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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Everyone A default has effectively just appeared on my credit record. Its for Shop Direct Finance Company LTD Account was opened on 10/10/12. Default showing as registered on 24/10/18 The status history on noddle starts with the default. There is no information going back beyond the date of the default. Ive been paying a DMP through stepchange, and i have 2 payments for Shop Direct Finance Company LTD. Another one, and I assume this one. Although the account numbers and amounts dont match up. So it might be an entirely new one. This seems like either a mistake or a rather cynical attempt to default it before it drops off my credit file. Which seems like a punish me rather than a serious attempt at debt enforcement. Im also not sure if they hadn't already defaulted it. As if they had it would have fallen off my credit report by now. Whats your thoughts?
  2. I was in horrendous debt when my husband left me with all the family debt and bills and no income slowly I managed to work my way out of things and paid off what I could. I took the ensuing years of bad credit rating on the chin and ploughed on watching my credit file with all my statute barred dates marked in my diary, overjoyed when they started dropping off. Suddenly I noticed my credit rating dropping again but couldn't work out why. Today I logged in and saw that with one year to go before SB, Moorcroft have appeared with a defaulted debt Also having lost my CCJ last year suddenly out of nowhere I have one for £400 odd again with the SB date for a years time! I had no clue about that one, where has it been all this time and why just appear now?! It feels like I will never be debt free! Is there anything I can do? Surely if I had this CCJ it would have appeared before now. It's been 5 years since the date of it.
  3. Got a shock today and not sure what I can do apart from raise again with Experian? Old defaulted Next account (from 2010) and passed too Debt Managers which dropped off my credit file a few weeks ago has reappeared this week with a default date of 1.8.16? and crashed my credit file which was recovering.. Now my understanding was it was statue barred as it passed the 6 year rule? What can I do - i raised a query with Experian but I haven't any paper proof prior to it falling off my credit file?
  4. Just had my noodle report and an account for Lending Stream has appeared on my file with the Date of default 28/05/2014 I did use Lending stream back in 2013 but I dont remember having anything outstanding. It might be I opened one just before I moved out but am 100% sure. The thing is all of the accounts from them have the wrong date of birth. My question is this. 1. Should I contact them and pay it off or wait for them to contact me 2. If they have the date wrong do I do anything about that. 3. Its showing as open - will that have any impact on anything? Just to add some more detail - the Default balance £ 158 I had 2 other loans with them (all pretty much one after each other or same time) all have the incorrect date of birth on it.
  5. Hi would appreciate any advice if possible. Purchased new mobile with o2 in April 2015. Providers warranty 12 months Manufacturers warranty 24 months Noticed cracked appearing on LCD screen on phone. Spoke to o2 customer services explaining in detail problem and was I covered under my warranty. Told unless there was any physical signs of damage including water damage or tampering then yes it would be. Arranged for item (at my own expense as wanted it tracked) to be sent to o2 repair centre. Well today I received the following replies. Hello, Your handset has successfully reached our repair centre. Before any fault diagnosis and warranty repair is conducted, our Repair Centre must ensure the device is within warranty condition as specified by your manufacturer, Samsung. Unfortunately your handset has been deemed out of warranty due to: CRACKED LCD With the warranty now void, the cost of a full repair or reconditioned replacement is £85.99 incl. VAT which can be added to your next month?s bill. Alternatively if you have O2 insurance on your account you may be able to make an insurance claim. Please request the return of your device un-repaired then contact O2 Customer Services if you wish to make a claim. If you choose to decline the quotation we will be able to return the handset back to you without repair. Please reply to this email confirming your choice. We aim to reply to you within 48hrs, though this will usually be on the same day. If you prefer to call customer services, please dial 202 free from an O2 Pay Monthly handset or 03448090202 from a landline (Standard UK Rates apply). Kind regards, O2 Returns & Repairs http://www.o2.co.uk/o2repairs hank you for your reply. We are sorry you are disappointed by this outcome. When handsets are sent for repair, all manufacturers request accredited repair centres to conduct an inspection of the device to ensure it is within warranty condition. This is part of the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions and must be done prior to any fault diagnosis being carried out. Due to this all certified engineers must look for any of the following signs before conducting any repair: • A non-approved repair centre has opened the phone. • The mobile phone has been damaged. • The mobile phone has been used incorrectly. • Liquid contamination is diagnosed on the device. • The IMEI sticker is damaged, removed or torn. • Warranty period has expired. Please note the above list is not exhaustive. In the case of your handset, the OCTA LCD Panel has been cracked. This component is internal to the device and is usually the result of excessive pressure, twisting or bending being applied to the handset, which to the naked eye can look fine, however on the inside it has caused the failure of the aforementioned component. As Samsung consider that damage has been diagnosed to the device, the warranty they offer is now void. In order for any faults to be inspected, the damage would require to be repaired first of all, this action would in turn restore the warranty allowing for all reported faults to be investigated and resolved. Unfortunately O2 has no jurisdiction over these terms of warranty, if damage is diagnosed on any of our customers devices, they will all each be contacted with similar quotations for repair or replacement. Please reply if you would like to proceed or request return of the device un-repaired. