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  1. Thank you. Presumably you don't record your calls. Do you have any pictures of the damage phone? Do you still have the old packaging? Hi, I didn't record the calls, never though this would happen to be honest, I do have pictures of the phone when it arrived damaged, and pictures of the packaging, plus yes I still have the packaging here but I have no idea what has happened to my phone, they still have not returned it. I think it might get complicated but I would say that your best hope is proceeding against Samsung because the phone was in their care when it seems to have been damaged. Even if they then put it into the hands of UPS, Samsung were ultimately responsible for any damage caused by their agent – and once again, it is Samsung who instructed UPS to collect the phone. So what evidence of anything you have? I have the packaging and I havd the collection note , I think that's about it Also, what is its value? Well I paid 600 but that was almost 10 months ago
  2. I purchased the phone from ebay in January 2016 On 8th Oct 2016 the phone stopped charging and would jump from 1% to 79% then back to 1% I contacted Samasung for advise on the 9th October for advise as the seller was no longer on ebay to ask Samsung went though some tests eat on the phone then after nothing worked told me they would collect and repair it. On the 10th they collected the phone via UPS but left no receipt I called every few days for an update, and was advised the phone was waiting on 3 parts they needed to complete the repairs. After a few calls to them I was told that after 2 weeks of waiting I could escalate my repair and request a replacement phone. Around the 26th I requested my case be escilated as the parts had still not arrived. Around the 27th they told me my phone had water damage and was deyond repair and sent it back via UPS Around the 28th I had to collect the phone from a local store where they had dropped it off for me to collect On opening the box on the same day (which had been crushed slightly) my phone was smashed / damaged screen and side Interestingly the water indicator was still white!!! (Its a small marker that goes red if you phone gets water inside) I called Samasung the same day and they told me that UPS would be in touch to arrange collection The following day UPS just turned up and collected the phone, they left a receipt that it was being collected (my wife just gave them the phone in a new box) they did not ask for the damaged box. I then waited until with November to get a response from UPS to Samasung, the response was that they could not find evidence of damage to the packaging. I explained to Samsung that I had the original packing that UPS delivered, which Samasung queried then with UPS as the claimed was based on UPS investigating damage to the packaging. Samsung called back the next day to say UPS won't accept my claim as its been too long after the event That's it, hope that's useful?
  3. Hi all, I'm really at a loss as to what my rights are...I will try and keep it brief, My Samsung Galaxy s6 developed an issue with the battery, i contacted samsung customer service who arranged for UPS to collect it and take it to a company called ANOVO, this company messed about for two weeks telling me they couldnt get 3 parts they needed, I asked to make an official complaint, I was told that the following day someone would call me back, they never called backs I called samsung, who then hit me with the news that ANOVO had just declared my phone was now beyond economical repair due the water damage(just want to say here that is bull poop). The following day my phone turned up at a local store for collection. Now I am gutted as the phone screen is smashed in pieces. I phone samsung and report this, they then say it must be damage in transit d they will get back to me with wah to happen next The following morning UPS turn up and ask my wife for the phone, they took it away after a few weeks of me pestering samsung I am told that I don't have a claim because there is no sign of damage to the packaging (BUT) I have the original packing still, they never asked my wife for it when then turned up. I asked samsung to relay this info to them, which samsung did but UPS said I've no claim because the case has been going on too long. OK so that's it so far, can anyone help please?.
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