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Found 3 results

  1. The onwards and upwards march of the ad blocker continues http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35460785 Once again, like most of you, I hate the intrusion of ads while I'm trying to use my computer or my telephone. On the face of it, these ad blockers should be welcomed by all consumers. However, the people who will really be laughing are the banks, retailers, debt collectors, payday lenders et cetera who will be pleased to see the Consumer Action Group struggle and have difficulty paying its bills so that its very existence is endangered. This forum like tens of thousands of small hobby and enthusiast forums all over the world count on the small amount of advertising revenue to keep their heads above water and to pay their bills. We have hundreds of thousands of people who come to us every year and either simply benefit by reading all the advice and all the experience on this website or who actually get involved in discussions and ask the questions and get the help they need to stand up to the bullying and unfair treatment which is handed out every day by the companies that we all have to deal with. If this forum goes out of existence, those hundreds of thousands of ordinary individuals will lose and the companies that treat them so badly and which dominate them every day will win. If you have a choice, please don't use ad blockers – not only for this forum – but for all the small websites everywhere and for all the ordinary individuals who use them – everywhere – for every kind purpose. If you feel that you do have to use ad blockers, then maybe you should consider making a donation to the site – maybe not just once, maybe on a regular basis. We do our best to help you – but we can't do it alone. We need you to help us
  2. I couldn't see an Amex thread so I wasn't sure where to post this. I have an Amex credit card with a £5k credit limit and yesterday I was £200 over that limit. I have been in India for a few months and have been in dispute with a Hotel since I checked out on the 5th October. They had my Amex details from my reservation, but I had used an HSBC card to settle part of the bill during my stay. The Hotel have finally got fedup dealing with me and have charged £2700 to my Amex card, which Amex have approved. So, my current balance is now £7900 against a £5000 credit limit. In my T&C's Amex say that they may allow transactions above the credit limit to go through without it being regarded as a credit limit increase. I am awaiting a response from Amex, but I am arguing that they should never just allow a transaction through that was 54% of my existing credit limit, when I was already over my limit, and in doing so they are effectively extending £2700 of credit to me that I have not asked for. Also, of course, as my actual limit is still £5000, my minimum payment required in December is now close to £3000 in order to bring my account back under the limit!!! I'd appreciate any advice anyone has in how to deal with this.
  3. Once again the MSE Forum has allowed the ATOS rep back on to the forum to 'answer queries" When he was allowed on before Christmas he was hounded off. Now strangely there's lots of nicely posed questions (too nicely posed for me) There is a huge PILE of newly registered stooges posting a PILE of carefully pre-arranged and posed questions to make ATOS look good. Take a look at how many questions are being put by relatively newly registered accounts, and the soft questions, worded to make the reply by ATOS look good. Its disgracefull MSE should be Ashamed of themselves for letting ATOS post there. Martin doesnt care, he's got his Little pile of gold from the site now. ATOS are being paid our money by our government to deprive the most needy of their money.
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