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Good Afternoon, Thank you for your email. Our repair centre is fully accredited by Samsung to carry out their repairs. In order to remain fully compliant, they must follow Samsung Warranty Terms and Conditions. For full details on their warranty, please contact Samsung, however brief information on their terms can be found here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/warranty/ Also in our last email we advised that LCD damage is usually the result of bending etc. We did not state that was what happened with your handset. Our repair is unable to specify the exact cause of the damage found as they were ultimately not in possession of the device when the crack occurred. Finally it is not necessary to advise of all of your options regarding getting your handset repaired. As our repair centre acts in full accordance with Samsung, their diagnosis and outcome would be the same. If however you are wishing for a second opinion on the diagnosis done or to raise a dispute with your warranty rights / product quality, we can arrange for the handset to be returned un-repaired which will allow you to arrange a repair with Samsung direct. Please reply if you wish for the handset to be returned or if you wish to proceed with repair. Kind regards, O2 Return & Repairs Now I am somewhat concerned with their diagnosis as I have in no way dropped or tampered with the item. If this had been the case I would not have bothered sending it back to o2 as I have no insurance and would have been a complete waste of time. Is it worth complaining under the sales of goods act if covered or do I just accept their findings and pay for the repairs ? Has anyone encountered a similar situation and what was the outcome. Thanks
  6. Back in 2007 i had taken out a loan with these [problem] artists Just checked my Noddle Report and it has appeared, no default or negative markers but:: Account End date: June 2014 WTF?? Name Mr XXX XXX Address XX XX XXX Date of birth XX/XX/XXXX Account type Advance Against Income Account number **************XXXX Account start date XX/XX/2007 Account end date XX/XX/2014 Opening balance £ 100 Payment start date XX/XX/2007 Repayment frequency Periodically Status history Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 2014 UC ST
  7. Well its been a while since I have needed any help as I thought I had sorted everything as I have a crystal Credit file (at Last and thanks to the info on this site!!). Now I have just checked my better half Credit file and it has a CCJ registered in her maiden name back in feb 2014 for an amount we both know nothing about! We moved house in 2013, and I had to sort all our Credit files out ensure we could get a mortgage! So I CCA'd etc and checked credit files back in feb 2012 and no paperwork was produced within the time limits letters where sent back stating they have closed the matter etc. So I am now at a loss on which avenue to chase do I contact the courts with the case number and ask for all paperwork? then see if its a matter of SB or can be set aside? Sorry for the long winded write up but I am proper confused! Thanks
  8. Am not sure where to post this Appeared on my facebook a few minutes ago Russell Burton‎ 25 mins · Don`t wait for the debt collection agency or the bailiffs to make there move @ Ca3 we tackle the situation head on and we get results, our service is free to all and always will be ...... ... If your hoping rent a mob or statutory declarations are going to get you out of trouble ? YOUR WRONG ! PLAIN WRONG !! DEAL WITH IT BEFORE IT ENDS UP IN COURT AS YOU WILL LOSE YOUR PROPERTY, a denial of access will not stop a corrupt court system, but asking for a lawful contract will ........ will https://www.facebook.com/groups/710786995643218/
  9. Hi All A new default has just appeared on my credit file for a loan from about 9 years ago, as far as we were aware this was a statute barred debt and it had already defaulted years ago. Is there anything we can do?
  10. Over the past year I have been trying to get my Credit back on track. I have applied for my statutory credit reports and all of a sudden I have two entries from BT!? This is what I have - Communications Supplier from Bt Consumer (I) / XXXXXX7122 Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Defaulted Current Balance £ 75 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 75 Start Date 13/11/2009 Date Updated 22/09/2010 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied Default Date 28/07/2010 Secondly - this is for my most recent encounter with them which I cancelled and switched over to sky on. I have set up a standing order to pay £10 a month and this has been reduced to £154 now, although I phoned them today and they said within the next month it will be defaulted and transferred to a DCA and unless I pay in full they will start to reject my monthly payments. Communications Supplier from Bt Consumer (I) / XXXXXX5643 Terms 0 @ £ 0 (Monthly) Status Query Outstanding Current Balance £ 174 Start Balance £ 0 Credit Limit £ 0 Default / Delinquent Balance £ 0 Start Date 10/11/2011 Date Updated 12/12/2013 Date Last Delinquent Date Satisfied These are on my equifax report, but not on my Experian reports? And they also wern't there about 9 months ago. Are BT legally just allowed to default my without notifying me? Can they also default me if I am currently paying them a set amount? Any help would be appreciated chaps. Thanks Tony.
  11. Hello there and congrats on a great website that has helped me loads. Yesterday I had a bailiff turn up who I dealt with by opening the gate to our property and asking him to step outside. As this person has been following me around for the last 5 years turning up like a bad penny about once a year I commented on this and told him he really was a sad little man. Naturally he didnt like that and took my photograph with his mobile phone! I was standing by my gate about to go back in. Can a bailiff do this?
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