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  1. hi, could somebody explain the purpose of a termination notice? i have been served a termination notice 14 days after being served a default notice which i believe to be correct. however i have been served another default notice which is dated the same day as the termination notice. also i am still receiving threats of fees and charges and am wondering the point of the termination notice.
  2. Hi, Just had a letter from the local council saying they are going to participate in the "Rental Exchange" scheme with Experian. Perhaps I'm being a bit over concerned, but the mention of Experian, council and sharing information immediately makes me extremely cautious! Should I opt out from this scheme? Incidentally, I have never had any rent arrears, so in theory should have nothing to worry about. Additionally, I wonder how much the council is making out of the deal, given that neither Experian nor the local council are world-renowned names in the field of philanthropy
  3. Can anyone advise please. Does any possibility exist now to exchange from a one bed council property to a 2 bed if the rent is cheaper? Thank you for your help.
  4. I am a defendant in a fast track case. I have the other parties documents I requested copies of from their disclosure by list. There are other docs I know of the existence of and want the other party to disclose them as I think they have left them out because they will hurt their case. I have written to them requesting these be disclosed but have not heard back or received supplemental disclosure of these docs. I don't expect to hear back as they refuse to communicate with me regarding this litigation. I am planning to apply for a Specific Disclosure order and cannot find m
  5. Got a call today, the message was made using a automated weird voice. Message was: Reward of £30 in vouchers for Black Friday - all you need to do is provide your signature and name of organisation I volunteered with - to be eligible for the vouchers. the number is 0786-***-1261 maybe belongs to someone else trying to get credit for my work placement?? Anyone else had this at all?
  6. Hey all Looking for a bit of advice please. I bought a pre-owned Samsung galaxy tab 3 from GAME earlier this month (still have the box, receipt etc). After having no problems with it, the last few days it has started restarting itself randomly - this could happen after a few minutes of use or even after an hour. When it does restart itself, it turns itself off and cant be turned back on for 5mins or so. Anyway, to me it appears faulty and took it back to my local GAME store today but was told that as its an intermittent problem, I need to take it home and then video it when it ha
  7. Hi all, need some advice please. We purchased Ultimate Amira Healthopaedic mattress via Bed Factory (1-4 Spence Lane, Leeds, LS12 1EF). We purchased the mattress on 25.4.16 for the nursery and started using it on 8.7.16 when our daughter was born. The mattress is not of satisfactory quality due to the wearing and sagging that's occurred within weeks. I'm of light build and a mattress should last years before that type of wear occurs. The retailer advised they're not in a position to refund or exchange and referred us to the manufacturer. Basically asked us to take pictures
  8. Hello. First post to the forum and well, what a mess. I think I've posted this in the right forum as there is no mortgage involved in this. When I found myself in the incredible situation I'm in, which I will expand on in a moment, I had a look on various help forums to see what information I could find on what happens when a property sale fails to complete after contracts have been exchanged. I found lots of posts along the lines of "in 20 years of conveyancing/being an EA I have never seem this happen" etc. So... Let's see what the experts here make of this. It's quite a lot
  9. I have been involved in a car accident where as a car reversed into mine while I was sat stationary with engine off. At the scene of the accident I swapped details with the other driver, who contacted me the next day to say that if I was to get a couple of quotes, they would look at paying for some of it. The garage I took it to have advised me to go through Accident Exchange, instead of going through my own insurance company to save my no claims. Has anyone any knowledge regarding this or any advice? Thanks
  10. Hi My partner ordered some bridesmaid dresses from an in-store catalogue, yesterday she went to collect the dresses which were delivered to store. One arriving home and opening the box she noticed she has been sent the wrong colour. BHS have admitted fault on this and have asked her to return them. However they are refusing to exchange only refund. The dresses were 20% off when she ordered, they say they will honour this but only if she re-orders today. Considering the cost of the dresses she does not want to re-order until she has received her refu
  11. Hello All Help and strong advice is needed today..... In August last year my hubby and I went out for a spot of lunch, we parked our car on a residential road, correctly parked, outside a house the way you do, locked it and off we went. We returned two hours later to find that someone driven across the front of our car as they were trying to pull onto their drive. Before you ask, our car was in no way obstructing the driveway. The driver of the aforementioned vehicle was in a hire van as he was moving house. The damage to the van was pretty awful, and he admitted liability strai
  12. Low and behold.. another CRS issue!! I have spent a lot of time on these threads, trying to sort out my dreaded CRS issue dating back to Feb 2013! After using some of the replies in past threads, which i thank Slick very much for, i feel like i am at a dead end now. Background story goes.. Joined New Fitness Exchange in London in Feb 2013. This was a 12 month contract valued at £29.95 per month. I changed location (back to sunny Yorkshire) at the end of Oct 2013. I went to the gym to advise them of this before i left and was verbally told that was fine. I asked if i req
