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  1. Ok thanks, do they eventually just give up then? or is this just going to keep going on and on? over 2 years they've been at this and it's getting quite tiresome! Will having this still active against me affect my credit rating at all?
  2. Well, over a year later they finally sent me another email, Today I received this from CRS Your file has recently been returned to us by our external agents. According to our records, you still have an outstanding balance of £321.6, in connection with Choices Health Club. Please call us today on 01444 449165 between 08:30am and 6:00pm to discuss repayment of your balance. A payment plan can be set up if you're unable to pay the balance in one go. Your reference number is XXXXXXXXXXX . If you would prefer us to call you, please confirm a suitable telephone number to reach you on. Many thanks, Rob Avery Any advice what to do now? Thanks JJ
  3. So what does that mean sorry? Is there anything further I can do? And not old, I got it when the 1st note 4 came out so around a year Won't they just say it was a manufacturers fault? And it's the customer service I'm annoyed about as well as the phone breaking.
  4. Good Evening Folks, Looking for some advice about whether or not I can actually get anything back from Samsung for their totally unacceptable customer service. To save me re-explaining to you guys, here is a copy of the email I have just sent to their complaints department. See what you think: Good Evening, I would like to make a formal complaint against the terrible customer service I have received. Around a month ago I contacted Samsung regarding a fault with my Galaxy Note 4 and the camera. The person I spoke to arranged for my phone to be picked up and repaired, I expressed concern that I wanted my phone for a holiday I was going on and the person promised me that the phone would be repaired and returned to me within 5 days. I have this in writing. I had not received my phone back, nor had any contact from anyone at Samsung or the repair centre. All correspondence up until this moment had been via email so I assumed it would remain like this. I contacted Samsung using the online live chat option. Session ID:- 6033078. In which the representative Taj told me that my phone had been repaired, was fully functioning and awaiting shipment back to me. To confirm the date I would receive the device he advised me to contact the repair centre directly. I then proceeded to ring the repair centre, who then informed me that my phone actually had not been repaired, and could not be repaired. So I was misinformed by your online chat representative. There was also no contact from anyone at Samsung regarding the fact my phone could not be repaired. The repair centre claimed they tried to contact me, however they said they tried to contact me on my own personal number, how could I answer this, when my phone was at their repair centre. I provided no other number to contact me on because I was never asked to do so. All previous communication had been via email, so I assumed that is how they would contact me again, they did not. Had I not been constantly pestering for information it could’ve been even longer before I eventually found out my phone was unfixable. The repair centre said they then contacted Samsung and advised to get in touch with me for an Alternative Resolution, which again, they did not. I had to contact the alternative resolution team. They provided me with a list of resolutions that were not acceptable. They would not provide me with a replacement of a galaxy note 4 again, the phone I had purchased and want. They offered me, an S6 edge, a phone over a year old or a refund of the current market value of the phone, which would leave me losing money and paying for a phone I did not have, so this was not an acceptable resolution either. They then proceeded to offer me a Samsung S7, an offer I reluctantly accepted as I felt I had no other choice. I wanted a Note 4 again. I asked for the S7 in Black, something again they refused to provide me with. They told me that the replacement would be with me within 7 days. It has not arrived. I also asked that they put all of this information in an email to me so I had proof and so I knew what was going on. They promised they would do this after the phone conversation. Again. This was not the case, I have received no email, and no confirmation that my phone was unrepairable so Samsung were sending me an S7. As a result I have tonight contacted Samsung through the online chat option again, Session ID:- 6161560 asking for information on what was actually going on. The same representative from the first time was on the other line and apologised for what had happened, but it was still unacceptable. He advised me that the phone had been issued on the 20th July and yet I still haven’t received it. Considering my phone was picked up at the beginning of July and I was promised it back WITHIN 5 days, this is completely unacceptable that Samsung have taken this long to provide me with a replacement phone. Especially as it was a manufacturers fault with the camera in the first place and not my own. Considering how much of a prestigious company Samsung is I am disgusted at the level of service I have received, which is very unfortunate because until now, I have loved and purchased many Samsung Products over the last 9 years. In light of the fact that: - The phone broke through a manufacturers fault - I was promised my phone (or a direct replacement) back within 5 days and did not receive this - Was contacted through no means, at all to be given information from Samsung regarding my repair - When I contacted Samsung I was given misinformation and told my phone had been repaired, despite the fact it hadn’t - When I tried to come to an alternative resolution, I was basically forced into a resolution I wasn’t happy with because it was the “best of a bad bunch” of options. - They couldn’t provide me with the phone I wanted - They couldn’t even provide me with the COLOUR I wanted, something that surely makes no difference to Samsung whether it’s black or not, why is this not an option - This has been going on for almost a month - I still haven’t received the phone (S7) that was supposed to have arrived already I am deeply saddened that this has been the outcome, as previously mentioned I was in love with Samsung products and often promoted them to friends and family, but as a result of this customer service I have received I do not think I will be buying Samsung products again. If you search the internet for Samsung customer service reviews it amazed me to find that this was the case an awful lot. Such a prestigious company, should have a far better customer service. I believe Samsung should provide me with some sort of compensation, or offer to “make it up to me” for this terrible customer service and the multiple issues mentioned throughout this email. This is not what I expected from one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I look forward to your response Regards Do you guys think I was cheeky asking for anything, and do you know of anyone ever receiving anything for the terrible customer service they have received? Thanks in advance Kind Regards V
  5. Well it will be interesting to see if they write back at all! All previous communication has been via email through their other masks, now they have my correct address they might actually send me the first of the many letters they claimed to have sent me!
