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  1. I bought a Samsung washing machine (WF1124XAC) in January 2012 and got a 5 year warranty with it. It broke down in September 2013; the drum was bouncing/banging around. After several failed 'repairs', Samsung agreed to take it away and paid for a new machine, which I received in December 2013. The replacement washing machine now has a '3E' error intermittently displaying which is a motor defect; the drum will attempt to rotate (during washing or spinning cycles) but doesn't. It attempts to do this, fails, waits 5 minutes and then attempts again. Sometimes the drum will rotate and sometimes '3E' is displayed. I don't want to have this machine anymore, 2 have failed within about 18 months from new and I no longer trust Samung washing machines. The machine is still under warranty. What are my options with regard to dealing with Samsung? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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