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  1. It was paid by Debit Card I've dug a little deeper and I've now seen the email Samsung have sent - This is the exact wording: Thank you for sending your Samsung S6 for a repair with us. Your item has been examined by one of our engineers and we have found that it is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Attached is a picture of the damage located on your Samsung product. We hope the picture helps explain the damage we’ve located. I think the 'Damage' they are talking about is the 'speck' on the USB port border (top right - on the curve) - The issue with the phone is a charging problem which is something to do with the inner workings deep inside the USB port
  2. Thanks for your prompt reply.... the situation is actually my sister who's just come to visit. It was far quicker & easier to post the issue under my account. Phone was bought from here: Laptops Direct (I tried to post the link but it wouldn't let me) No calls were recorded and a picture will become available when the phone is received back from Samsung next week
  3. Hi guys, Hope you can give me some advice but I fear I may have already lost any chance with this. I bought a New Samsung S6 Mobile Phone from a retailer (no contract) about 6 months ago. The USB charging port developed a fault I took it back to the shop who insisted that as it was over 30 days I must deal directly with Samsung. I realise now that this advice is wrong! I sent my phone off to the Samsung Service Centre after 3 weeks I eventually got a call to say that because it had a small scratch on the casing the warranty is void and I would have to pay £200 for the repair. The scratch is purely cosmetic and has nothing to do with the USB charging issue. As I was desperate for the my phone I foolishly paid. I've told my friends and they say I have been fobbed off by both the retailer and by Samsung and I feel very embarrassed and upset. Is there anything I can do at this stage for me to get refunded?
  4. It's not really an area as such, it's just a bin at the top of my road where there used to be a bus stop. The bin is on the pavement which is quite wide at that point. For some reason over time it somehow became a 'designated area' because people could see that the council van came on a regular basis (sometimes daily) to collect the bags which they know have been left by their road sweeper. Interestingly, when I was out walking the dog this morning I see that the council have now strapped a small sign on the bin saying fly-tipping is illegal and you could be fined up to £50,000
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria67, aburobert & Conniff - I'm already feeling a bit better. In a way the letter already has served it's purpose as I would never leave anything there again. The letter doesn't mention photographs or CCTV so perhaps, as mentioned in other threads, they are just fishing so I incriminate myself. I will also try to get a picture of the road sweeper leaving his bags there although the council would probably say he's allowed to do that ahead of the collection lorry.
  6. Hello everyone... this is my first post! I hope somebody can give me some advice as I'm sick with worry. I've read and understood all the other Fly Tipping Posts but this scenario is a little different. I live on an estate and at the top of my road there's a council public waste bit. I think it's only there because it used to be a bus stop there but that service no longer runs. Anyway, over the last 2 years there has been an accumulation of black bags from residents surrounding this bin. Indeed, even the council road sweeper man leaves several bags there on his weekly rounds. A council lorry comes very regularly and collects it all. What I'm trying to say that the location appeared to be an accepted place where rubbish was being left & collected on a regular basis. Anyway, a few months ago I remember adding my own bag there as my own bin was full and wasn't due to be collected until the following week. Well, today I received a letter from the local Council saying that items of waste directly connected with me has been found in an illegal area. They want me to attend a PACE interview in December and I'm scared to death. I want to co-operate but if I say exactly as it was I know will be prosecuted which will have direct consequences for me (I'm a newly qualified Nurse applying for posts). My friend says, irrespective of circumstances they haven't got enough evidence to prosecute but as soon as I tell tem what I've done, under caution, they'll have me and proceed with prosecution. I really didn't appreciate that my action was classed as fly tipping but, because of the circumstances described above, I thought it was okay. I can't afford a solicitor and my local CAB are too stretched to offer any support. My friend further suggested that I say I have no idea how the items got there or just keep saying "no comment" but I'm not that type of person. My only defence, if you can call it one, is that the council themselves deposit waste there (I'll need to prove that) but I don't think that excuse will wash. I now appreciate I've done wrong and I feel so ashamed! Thanks for reading! Debbie
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