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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I maintain several websites for clients as part of a service I provide, to achieve this I rent servers for my clients from a web host company, and point their domains names to that hosting company. Clients emails are provided using an imap client, webmail, provided by this company. Each client has multiple mail boxes attached to their domain name. This service requires a "main domain name" as the owner of the rented server, I used the name wirral.net, this meant that the webmail access would be http://webmail.wirral.net/ In January 2018, I received multiple calls
  2. Hi Guys, I picked up a Sony Vaio for next to nothing and it's in pretty good nick. I am however having internet connection problems. I have connected it to my router via ethernet and wirelessly, but Internet Explorer still can't display the web page. The internet icon says connected with 100mbs speed, but still can't work out what's wrong. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all Looking for a bit of advice as I need to extract some tables from web pages (nothing illegal) I have been looking for a free easy to use Excel web scrapper but they all seem to be pointing to specific web data (eg Yellow Pages) and have been advised to use Microsoft Power Query which I have downloaded and installed. I have had a quick look and it looks quite a powerful tool but has anyone ever used this tool. The MS instructions are not meant for the simple brained operator who has not got 10 A levels and a degree in IT Any help would be very much appreciated. N
  4. I have been invaded. This keeps interrupting my business in the Bear Garden. There is this Essex or somewhere in the south east smug little man who is telling me how to make millions in the next few months. A smug little varmit that needs sorting out if you ask me.He and his chums. All sorts of adverts pop up,some asking some rather interesting questions when you are viewing anything. Blocking your computer and seems to sneak in. Any tech minded ones who know or had dealings with these infiltrators before. And of course the easiest way to get rid of them for people with limite
  5. Hi cags I hired web design company to design my e-commerce store. I have discussed every thing about design time was set for 4 to 5 weeks . Design was not what we discussed specially product pages. They offered to add 30 products and will show me how add ,edit product how to operate site which they never did. 50% deposit was paid and remaining 50% will be payable before go live. once web site gone live i realize issues product image was showing up half awful on mobiles view and tablets. they required remaining balance before the can do any work .
  6. I purchase a dash cam, December 2015 (7 months ago) Before fitting in the car I read all of the instruction to activate it, one of the last things I did was to put in the correct date and time, the camera works fine great picture no problem. However when I took out the SD card to have a look at the recording, I noticed that all the dates and times were the same after recording for 6 months, (which if I did have an accident could be a problem). It reverts to the settings put in by the manufactures, when the engine is turned off. I also noticed that the batte
  7. Hello, One year ago out of curiosity I decided to set the account on the quickflirt.com website. Quickly found that running the website's account on this portal is linked with high fees - money taking out from your bank account in LLOYDS. Due to this I decided to close the account asap. The close and removal of my quickflirt's account was confirmed by website and by quickflirt staff by calling intervention. Unfortunately this month I spotted there is suspicious withdraw out of my bank account on the amount of 40£. Quickly went through the history o
  8. The onwards and upwards march of the ad blocker continues http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35460785 Once again, like most of you, I hate the intrusion of ads while I'm trying to use my computer or my telephone. On the face of it, these ad blockers should be welcomed by all consumers. However, the people who will really be laughing are the banks, retailers, debt collectors, payday lenders et cetera who will be pleased to see the Consumer Action Group struggle and have difficulty paying its bills so that its very existence is endangered. This forum like tens of thousands
  9. Can anyone tell me if a web site selling items based in the UK has to have full contact details provided. - Such as business name, full postal address, telephone number(s) etc. If yes - the legislation that states these requirements. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Hi guys, I am having some issues with a client and would appreciate some good advice as to where to go from here. We have been working on several projects with this client however in July they began to drop further into arrears with their account. In August we asked them to settle their account as their was an invoice since April and they had failed to make payments several times. This led to several reminders and several times they promised to pay only for them to not make any payment. Finally I had no choice but to suspend the account. This is normally enough to quicken the p
  11. A series of attacks on websites and servers using the serious Shellshock bug has been spotted. Millions of servers use software vulnerable to the bug, which lets attackers run commands on that system. So far, thousands of servers have been compromised via Shellshock and some have been used to bombard web firms with data, said experts. The number of attacks and compromises was likely to grow as the code used to exploit the bug was shared. The Shellshock bug was discovered in a tool known as Bash that is widely used by the Unix operating system and many of its v
  12. I keep getting letters referencing an account that is not mine but for a previous tenant of where I live, these have continuously been returned with the new address of the person on but seems to have been igmored. I know it is about bills as I have seen them open in the waste paper box before he left. No the ex tenant has really hacked me off with many other debts being persued via the address Can I send you a PM with his name, previous address and his new address before I get even angrier and inform both the OFT and the ICO that Vodafone are not naintaining accurate records. So
  13. In another thread a member asked if paying with a credit card would be a better option compared to say a debit card - which inspired me to share this, as I thought it was common knowledge that credit cards offer greater protection on purchases than standard bank issue debit cards. When you buy something on a credit card, you are essentially purchasing the goods on finance. Credit laws in the UK means that credit providers such as Visa and Mastercard become jointly liable to you, to ensure that you receive the goods that you paid for, in satisfactory condition. In practical terms, this mea
  14. Friend of a Friend asked me the other day if a bailiff can charge a levy and attendance to remove fee on the same visit for a PCN so I said not up on fees for PCNs but they cant for council tax and from what I've read I believe they cant for PCNs either because until they have a levy on goods their are no goods to remove I told them to have a Google (did point them here as you do ) and that most fees were set by legislation and England and wales were the same told them their was also detailed assessment against Marston's bailiffs that explains it and Google should pick it up
  15. Hi Does anyone know who to report unsecure websites to for example, a payday loan company collecting credit card details through an unsecure page? thanks
  16. I had to book some tickets fast today and I was used to web security, but this puzzle left me scratching my head multiple times What should I enter???:mad2: [ATTACH=CONFIG]44021[/ATTACH]
  17. Hi, 3 years ago my wife and I set up a small letting agents for family and friends and paid for a package of support from a recommended company specialising in set up packages for small businesses in our field, inc 3 years support, web design, offering free uploads of properties etc etc. After 1 year another company contacted us and explained if we wished to continue using the upload facility on our website then it would cost £29 extra a month - after going back to the original supplier they informed us that it was still a good deal, but it was out of their hands. After be
  18. Just a heads up that yet another entity connected to the Larholt gang ,Web Loans Processing Holdings Limited also registered at 15 Lyndhurst Terrace has recently been set up with the named directors being the rather unnatractive(solely my opinion as i have seen a photo of the guy----urghhhh) Jordan Taylor and Kim Child. No doubt this will be used to fold another of their entities into once the time comes.
  19. Mornin caggers, I thought you might like to know that I recent had cause to call Halifax about their "new and improved" web site - and the advice they gave me was so wildly ridiculous I just had to let everyone know in case they ever called them: I have banked with Halifax for several years and always use their online website to pay bills, view balance etc. Never had any problem at all. We'd had notice for several months that Halifax were about to "improve" their online banking web site and finally this new and improved version went live recently. The first time I logged
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