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Found 7 results

  1. If anyone can help with my next step I would be very grateful! I bought a Toshiba laptop online (not by credit card), I had it repaired under warranty just as the manufacturer warranty was ending - one year warranty. Toshiba use another company to outsource their warranty repair work. the warranty repair company returned the laptop to me with a new fault. I sent it back and they replaced a motherboard. The new fault came back again after a few weeks. I complained to Toshiba - zero response back from them. I returned the laptop to the repair company - and now they say it needs an entirely different part to fix the exact same fault as before and is no longer under warranty so want to charge £££. so far they are ignoring the evidence I have provided that backs up my claim of it being their responsibility to repair as its a fault introduced whilst they were repairing it and theyve supposedly already fixed it. But now I believe I'm approaching the small claims court stage. But is Toshiba liable as its their machine? Or is it the company I bought the laptop from as my contract is with them? Or, do I issue my claim with the repairing agent directly as they are now holding my laptop to ransom and demanding I pay them to either repair/return or dispose of my laptop. Thanks for any help or suggestions!
  2. I sent my laptop into toshiba for repair under warranty around 10 weeks ago. Despite half a dozen phone calls over this period they still have not got the parts in nor know when they will have them. I said its about time they consider giving me another new or refurbished laptop but they were unable to offer this as they are only the repair company and not Toshiba themselves. They were unable to offer any contact details for Toshiba apart from email. I emailed Toshiba in Germany who deal with this apparently and politely asked for a replacement as a repair was not forthcoming. Because i only had an ebay invoice they considered this not proper proof of purchase and they wouldn't give me a replacement machine. I argued that they have accepted the laptop under warranty already and that surely they cant pick and choose solutions because the laptop is either in warranty or not in warranty and not some in between state where they can only offer certain solutions. Despite doing this politely they then decide to block my email address. No notice of anything i had to google up the server errors i was getting. i try contacting Toshiba by phone but the only number available for computer repairs is locked out unless you can provide a repair reference (mine didnt work). I wanted to talk to customer services and found out the only way i can do this is via snail mail. Right i thought, that old cop-out!, i tapped out a letter and sent it recorded post within the hour. That was nearly three weeks ago it looks like they have ignored it Anyone have any idea where i stand legally with this? Can they make me wait this long for a simple keyboard replacement? Can i do anything about my issue and complaint being ignored? Any advice would be helpful as im kind of in toshiba limbo atm. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys. ANY help here would be appreciated. We bought a brand new TV in March 2014. Our old unbranded one was still going strong after 10 years, we just fancied a newer flatter type and a slight increase in size from 32 to 40in. We went to Tesco and looked at the wall of dazzling TV's. A salesperson asked if we wanted any help so I explained I what I was after and he recommended the Toshiba as it was a 'great make' and was reasonably priced @ £279. So we bought it. Yesterday the screen just went black. The sound was still there but no picture. I did a little online research and all the suggestion was that the LED backlights had switched off and to check by shining a bright light at the front of the screen to see if the actual picture was still working. It is. It is indeed the LED lighting that has shut down. There are a number of possibilities, but all revolve around a known failure of either the LED inverter or the LED strips. So, here is my question. The TV is 2.5 years old. Has worked flawlessly up to now and whilst I appreciate it is not THAT expensive to some, it is a a lot to me and I am so disaapointed. Surely it should last a lot longer than that? Do I have ANY comeback at all after this time? I just would like to know where I might stand before talking to Tesco. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I ordered a Toshiba tablet from Staples today.I was aware they had got the price wrong. But they processed the order and took payment, with Debit Card. Now they've sent e-mail saying they've cancelled the order, because it was an obvious mistake. Question is, can they do this ?. I thought once the order was processed I was in a contract with them. This has happened before with other companies, and they have honoured the orders, even though they made the same mistake. Any Ideas ?
  5. Bought a Toshiba laptop in April 2014, on my Argos card along with the 3 year protection. Keyboard was acting funny, and my passwords were always missing a letter. Now it has crashed altogether, and the recovery disks were stored, as I thought on my clickfree, but apparently it doesn't backup programme data. Went over to Argos, thinking I would get a replacement, girl told me to go home and ring the breakdown line. rang them, they said that because it was under a year old, it should be Toshiba, she put me through to them. Apparently, it will cost me to get a repair, or even for Toshiba to look at it, £31 for recovery disks, and another fee for them to look at the keyboard. I am totally lost without my laptop, and I thought paying the extra £169 was my security if it broke down. Any ideas
  6. Hi there, Can someone help point me in the right direction regarding what rights someone has when buying as a business?? The reason i ask is because my friend was instructed to purchase a laptop as a business buyer even though the laptop was mainly for home use and not work. The laptop has died at 13 months, she went to the store to see if they would maybe repair as gesture of goodwill with it only being 13 months old and basically got told to go away/nothing will be done. Because she bought as a business user they will not honor SOGA 1979 due to it being a business purchase?, while this may be the case is there some other protection that she could fall back on because of this?? Is there another 'act' that may cover her for help with this at all. More annoyed than anything as she now realise's why they were keen for her to buy as a business when she mentioned she was a physio, as she now has a £350 paperweight !!!! After looking on the internet it seems this is common practice to get someone to buy as a business if they can so that they can back out on the SOGA if something does go wrong Thanks in Advance for any help or advice with this.
  7. Hi all Just want to pick your brains on something. I purchased a Toshiba Laptop from Very Catalogue, which was delivered on February 28th 2013, just over a week ago. I switched the Laptop on and it started to go through the process of setting itself up etc, all good so far. Then it shut down during the process. Not a good start. After three tries I managed to finally get the Laptop setup. Since then, everyday and several times a day, I get the horrible 'Blue' screen fault. Having Googled the error it seems to be a Lan driver problem. I did the usual, full recovery (twice) download latest drivers from Toshiba, uninstall, reinstall drivers - full virus scans, basically everything I can think of. Still the problem goes on. I contacted Very, who as expected, kindly informed me to go to Toshiba. So Toshiba will no doubt come and take the Laptop, have it for weeks before bringing it back either fixed or unfixed. What I am mad about is the Laptop is so new and has never worked properly from day one, I can't imagine it working at all in a years time! Basically I have told Littlewoods (Very) that I want a full refund, but they are playing the "Go to the manufacturer" game. I don't want a repair. I know under the Sale of Goods Act the item has to be of Satisfactory Condition and Fit for purpose. I have spelt this out to Very, but alas I keep getting the same message -"Go to Toshiba, we are not responsible." What I want to know basically is where do I stand? I want a full refund end of. Your advice will be appreciated. Jack
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