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  1. Thank you for your messages. The breakdown is 100% a manufacturing fault. I completely understand Dell's point of view that this all started in 2008, and that I have had a replacement already, the issue arising is that they have replaced it with another faulty machine. Has anyone taken Dell to small claims court and lost, I am worried about the potential fees should they end up winning the case, and that it might be better to just leave it and let it die.
  2. Good Afternoon All, I am currently in a situation with Dell and I would like to ask for some advice on how to proceed. In May 2008 I had a Dell XPS 1530 which after 2 repairs failed again. They replaced this free of charge for me in August 2010 after threatening legal action and citing the SOGA. They replaced it with a Studio 1558. Now in February 2013, this laptop already having been fixed once for overheating has now failed again. It overheats, fails within 10-15 minutes sometimes (just shutting down). Not only that but the graphics have glitched where all the colours are inverted and some keys don't even work on the keyboard now. I contacted Dell by mail again requesting they replace this again or refund me, otherwise I will proceed with small claims court. Dell called me (and are about to email) to advise they are not willing to play ball and that I should begin legal proceedings. This is because my "original" purchase was 2008. Just because the recent laptop was given to me in 2010, it doesn't matter. What would your advice be in this instance? They want £170 for a repair, that I am not confident will be a complete repair and based on my service history will need to be looked at again within 12 months. Is what they are saying true, that my original purchase date of £600 in 2008 is what counts? They machine they replaced it with in 2010 was £999 at the time and I didn't have to pay any extra difference. I look forward to any advice. Thanks Jamie
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