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  1. Hello, I bought a Volkswagen Golf (63 plate) in January for £14,500 cash, since buying it, it has suffered five misfires, three of which have occurred in the past three weeks, the first two of those three I was told it had been "fixed" and it's currently in the garage again being "looked at". The trouble is, this has left the car incredibly untrustworthy and it's reliability questionable at best. The last two misfires occurred in the first 9 miles of a journey to work, not exactly a lengthy journey. Volkswagen are prepared to offer me a new car "at cost", but will only give me p
  2. I got the money back yesterday after going into my local bank branch and requesting an indemnity claim be raised against Black Horse, the V5 has been put in the post today and it should be with you, hopefully by the end of this week - I have not included a letter or anything with it, it's just the V5 in an envelope. Thank you for your help Linzi.
  3. Thank you, I'll send the V5 to you on Monday - as for Black Horse, I need to ring them in a day or two and then it'll take 10 days to get the refund...
  4. Black Horse had said a full return of advance came through to them a few days ago, so it's questionable as to why it took Carcraft so long to get it done, and it looks like the Direct Debit was in motion by that point but if it had been returned to Black Horse within a week of the car being exchanged, this wouldn't of been a problem. I guess it's in Black Horses' hands now to close the account and issue a refund, just annoyed this has happened in the first place. Also if you don't mind me asking, what should I do with the V5 document for the car I exchanged? I received it yesterday.
  5. Update nearly a month on: Carcraft never completed the return of advance so Black Horse just took near £400 out of my account, completely unexpected because the finance manager at Leeds told me to not worry and it'd be completed 3 days after I had left. Not sure I'm going to trust these people again now, such a joke from people that claim to be professionals.
  6. Final update now: the car was repaired and I've taken delivery, although it took me nearly 90 minutes to pay the cash value for it (which I felt was because I was exchanging so they put me at the back of the queue maybe), the salesman I've been dealing with the past few days was extremely nice but the manager I felt was trying to avoid me. I did get the personal number of someone I think was above the showroom managers and he managed to get things moved really quickly for me. Although I would shop at carcraft again based on the help I've received from carcrafts head
  7. Update for the day: I received a call from the showroom to say I could pick up the car today however on my way I received a second call to say the water pump had been found to be leaking when they were doing the 120 point checks again (the employee had done over 500 miles since he had it as a company car) and that I will have to wait for it to be fixed, either tomorrow or early next week.
  8. It looks like customer services is closed until Tuesday. The car I asked to exchange for is still on the website too (they said it'd be removed after a day), I guess I'm incredibly anxious and wanting this to happen quickly considering there is a lot of money over many years on my part tied to this entire thing...
  9. Hi dx100uk, I will try to contact the Carcraft customer service centre tomorrow or Saturday (I suspect they won't be working Bank Holidays?) to see what they recommend, but in the meantime if anyone does have any ideas, I'd appreciate it.
  10. The only problem I seem to have now (which Carcraft can't really help with), is the car insurance, I couldn't of picked a better weekend to have 7 days free insurance could I? I don't suppose anyone can recommend the cheapest possible way of insuring it for a further 7 days, etc? Would the only way be to take out an actual full insurance policy? It's only for if this isn't resolved by Wednesday which is when the insurance is due to expire.
  11. I've just taken a call and I have to say the customer services department has so far been brilliant, thank you. If by this time next week I'm driving the car I've asked to exchange it for, my opinion on the entire Carcraft operation will have changed positively. It's just a wait and see sort of thing at the moment! I will post a final update once everything has happened.
  12. The vehicle registration is XXXXX, I have phoned your Customer Service department and they rang the showroom and confirmed it was all going through and even if it went beyond Wednesday the 7 day exchange can still go ahead. The person I spoke to said they had put a note on my account, but my previous experience with companies that "put notes on accounts" is one where the putting notes anywhere doesn't exist. Please could you confirm and let me know (in whatever detail possible) what kind of notes have been written? Thank you for your help.
  13. Hello, I foolishly bought a large car yesterday from Carcraft, so today I went back to do the 7 day exchange, however they have told me they have to wait for Black Horse finance to return the money (or something along those lines) and that it could take 2 or 3 days. Now, it's the bank holiday weekend and this puts it at potentially Tuesday or Wednesday next week, i.e. right at the end of my exchange window. I'm wondering whether this "2 or 3 days" to get the finance resorted with Black Horse is normal or whether they are trying to screw me around so that I can't swap cars.
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