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  1. Hi Slick, I got a letter over the weekend from CRS. 'Following our initial letter, we are disappointed that your account is still in arrears and our fee has not been paid. We would like to reach an amicable resolution to this, however if you fail to respond... blah blah threat threat threat.' Basically threatening legal action. What are your thoughts on my next step to rid of these beasts? Thanks Lcoen
  2. Slick, Thanks for your help - i will ignore CRS and be in touch if Zinc or Major & Co contact me. Lcoen:rockon:
  3. Hey Slick. Got a letter from CRS this morning. "Proof of the relocation was not received until after the membership had expired. Therefore, the club had no opportunity to find a replacement member that would then fulfill your remaining payments. Consequently, this is why your debt is valid. However, as a gesture of goodwill and for this month only, we are willing to accept a reduced settlement of £89.85. Payment would be needed no later than the 31st dec 2014 Please contact us blah blah blah to make payment. If this is not acceptable then the full balance of £242.35 will remain due. We believe this is an extremely fair resolution to your account in view of your circumstances." I never provided any proof of relocation, because I was told I didn't need to by the gym staff member! So no idea where they plucked that from. What do you suggest? As always, your help is always greatly appreciated. Lcoen
  4. Low and behold.. another CRS issue!! I have spent a lot of time on these threads, trying to sort out my dreaded CRS issue dating back to Feb 2013! After using some of the replies in past threads, which i thank Slick very much for, i feel like i am at a dead end now. Background story goes.. Joined New Fitness Exchange in London in Feb 2013. This was a 12 month contract valued at £29.95 per month. I changed location (back to sunny Yorkshire) at the end of Oct 2013. I went to the gym to advise them of this before i left and was verbally told that was fine. I asked if i required proof and i was told no. I proceeded to cancel my DD. Months flew by, and it wasn't until August 2014 i got my first letter from them. This stated i owed a whopping £242.50 - inclusive of their ridiculous fees. I wrote to them and asked them to send me a copy of my agreement, because after thinking about it i never actually got one to take home, not only that, i was rushed through it when i joined so didnt really read it. (my bad really) They sent me a copy and it clearly stated the relocation clause. So i responded with my story of going in and letting them know verbally of my relocation. From reading my agreement, i realised i should have paid a final months membership - which i did not. So, thanks to previous posts on here, i sent out a letter offering my final month's fee as a settlement figure and asked for a response within 14 days. Attached is the whole email trail and their response. Any help would be very much appreciated LCOEN
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