  13. I visited car craft on friday 21st nov at 10am. We were greeted by a lovely sales assistant who explained who and what car craft was. After narrowing down our choice of cars we took a few for a test drive. Finally decided on 207 gt. After having decided we talked with sale rep in more detail about the car. At this point I informed him of my job as a care assistant. My job involves a lot of driving from client to client so the mpg on the car was by far the most important thing. He advised us that I was looking at 35-40mpg. Which compared to current car was amazing as I was lucky to get 22
  14. Does anyone happen to know whether the vendor can introduce restrictive covenants after a house has been purchased at auction and contracts exchanged without negotiation with the purchaser? thanks
  15. I just received a letter from British Gas - "We would like to exchange your electricity meter. Every so often we are required to exchange your meter to ensure its continued accuracy and safety. Your electricity meter is now due to be exchanged and we need to arrange a date and time to come to your home and install the new meter...." Now - I have a gas meter with British Gas for my GAS supply And I have an electricity meter with EDF as my ELECTRICITY supplier. So why are British Gas writing to me telling me they are required to exchange my electricity meter?? jus
  16. Hi Caggers Heres my problem, I got a bike last weekend from Halfords on the cycle to work scheme, I got my bike and it seemed fine, but when i rode it only down my road, i niticed the suspension seemed to be alot softer than it was (should). So my question is, am I entitled to an exchange for another bike? I have searched forums and I cant seem to find a answer. Please Help
  17. Hello, I foolishly bought a large car yesterday from Carcraft, so today I went back to do the 7 day exchange, however they have told me they have to wait for Black Horse finance to return the money (or something along those lines) and that it could take 2 or 3 days. Now, it's the bank holiday weekend and this puts it at potentially Tuesday or Wednesday next week, i.e. right at the end of my exchange window. I'm wondering whether this "2 or 3 days" to get the finance resorted with Black Horse is normal or whether they are trying to screw me around so that I can't swap cars.
  18. Good afternoon All, I'm seeking some advice with regards to a part exchange I did last month. I have received a letter today from the dealership claiming that my part exchange was damaged on the passenger side door and that they have CCTV of me driving the damaged car. I have no knowledge whatsoever of the car having been damaged when I dropped it off and the sales guy did a walk around the car whilst I was there. The next day I did receive a missed call from the garage but I wasn't able to answer the call at the time and by the time I noticed the missed call, the garage had shut. There w
  19. Hi all this is my first time posting here so sorry if it's in the wrong place! Basically to try and make things as short as possible, my car was rear ended by a milk/foodstuff tanker whilst stationary at a roundabout. Tanker wasn't stopping and had basically saw a gap (but not me!) visible minimal looking cometic damage to rear. Liability admitted My insurance company didn't want to carry out structural tests and dragged their heels a bit, and their approved repair centre was not BMW approved. Decided stupidly to contact a BMW body shop who directed me to accident exchange. They pho
  20. I did a Bill of Exchange out of desperation in order to (as I believed) to pay off my mortgage and stop the bank repossessing the properties. I had 4 properties at the time. I was told by a friend of a friend this had worked for them and for the price of 700 gbp they could conduct it for me. I was dubious, but without realising the total ins and outs went ahead with it. 2 years later my house has been repossed, but the fraud squad are after me for sending a cheque which was a bill of exchange. What is the likelihood of me being done for fraud? Scared and terrified and naive for believing
  21. Hi all, New to the forum, and I was looking for some opinions. I recently purchased a car from a specialist dealer, and part-exchanged my previous car. When I first contacted him, I was on business in America and we discussed the part-exchange over email. The only information he asked for was the registration number and mileage. I asked my wife to email me the mileage, and I passed it across to him. He gave me a part-ex value, and told me that he would be passing it on to another dealer. Upon my return, I drove up to complete the transaction, paid him the balance, got an
  22. appologise if i have placed this in the wrong part but i can't seem to navigate round this web site to find car dealers section, if poss can you move it to right section please. Here goes 7 months ago we part exchanged a car which they gave us 2100.00 . we had purchased the car 9 days earlier and hated it. they never asked to look at the pat ex and simply they ticked the checklist to say they were happy with it and we did the deal,they asked us the history and milage and we told them exactly what was on the documents, after a few hours of taking delivery they found a problem with the mo
  23. Good Afternoon All, I am currently in a situation with Dell and I would like to ask for some advice on how to proceed. In May 2008 I had a Dell XPS 1530 which after 2 repairs failed again. They replaced this free of charge for me in August 2010 after threatening legal action and citing the SOGA. They replaced it with a Studio 1558. Now in February 2013, this laptop already having been fixed once for overheating has now failed again. It overheats, fails within 10-15 minutes sometimes (just shutting down). Not only that but the graphics have glitched where all the colours ar
  24. Hi people could anyone give me advice on this issue please....... In 2009 my car was parked outside my house no one was in it at the time.I was stood in the front room watching Gillette soccer Saturday as you do when a bus pulled up at the bus stop which was right outside my property,when the bus pulled away it managed to scrape the full length of the drivers side and smash the wing mirror clean off.Any way after speaking with my insurance my car was taken to coach craft in Preston. The next day I was contacted by accident exchanged who said they were organizing my courtesy car, a
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