the camera. The person I spoke to arranged for my phone to be picked up and repaired, I expressed
  5. Well it will be interesting to see if they write back at all! All previous communication has been via email through their other masks, now they have my correct address they might actually send me the first of the many letters they claimed to have sent me!
  6. Just letting you guys know I haven't had anything back from any of the companies that have previously been in touch. Is it normal for this delay even accross Harlands/CRS AND Zinc all being involved?
  7. Letter was sent yesterday, got the certificate of posting, have a scanned copy of it incase it gets lost. Wait and see what they come back with if anything! Havent actually heard from Harlands themselves since the very start....only emails from their "underlings"
  8. Unfortunately can't remember the exact date and don't have my contract (how I got into this mess! ) but my bank statement says "first payment" and it's double the normal payment so I'm guessing a month before my first payment which was 11th August. Most likely it was the 9th July
  9. Thanks for the tip, it was only the first long message I sent by first typing it on word. My second response where it did it again, I typed straight through browser. Weird
  10. Also, Dont know if it's worth mentioning. I made my first payment on the 11th August 2014
  11. It's done it again! had it all spaced out on different lines etc. Dont know what's going on. My replies to your questions should also be in red to make it easier to read
  12. Hi Slick, Thanks for the response, I did actually have it all spaced out when I initially wrote it out on Word, it then blocked it together when posted, so I went back in and edited it putting the spaces back in, and it did it again when I tried to save the changes. Weird! Sorry about that. Yes i've noticed they seem to be the most reoccuring people on here! In answer to your questions: 1. When did you give notice to cancel verbally at the gym - It was a few days after the facebook me
  13. Hi Everyone, I've been having an ongoing battle with this issue for almost a year now so was hoping you could help, it's quite long winded and Unfortunately as it was so long ago you'll have to forgive me as i cant quite recall all exact details and since it went away for so long i had considered the matter closed so got rid of all evidence when moving house. Here's the situation (started around february 2015) . . I was a member of Choices Health Club - Also a member of the dreaded harlands group. I wanted to cancel my gym membership, however I had lost my contract and didn
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