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  1. Hello, i have read the act, please could you instruct me on how to progress, baring in mind what ive said, is my assessment of the goods act, section 23, 3, 4,5 and 30 are relevant? and where do i submit it? do i reply to the appropriate act? The Consumer Rights Act 2015>> Goods >>> ss.3-32
  2. thank you! sorry to hear by the way, yes me either, i felt under goods - ss3-32, section 23 is appropriate to my case, i did read the act and felt goods under guarantee, sales contract, ownership and what goods contracts are covered are also relevant, but because the phone was a replacement i was unsure if the same laws applied before this s7 i had a NOTE 4, which i got from carphone warehouse on contract, i had so many issues about 1 year in, and eventually after 5 or 6 repairs, and months and months of back and forth they replaced it with this S7, anovo kept sending it back after they did repairs twice on the board and other parts of they phone, as they knew that once it hit 3 i would be entitled to a replacement under their 3 strike policy, so they did everything they could to avoid the third repair, one time they genuinely replaced a part and didn't inform me, and i knew this as the phone stopped overheating when they sent it back lol!!!!, the way it got solved was i physically went to a samsung repair centre and showed their management the phone wont turn on, it literally took my phone to not turn on for them to accept my issue, and now the replacement has this issue, in terms of going legal, if thats whats needed than so be it! baring in mind what ive said, is my assessment of the goods act, section 23, 3, 4,5 and 30 are relevant
  3. hello, thanks for the prompt reply, ive read the first link, so no worries i can do that and upload it as a pdf, and i feel 23 Right to repair or replacement "30th June 2015 15:41 #1 BankFodder "23 Right to repair or replacement" with my document? sorry for the beginner questions
  4. Hi guys i need your help, i literally am being mugged off, ive called all samsung departments on numerous occasions, anovo, ive emailed, tried twitter DM's, and im getting a scripted nonsensical explanation! originally i sent my s7 off as it NFC wasnt working properly and it was overheating got the first reply from the service centre on the 11th, said the phone was out of warranty repair and they cant address the issue till i pay them to get it fixed, i said no to their repair as i wanted to get it repaired locally in my shopping centre, after i thought about it i figured it would be safer to do it with samsung direct going forward, i resent it in on 19 Jul i received the follow up literally saying exactly the same as the first mail, im trying to attach a screenshot but cant To summarise, this is what i wrote to them via post; To whom it may concern So, I've been loyal to you for years now, my entire family only uses samsung, tablet devices, phones, televisions, as do my business partners and close freinds, ive converted everyone over from Apple, and today i really got my "thanks" 2 weeks ago, my galaxy s7 developed issues with its NFC and it started overheating, so, i sent in my phone for repair, and they tell me "your phone has damage which isn't covered under warranty, attached is a screenshot" it was the email attached, of the back of the phone being cracked, as you can see, they are clearly referring to the crack on the glass. So i pay the money and then don't hear back for a few days, then i receive an email saying my order is on its way, so i call your incompetent Anovo repair team (who if you google have appalling customer ratings, its quite embarrassing actually) and they tell me my device is "beyond repair due to its expenses to replace the main board which has fried" so, now they are telling me, the overheating issue is due to the board, but it is to expensive to repair under warranty, now, the mainboard is an INTERNAL issue with the phone, not an external problem cause my accident damage therefore, it is irrelevant of the cost, it is a manufacturing default that the phones circuiting has resulted in it to overheat and fry yet your employees keep telling me that the phone is out of warranty due to the cracked class, i don't understand this logic? so with a car, if it has an outside crack, the manufacturers garage will tell them "we know you have engine issues but since you have a crack outside on the car we cant do anything" this is truly repulsive and shows how out of touch your company has become from reality, you are literally not taking responsibility for your phones fault and deterring the core issue and passing it on to myself and saying the issue is the cracked back it is irrelevant of the cost of the internal part, manufactures warranty covers the internal parts of the phone failing im truly sad and hurt at the service ---------- i cannot attach the screenshot it keeps saying "error red font" i cant even photo a external link to the image, it says im too new a member... they did refund the money i paid for the crack but thats not the issue! they are not addressing the internal issue and using the external as some sort of justification for not fixing my phone, thats literally what the phone support told me, and she said she checked with her manager and " they cant do anything as its out of warranty damage and they wont look to replace it" SINCE WHEN WAS AN INTERNAL COMPONENT OF A PHONE NOT SOMETHING COVERED FROM WARRANTY i dont know who else to talk to, i dont have a phone anymore and they wont help me at all... phone was given from samsung directly not a retailer
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