  6. Just letting you guys know I haven't had anything back from any of the companies that have previously been in touch. Is it normal for this delay even accross Harlands/CRS AND Zinc all being involved?
  7. Letter was sent yesterday, got the certificate of posting, have a scanned copy of it incase it gets lost. Wait and see what they come back with if anything! Havent actually heard from Harlands themselves since the very start....only emails from their "underlings"
  8. Unfortunately can't remember the exact date and don't have my contract (how I got into this mess! ) but my bank statement says "first payment" and it's double the normal payment so I'm guessing a month before my first payment which was 11th August. Most likely it was the 9th July
  9. Thanks for the tip, it was only the first long message I sent by first typing it on word. My second response where it did it again, I typed straight through browser. Weird
  10. Also, Dont know if it's worth mentioning. I made my first payment on the 11th August 2014
  11. It's done it again! had it all spaced out on different lines etc. Dont know what's going on. My replies to your questions should also be in red to make it easier to read
  12. Hi Slick, Thanks for the response, I did actually have it all spaced out when I initially wrote it out on Word, it then blocked it together when posted, so I went back in and edited it putting the spaces back in, and it did it again when I tried to save the changes. Weird! Sorry about that. Yes i've noticed they seem to be the most reoccuring people on here! In answer to your questions: 1. When did you give notice to cancel verbally at the gym - It was a few days after the facebook message I sent them stating I wish to cancel, have lost my contract, how do I do it etc. This was sent on the 14th March 2015 2. Do you have copies of written contact via Facebook. - Yes still have the messages on facebook and also took print screens incase they were ever lost. 3. When was your DD normally paid each month. - 09th of Each Month 4. What date was your last DD paid to Harlands. - 09th March 2015
  13. Hi Everyone, I've been having an ongoing battle with this issue for almost a year now so was hoping you could help, it's quite long winded and Unfortunately as it was so long ago you'll have to forgive me as i cant quite recall all exact details and since it went away for so long i had considered the matter closed so got rid of all evidence when moving house. Here's the situation (started around february 2015) . . I was a member of Choices Health Club - Also a member of the dreaded harlands group. I wanted to cancel my gym membership, however I had lost my contract and didnt know the correct terms of cancellation. I first of all contacted them on facebook, a previous channel of communication of which they'd frequently used with myself and typically replied within 1 hour) I know the read this as you get the read receipt on facebook but no reply. I went into the gym and spoke to the woman on reception, I explained I wished to cancel my membership but had lost my contract what did I have to do. She told me that because it was within the first 12 months I could use this as my notice and cancel my direct debit after the following months payment. So this is what I did and I also wrote back on facebook saying "i'll just cancel my direct debit then" - again, they read this (i took a print screen) but never said anything to tell me I wasn't allowed to do this? I heard nothing more of it and considered the matter closed. I moved house shortly after this, now, since I had considered the matter closed and probably forgotten about by this time I did not inform the gym I had moved (why would I, as far as I was concerned I had nothing more to do with them?) around 6 months into the new property I received a letter from a debt collection agency (the letter I have now lost unfotunately). This letter stated that I had breached my contract and had to provide 3 months notice (would've been happy to pay this had I been told) which would've come to something like £60 odd. It also said that I had failed to respond to 3 letters that the gym had sent warning me i had missed payments, I went to my old house and spoke with the current occupiers because they had always text me if I ever received post at that address, I did indeed have post to collect. But not a single letter from the gym to that address warning of missed payments. In addition to this, they slapped on charges for "tracking me down" due to change of address and the subsequent total amount came to over £300+!! Stupidly I rang the agency, and explained all of this to them, I said I had not received any letters, asked for proof of these letters being sent and said I felt no need to inform the gym I had moved as far as I was aware I had ended all relationship with them. They said they were going to look into it/investigate further and get back in touch...they never did. A good few months passed and I started receiving texts from CRS and automated phonecalls demanding that I contact them or further legal action will be taken etc. Checked on the internet and this website with the "whos calling me" things and found out it was CRS and noticed a lot of people on here saying to ignore because they're just bullies. So I did. Finally, last week I received an email from Zinc Group saying the debt had been passed on to them and that if I Paid it within 7days I'd only have to pay £150ish. I only read the email today so I've subsequently missed this "offer". Because nothing had been sent to me in writing, only texts and phonecalls by CRS, I ignored it, thinking if it was something to take seriously, they would send me a letter. Now Zinc group have emailed me despite having my new address at the top of their emails so I know they have my current address (I have moved AGAIN since as I have bought my own house) why wouldn't they send me a letter? What if i never used this email account anymore etc? I'd never have any knowledge that this was happening on my record. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if you want any exact details and numbers i'll try and provide them if I still have the information. Thank you for your help JJ
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