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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, ive just done a system update on my samsung s7 edge did all the usual download, install, now it wont turn back on, tried the reboot procedure but nothing just a blank screen with a flashing blue light top left. Rang customer services and it is still under warranty, then they asked any visible damage, i said a small hairline crack on screen this cancels the warranty, even though the mobile phone worked perfectly for 12 months. Its the update that shut the phone down not the barely visible crack.
  2. Just some advice needed here, I know ideally I should ask my sister to come here and make the post. A car in a Salisbury's car park was reversing and almost knocked someone over, before hitting the front of my sisters car. The person then refused to give any details and drove off. My sister has pictures of the woman and her car, and has got her reg number. It has been reported to the police as a hit and run. The damage is a split front bumper on my sisters car. Nothing too major. The advice I am looking for is will this affect her premiums if she made a claim though the insurance of the other car (using askmid.com)? I know she needs to inform her own insurance company, but that shouldn't affect her making a claim should it? Thanks
  3. Hi Looking for some advice i returned to work on Friday 16th October after 2 weeks of paternity leave and every day from then to now i have been working over 14 - 15 hours a day due to poor management skills, lack of communication between other engineers and contruction issues on the job, your being told to wait for this person they will be this long you're waiting over an hour for them to do the job then 1 hour and 30 minutes for your job which you cant start until they have carried out their job im on pay per job and being told to wait around or get disciplined Last night after another 14 hour day i was on my way home joining the motorway from the sliproad completely my fault which ive already admitted to my company i was not concentrating was looking to the right to see if any cars was coming from the round about and didnt see a ford mondeo in front of me went right into the back of her, my van which belongs to the company i work for is a write off and her car is being repaired, I phoned my company to explain which they have been very reasonable about up to now been told ill have to pay the £1000 excess for the van which will be taken by installments on a monthly basis surely the excess cant be £1000 wasnt a bad accident everyone was ok apart from my back throbs from time to time since the crash People keep telling me to put a claim in but im not sure if you can when the accident is your fault need some advice please many thanks My misses is blaming the hours they are making me work and not having enough sleep
  4. so on my way home from a friends locally in July 26th there was an RTC and the police were there stopping traffic, I stopped, I wasnt going fast anyway as the road was wet, however the driver behind didnt see my brake lights, or the policeman, or flashing lights on police cars, and crashed into the back of me. details were exchanged, we were both on our way but my back bumper was rubbing my wheel, I only had a mile to do so got it home. boot floor had collapsed, trapping the spare wheel, tailgate was bent in, and once opened would not shut I have gone through Easidrive an accident management company who are local and we know somebody who has used them with success, they got us a courtesy car, engineer came to inspect my car and it is deemed uneconomical to repair. its now october 17th and we still have the courtesy car, the other driver is saying my car had no damage, he doesnt dispute crashing into me, but refuses to believe my car was damaged, he hit me - I was stationary, he will have been doing about 30mph. Am I likely to lose this case? how long does his argument last for? why hasnt HIS insurance co. sent somebody to look at the damage?
  5. Hello, just wanted some advice. I was coming home from work when the car in front of me indicated to turn right, I was behind the car, not moving when I was hit from behind. My cars bumper was smashed and I also have a massive dent in the car. The guy admitted it was his fault and asked if he could just pay for the damage as he had only had the car insured for 4 weeks. I said ok and took his details. I have had the cost of the work to be done and he want to pay when the work is done, I've said no it needs paying first or I might end up with the bill. He can't afford to hire me a car for work as he said he also has to pay for his car to be mended. Do I go through insurance or carry on with the arrangement. Thanks any advice will be great.
  6. Bought a Toshiba laptop in April 2014, on my Argos card along with the 3 year protection. Keyboard was acting funny, and my passwords were always missing a letter. Now it has crashed altogether, and the recovery disks were stored, as I thought on my clickfree, but apparently it doesn't backup programme data. Went over to Argos, thinking I would get a replacement, girl told me to go home and ring the breakdown line. rang them, they said that because it was under a year old, it should be Toshiba, she put me through to them. Apparently, it will cost me to get a repair, or even for Toshiba to look at it, £31 for recovery disks, and another fee for them to look at the keyboard. I am totally lost without my laptop, and I thought paying the extra £169 was my security if it broke down. Any ideas
  7. I couldnt believe I was seeing this when I was watching the news !! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2432593/Gang-deliberately-crashed-bus-500-000-cash-crash-[problem]-guilty-fraud.html
  8. It seems that the site has been down all morning which must be very frustrating for people who were paid today!
  9. Hi I crashed my car - unfortunately totally my fault. Called my insurers, got recovered. All great! Then I got home and looked through my policy, this is when I noticed that my car reg no is correct, the car make is correct, part of the model is correct but the year of reg and the sub model are wrong.... What should I do? Do I call the insurance co and tell them? Or is it not a big issue? I'm now so worried I'm not insured I feel sick Not helped by the fact my cars now in recovery and the guy I hit got out of his car holding his neck! And I've read some reviews on the IC that are less than favourable. I'm in fear this is going to cost me a lot! I also now know I should have been more vigilant on checking my CN (checked reg no. & start date) but at the time I didn't have the car or the log book in my possession (I was getting it in the next cpl of weeks and just wanted everything in place) Bit of purchase backgroud... When I brought this policy, I was just about to go ahead with a DL quote but was called on the back of a comparison site search asking me if they could try and do cheaper. So I agreed, ASDA coming closest but not beating DL. The caller said if I spoke with Asda direct they might be able to lower it even more. So through to Asda I go, give all my details again and the chap says he can go lower than DL not by much but still cheaper. I agreed and brought the policy there and then. To finalise this deal he had to have his supervisor authorise it and it went through no problems....till now! When ever I use my reg number to look for insurance/tyres/parts ect the details come up spot on so I don't think this is a database error rather a definite human error. I've just checked my old quote from DL (Done totally online) and its details are perfect. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help me out..
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