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  1. Hi sorry about the poor photos, im limited in picture quality (using a old phone). Thanks for the replies guys. I have put together a pdf like you said hopefully that makes it easier to see. It is a crack on both sides but there minor as far as crack goes and I am certain its nothing but a way for samsung to say they arent fixing it. Second poster you think i should take this up with vodafone? Since it was a phone related issue and i got the phone last april i thought they would have just sent me on to samsung anyway? phone 1.pdf
  2. Hi all! First time posting so apologies for any mistakes or customs i dont adhere to. My Samsung S7 worked like a dream up until about two months ago when it started freezing. Now at the time i put it down to a faulty app (Spotify being the only one i had recently installed back then i assumed it was that) i deleted the app done a cache wipe the usual recommended steps. as the weeks went by it started happening more and more frequently until last monday when my phone would not turn on at all it just kept getting stuck on the SAMSUNG logo screen. it would get to there .heat up really bad shut off and repeat until the battery died. On the rare 5 minute occasion i did get the phone on it would shut off with a purple line across the screen. F Since i only got my phone last April it was still under warranty i arranged with samsung for the repair , they came collected etc got the phone back today and on the repair sheet it said out of warranty repair not completed ( i have attached an image of the sheet they gave me). I rang samsung and the lady i spoke to said that the reason the phone is out of warranty is because of the scratch on the front and back of phone (see attached images) and that it if i paid £210 they would repair and restore my warranty. My issue is that the scratch on the front and crack on the back glass would not have been what has made the phone break infact i got those scratches and cracks last summer months before any issues surfaced. Any advice on how to procede with this? I feel like they have just took any easy way out of repairing it because they dont expect me to contest it with them. Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me!
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